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#2339192 Detroit Listed as a Bandwagon Fan Base

Posted by ZachPariseisMyDaddy on 11 January 2013 - 12:58 AM

considering he joined today and has pretty much only posted in this topic, it kinda feels like he is the writer of the article and just coming to drum up traffic.




regarding the topic, sure theres going to be a black area with the wings because they have been successful for so long. fans of other teams assume that wings fans are only fans because they are winning. whether or not its true can only be shown by having lean years which everyone here hopes we can continue to avoid.



regarding the hawks, i give them a little leniency. part of their resurgence was old man wirtz dieing. it was hard to be a fan of the hawks when you couldnt even watch their games on the local sports network. old man wirtz seemed to go out of his way to make is really really hard to be a hawks fan. him passing not only allowed more people to get interested in the hawks thanks to the increased exposure, but it also caused some fans to come back to the team after sometimes boycotting the hawks or at least minimizing their fanhood because of the hatred they had for wirtz.



Yep, you're exactly right. 


Actually I've been a lifelong Red Wings fan and have never be apart of any forum. I stumbled across this one today and thought it was pretty awesome...Thanks for the warm welcome.