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In Topic: Now some gritty forwards.

03 May 2014 - 03:59 PM

I saw Adam Henrique at the bar last night and I mentioned how I was a little pissed that the wings are out and he said he's a red wings fan too and bought me a beer .. New Jersey would be stupid too get rid of him but it would a awesome

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

02 May 2014 - 01:48 PM


When it comes down to it, 2 of the kids can fit in at 6/7th dmen. they'll get to earnt heir way up the lineup like anyone else. example: if the time comes marchenko breaks out and becomes and absolute stud, ericsson because expendable. keeps the team young while improving (plus gets another Righty in the top 4). thats how I think it should go. give a couple kids a chance at once. if they steal someones job, they get it. I already see smith growing into a kronwall type over the years. which is why I think smith should be untouchable barring a situation he can be packaged for someone like weber (which will never happen)

that would be an incredibly deep defense core thats for sure, i see less headaches in the years to come 

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

02 May 2014 - 01:19 PM

Now you're comparing wingers to defensemen. What does the likes of Kunitz playing better with Crosby have to do with Niskanen being an excellent puck mover getting the puck to Crosby in the first place?


As for "looking out for Niskanen", I just watch a lot of hockey. It helps that I work from home. Even before this season you can see Niskanen was a good player. He finally broke out. But it was not something you couldn't see coming if you've seen Pens games. His big season is not a fluke. He would really solidify this teams top 4, making it defensively responsible and very mobile. That means they can move the puck out of their own zone a lot quicker. A huge problem the team has had. 

I agree with this. Its not like Niskanens "breakout" season really came out of no where. He has built up to this point, my biggest concern on signing niskanen wouldnt be so much whether he will continue to have solid seasons but more along the lines of what we will need to do if the kids come along as we expect. What happens when oulette and sproul are ready? kronwall, dekeyser, niskanen ericcson, smith, oulette, sproul, marchenko and lashoff(easily demoted) ? i know they might not be ready next season but it is highy likely that two of our d prospects would be ready before the end of niskanen/ericcsons contracts. Alot of change will come over the next years and i for one am excited to have these problems rather than some other teams.  

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

02 May 2014 - 10:46 AM

nyqvististhefuture: i could be wrong but i think you underestimate the circumstances around contract valuation. Keith and Niskanen are pretty unfair in terms of comparison for several reasons. A) 5.5 million in 2009 > 5.5 million in 2014 B) takes less to resign a player than to pick them from UFA C) Less pressure when signing an extension mid season rather than off season talks (no competition) D) home grown talent vs talent who is looking for a home to grow. After all that i still think most would agree that Keith is obviously better (including at the time he signed the contract) but to say Niskanen is not worth the money solely based on comparison to Keith is unfair. I agree that it is risky to be tied down to a somewhat "unproven" player however this complacency has got us where we are which is bounced relatively quietly. I'm not saying i want Holland (i love Holland) to be a Holmgren or anything but even with ALL Holmgren's questionable moves, his team is still arguably as good as ours. In regards to Niskanen i think he could be a good pickup, he basically adds Quincey's late season improved defense with slightly less than Kronwall's point production all while not being 5'10" and 180 pounds and has a RH shot. As a disclaimer i am still on the fence about Niskanen, i could easily argue in favor of him or against him while making valid points either way. This is why I am glad my decisions about hockey are not what will be putting food in my mouth.

In Topic: Ken Holland Quotes (Apr 29th

29 April 2014 - 02:24 PM

didnt see this in the quote list but i saw on twitter; helene st james said something about babcock along the lines of "he will coach the red wings or he will be assistant at university of michigan" so this just adds to my thought that if blashill is ready at the end of next season he will come up and babs will move on. Reassuring if babs really did go to UoM rather than another nhl squad, sure as hell wouldnt want to play against babcock thats for sure. 


"Mike Babcock says not worried about negotiating for extension, will either remain coach of Red Wings or be assistant at U of M/ Berenson" - Helene St. James


that would be the tweet idk how to make it all fancy like you guys usually do



I don't know where people keep getting the idea that Holland and Babcock don't get along. Every time the topic is raised to either one of them the re-iterate how well they get along. Babs has stuck around for 9 years here, with Holland in charge for every single one and he's never complained about him. I also think its pretty crazy to think any GM makes roster decisions or moves without first discussing it with the coach and the rest of his staff.


He's already said he will keep coaching the Wings year to year and if not them, he'll go to U of M. 


I'm also not sure where everyone is getting the idea that Franzen is regressing or that he's not as effective now as he was in the past. He put up .76 points per game this year, which is slightly above his career average. He will end up regressing before the end of his contract but so far there aren't any signs that is imminent. The idea of buying him out is ridiculous, the only reason to do it would be to acquire someone better and given the look of this years FA market, its not all that unlikely that Franzen would be the best forward available.


shoulda read a little first, beat me too it flashy 

i feel like the right handed defense balance was a huge part of our downfall this year. having all lefty's on the back end handcuffs the wings to one side of the ice. The strong side for lefty's whichever that happens to be. It also makes a huge difference when trying to clear the zone, so if youre not two lefty's of high skill such as dekeyser and kronwall you can easily become trapped in your zone with weak clearing attempts when the other team pressures your bad side (see kindl and lashoff) 

I have been thinking. One thing the Wings have missed is a good net front presents. So, have Homer come in and teach that to Franzen. He's a big body, could be hard to move. It would keep him from floating around. Just get to the net, if the puck goes in the corner, go get it back to the point and go back to the net. Cause I don't really see anyone else on the team right now that could be good at that.

seeing as theyre known as great friends id love to see the perfect human and homer come back at a later stage in their lives in some type of coaching aspect. One can dream