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Brunner to go with Tootoo and Tatar?

10 March 2013 - 07:47 PM

Why not?


Let's face it. Brunner was expected to be good with good linemates, such as Z and Dats. Everyone, including myself, thought that Z and Brunner would be a good match, since they've done so well in the Swiss league during the lockout.


Now, we've seen that:


a) Brunner can score

b) Brunner + Z can work in the NHL well, but sometimes they don't. They're still very good, but not great.

c) Brunner + Dats usually don't work too well (except in the PP probably).


I didn't think Brunner would be any good in a 3rd line. But I think this is the time to try it. Let Brunner play with Tatar & Tootoo! Give them some ice time, and let's see how they do! Tatar and Tootoo have both been working very hard all the time, and I think that they could probably be a good fit for Brunner's sniper abilities. Brunner needs guys who work hard along his side. Tootoo and Tatar do. And of course, the two can score as well!


That, of course, is not to say that Brunner isn't good enough for a 1st or 2nd line! I'm just trying to figure out the best lines overall, looking at the first 26 games this season, hoping for the best for the Red Wings.