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In Topic: The Rise and Fall of Drew Miller

Yesterday, 11:57 PM

Just fill in the blanks:

__________ - Larkin - Zetterberg
__________ - Datsyuk - 
__________ - Sheahan - _________
Helm - Glendening - ____________

It aint hard, dude.

Miller - Larkin - Zetterberg
Miller - Datsyuk - Miller 
Miller - Sheahan - Miller
Helm - Glendening -Miller




You're right. That wasn't hard. Dude. 

In Topic: 11/29 GDT : Florida Panthers at Red Wings, 2:00 EST

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

One positive is that Richards and Datsyuk look good together, and Richards had plenty of good chances. 

Isn't it ironic how Richards was brought in to take centering duties from Z so that Z can play Pav's wing. 


Except the reverse happened. 


I do agree that Richards is getting a good amount of chances. I think he's starting to pick up the Datsyukian style of play making. Got to expect a no-look pass on your way. 

In Topic: 11/29 GDT : Florida Panthers at Red Wings, 2:00 EST

29 November 2015 - 09:12 PM

Today I noticed for the first time just how slow Pasha has become. Even his stickhandling is 70% of what it used to be. (still enough to burn players though)


Zetterberg already slow getting even slower. Although Larkin seems to be complimenting him really well.


The PP is terrible. Maybe it's time to have Z an D on same PP unit and have Richards center the other unit.


I still think our top 3 lines are solid overall. Possibly the best combo Blashill put together.

In Topic: 11/18 GDT : Washington Capitals at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

19 November 2015 - 03:36 AM

Ha ha ha ha. The whole WORLD thinks Kindl made a bad decision to change when he did. You are hilarious with your bias.

Hah good response when you've gotten proved wrong.


Whole world? Prove it. I'd like to see some sources. 



Even so to use the "whole world" as your argument is a simpleton approach to a debate at best. You've got nothing to back up your claims as you never do with Drew Miller etc. 

In Topic: 11/18 GDT : Washington Capitals at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

19 November 2015 - 01:52 AM

 Tonight, he decided to sub out while his team was playing man defense. Such a terrible gaff.

Nope. Once again you're wrong. And I'll break this down for you. 





At approximately 3 seconds Kindl is pushing up to back off the Washington defense. He's heading towards the bench and Kronwall is coming in as he is closest to our goalie. At this point Niskenen has the puck. 


At approximately 4 seconds #92 (Kuznetsov) on Washington who is the eventual goal scorer is DATSYUK'S man. Kusnetsov overskates Datsyuk and goes around him. At this point Niskenen passes the puck to a speeding Kuznetsov who just got rid of his coverage behind him (Datsyuk). 


Zetterberg's original coverage is #27 but as #27 steps off ice, Zetterberg has to cover the speeding Kusnetsov thru the lane.  


Kuznetsov jukes Zetterberg. All this while both Datsyuk (whose original man to cover was Kuznetsov to begin with) Kronwall are trying to catch up at the same time but can't. At this point Kuznetsov scores. 


That was a complete breakdown by the eurotwins. Mostly Zetterberg's fault. 


There's 3 Red Wings around Kuznetsov when he scored. That was a soft play by all of them.