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In Topic: J Ericsson - really?

Today, 12:52 PM

Per Ansar, Marchenko may be getting benched for Kindl or Smith. 



In Topic: Abdelkader to return for Game 3

Today, 12:47 PM

Zet-Pav-Abby >>> Zet-Pav-Helm. Helm is useless for the eurotwins style of play. 


But Babs will probably split Pav and Z up without giving the Zet-Pav-Abby line a chance. Z's play is awful, But maybe centering his line and shutting down other team 2nd line is a better strategy so the other lines can do some of the scoring. At this point I just want Z to atleast help shutdown the other scoring top line. That's all im asking for. 

In Topic: ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Tampa Bay Lightning 5

Yesterday, 08:49 PM

So who takes Smiths' spot and who'm has a better chance at "stepping up"? Marchenko? He's solid but he's timid and won't change the series. I think Smith could be a factor in a series-critical goal. Unfortunately we may never find out. This team is rolling over and dying and that's something Smith doesn't do. Babcock cares about the "system", but we won't win low-scoring games against this team. 

Why do we even need any defensemen to score a goal? What we first need to have is our own offensive guys scoring goals or taking quality shots (which they arent) and then we can talk about offensive minded defensemen. Currently our defense cant even play defense so why is there even any talk of defensive scoring? 


Marchenko does a better job defensively and is a more mature player than Smith is. Hence why he's in the line up. Babcock isn't worried about why his defensemen arent scoring what he wants is a player that wont add to the high amount of turn overs and make dumb mistakes both on and off the ice. And the reality is, Smith's "off ice" clutch move in Montreal was probably Babcock's last straw. 


And since when is our team rolling over and dying? You're acting like Smith is some god like player that is going to come in and clutch the series. Smith if anything has had most of the worst stats on the team this entire season and Babcock seems to be quiet fed up with his immaturity and lack of smart play. This team didnt lose today because Smith wasn't in there. They lost because Tampa is that much better. They lost because our offense can't get it going and takes weak shots. They lost because Tampa's defense plays tight. They lost because our defense didn't help out Mrazek when needed. Smith is a nonfactor. 


The amount of support Smith gets, if only he lived up to it. Jeez. 

In Topic: ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Tampa Bay Lightning 5

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

OK enlighten me. Which things make smith physical?

Why are you asking me about Smith? Ask the guy supporting Smith. I'm merely pointing out that you can't take just take one stat, "Hits" and define it as physicality in hockey. 

In Topic: ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Tampa Bay Lightning 5

Yesterday, 07:49 PM

Smith needs to be in for his offensive abilities. I've always thought that when Smith made the cringe-worthy pass, he was still valuable for how much he influences the game in the offensive-zone. I doubt this team will win the series with 2-1 games. Put Smith in and hope it helps the offense. That penalty he took on the bench was not an indication of an unmotivated player, just a dumb player. Smith may be dumb but he has talent and deserves to be out there, regardless of how awful he is with the media, and even if he makes the terrible pass every now and then.

Smith's offensive abilities arent going to carry this team because his offensive ability isnt as great as people keep giving it credit for. He's not Niklas Lidstrom and not a game changer. We need people in general to step up.