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In Topic: Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

Yesterday, 07:05 PM

Look. I am from Siberia, and I have family there. I know exactly how flying there and back feels, and how to Skype with the time difference. It just requires some prior planning and it is NOT a big deal. Which is why I believe that this couldn't be a reason for moving from Detroit to St Peterburg. If he moved to Ekaterinburg, or, failing that, Magnitogorsk or Nizhny Novgorod or even Omsk, it would have made significant difference for family reasons. But moving to St Peterburg or Moscow doesn't improve things in that respect significantly, compared with being over here. Therefore, he is motivated in his decision not by family but by other things. So just say so, no reason to imply family hardship when you are not going to relieve it that much by moving. That is my only point. I don't like when public figures assume that the public is dumb and would eat up anything they say.

Look at my previous post. I think family is a small factor. I think it was moreso because he wanted to play in his home country. Maybe he got sick of Detroit, Michigan? 

In Topic: Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

I think the daughter not being around situation is a SMALL part of it. I don't think it's as big as we think it is or as big as he might have made it out to be.


I think the BIG issue was that Datsyuk missed Russia. He missed his home. He was home sick. Datsyuk has ALWAYS been loyal to his country and has ALWAYS talked about going back home EVEN when his daughter lived here in the late 2000s. 


He almost went back to Russia after his original contract was up if I'm not mistaken. This was when he was still married to his first wife and his daughter was going to school in Michigan. 


I don't have an issue with any of this by the way. A man's home is valuable to him and I get it. There's no way I would go play hockey in Russia for 14 years and NOT miss Michigan. I'd probably be home sick in about a week lol. 


But all in all I still cannot pretend like it was okay for him to sign a 3 year extension and one month into it try to get out of it. That's some bulls*** and you all know it.


 Thankfully it's worked out and we were able to move the contract. He made some mistakes, he knows it, he felt bad and guilty about it and it's totally okay. He didn't make excuses for himself and neither should we. Datsyuk isn't perfect, he is Houdini. He's the magician. He's not the Perfect Human. He's not Niklas Lidstrom :P

In Topic: Drew Miller re-signs... 1 year deal $1.025 million

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

A combination of a speedster and Glendog and Miller is a good idea for now. As the young centers get more experience they will likely transition into bigger roles.

In Topic: Drew Miller re-signs... 1 year deal $1.025 million

Yesterday, 10:23 AM

I thought that the stronger the D the better chance you had to kill it off and/or generate an odd man rush. That was my point about a solid D and with that then you have more flexibility of moving and rotating your forwards in said pk.

And you don't think they had to rely more on them because our main and stronger D was gone?

Precisely, which is why they used the superstars to kill PK in crucial moments. Not 4th line studs.

I envision Larkin being used for crucial moments just like Z and D. He doesn't have to spend 3 minutes a game on PK. He can do 1.5 minutes a game just like those two did. Leave some of the mid game PK minutes for Glendog, Sheahan etc.

Imo use the possession driven PKers to play the steal and chase game in crucial moments. Miller and Glendog are not possession guys and never will be. They're the type that sit and eat up shots hoping they block them. That stuff works 8/10 times true, but say with a 1 goal lead and 3 minutes left to play in a game 7, I'd rather put in the guys that can do more that just sit and take shots, I'd rather take the guys that can cause turn overs and play keep away and run down the clock (Helm, AA and maybe Larkin in future). We saw this all the time with Z and D. While Draper and Maltby were still our major Pkers, D and Z were used in the most crucial moments. In their primes, D and Z made Pk look like it was still a 5 on 5. Their possession was insane.

In Topic: Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

Yesterday, 09:57 AM

2 year contract huh?

So he will probably play one year, retire, and go play in Sweden then?

To be closer to his friend Lidstrom, who he rarely gets to see anymore.

Jokes aside I think the KHL team was stupid to not go year by year.

Datsyuk is injury prone, bad knee an a bad ankle there's no guarantee he'll even play half of a season.

Will be hilarious if that team gets screwed with his contract too.