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#2621687 Mitch Callahan

Posted by kickazz on 28 July 2015 - 09:27 AM



Nice shirt.  


I'd love to see her and Abdelkader in a fight.   

Abdelkader would get rekt 

She would wreck McGrattan.

#2621631 Line combos for 97, 98 Cups?

Posted by kickazz on 27 July 2015 - 03:07 PM

Scotty Bowman was the king of line changes

combo changes *

#2621613 Holtby Asking for $8M

Posted by kickazz on 26 July 2015 - 03:28 PM


Well I guess it depends I'm sure NHL teams are already having those ultra HD TVs and a ton of them to study films, slow-mos and all that stuff. I don't think knowing exactly each and every detail of a game will help much it would only make the video sessions longer = less time for the real important stuff (on-ice-training) but maybe I'm wrong and they are fine with it.



Statistical analysts are hired to do this work. It's not like the coach is expected to be the one that does the math lol. This has no effect on on-ice training like you say. All it does is give them information on how to better utilize their players in specific situations. 

#2621589 Holtby Asking for $8M

Posted by kickazz on 25 July 2015 - 07:42 PM

If I'm the GM and have to decide if I'm trading the advise of a professional scout or a mathfreak with MacBook pro excel sheet I don't even have to think twice about it. The thing with analytics is also that all of a sudden bloggers think they are experts when in fact all they are is excel and very talented mathguys with a ton of time on their hands. Orr sad it best it's a joke.


It's actually not as simple as you're trying to make this argument out to be. It's not just one or the other. The advance stats go hand in hand with scouting. 

Scouts do their thing, GM/coaches work with advance stats to optimize their team play. 

This is the era hockey is moving into. 

Whether, you me or dupree like it or hate it. 

#2621567 Holtby Asking for $8M

Posted by kickazz on 25 July 2015 - 03:39 PM

yeah screw math; whoever said 2+2 = 4 is full of it because sometimes it can equal 5

#2621442 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by kickazz on 24 July 2015 - 09:59 AM


What's being pointed out are certain posters perception of his flaws. Whether that perception is actually reality is the big question. You are entitled to your opinion that he has flaws, just as krsmith17 is entitled to his opinion that his flaws are being overblown. Personally I have not watched enough AHL games to truly have a strong opinion on the matter. I will say this though, people on here have a tendency to exaggerate things, and once a narrative is created for a player, its very hard to break that narrative (ie. Quincey sucks).



The funny thing is, some of us (like myself) are pointing out flaws and leaving it at that, but others who are making excuses or countering the argument regarding Pulk's 'flaws' are making it out to be as though we're claiming Pulk sucks. If you look at some of the other threads this trend is already being posted by the pro-pulk posters as a defense mechanism in the debate that's been going on. 


"Didn't you hear? Pulk sucks" - sarcasm from the pro-pulk posters is what helps push made up narratives and really prevents holding up adult-like debates.


It's never a bad thing to bounce off ideas and opinions but getting personal about it or defensive to the point where your statements are full of fallacies and ridiculous defense mechanisms (i.e using sarcasm to say "People are saying Pulk sucks").. well therein lies the problem and cause of the exaggerations you mention. 


People get too damn sensitive. 

#2621437 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by kickazz on 24 July 2015 - 09:50 AM

Won't it be too late?  This is the biggest problem I have with Devellano's comments.  Sure, be disappointed, but why devalue your prospects in the media when there are all sorts of EXCUSES you can use to deflect the disappointment...

Some of our posters would be perfect replacements for Devellano and his minuscule brain. 

#2621364 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by kickazz on 23 July 2015 - 03:52 PM

So he broke his leg in training camp, took extra long to get back to 100% (if he even got there) and then he still tallied 33 points in 62 games, and you are saying despite all this, he still should've held down a "top spot" in the AHL and therefore he is a bust and a disappointment? I think you, amongst other put way too much expectation on these kids...Mantha, disappointing, Pulk, sucks too one dimensional, who's next, Larkin? AA? I mean come on, they all aren't going to step right in to the next level without developing more...may as well trade them all.



...is it too soon to say tank it? We have no future, close the franchise.

Never too soon to say Tank it. 


They all suck.



#2621297 Preliminary Red Wings Training Camp Roster

Posted by kickazz on 23 July 2015 - 10:48 AM

I don't think he is ready for the grind of an 82 game season at the highest level, against the best players in the world. He would absolutely benefit from a full season in Grand Rapids, and I'm very confident that he will get that...

82 game in the NHL might do bad for his development. 


Jurco got screwed big time. I blame the org for that. He should have been in the AHL last year. His confidence level is a mess right now.


But he's got to move on from last year and somehow play liek an NHL player this year and move on. 


I honestly feel liek Nyquist and Tatar was very lucky to be in the AHL all those games that they were. When they were called to play here full time they came booming.


It worked out for both parties. 

#2621250 Babcock's already losing it?

Posted by kickazz on 22 July 2015 - 08:43 PM

Kickazz, so are you saying I made up that link that I posted? I maybe edited it to support what I was saying? Please tell me, because you would be dead wrong. I simply searched and that is what I found, was it my fault it was only the last part of the interview? I see you conveniently left out the last part of the interview to support what you said, unlike my link that didn't even have the first part of the interview on it. PLUS if you actually read my post I did say that an MLive article said Babs pushed for him, so I wasn't entirely dispelling what you said, but the article I read stated that his agent called him, not Holland and not Babcock.  Now your article says that Commie in return called babcock to find out if he had a chance, and babs told him ya.


Either way, I think we can both agree that during training camp, once again Commie fell out of babs favor and that is why his career ended up the way it did and once your in hot with Babs, you are toast.  Just like my original statement, ie. Legwand, Modano, Tootoo, Weiss, etc...etc...


So, even though your article had more information, you still failed to quote the part where Babs wound up treating him like s***, no matter what he told him in July. I believe that Commie should have gone with his gut to say no.




but honestly, do you really think that Babcock would answer him by saying, No, I don't want you, only Holland does, if you sign you will not get a chance to play...do you think that would fly with his GM?  I honestly believe Babs was willing to give Commie the chance, but always had in the back of his mind what was really going to happen...the first oops and that was the end. And as we see, it now was.

You answered your own question to me. 


This is your flaw. You look at one thing and automatically assume its the truth when most of the time it's just gossip and rumors. In this day and age even for the simplest things you need to swift thru evidence upon evidence before you can make claims. The problem is you have these biased attitudes towards players or coaches and you make it your reality. You're looking for ways to prove that Babcock was a bad coach and you're looking for ways to prove that Franzen was a useless hockey player by pushing these theories on these forums without sources and when you do have a source it tends to be wrong. 


Secondly, I didn't leave anything off conveniently because that was a STRAW MAN FALLACY on YOUR part. I never claimed  that Babcock didn't play Commodore or make him cry like a baby. Those are known facts and quite honestly who the hell cares? Commodore was a terrible player. I'm glad Babcock was smart enough to scratch him rather than play the usual dumb loyalty card like him and Holland did with Dan Cleary. Aren't you against Cleary being on the roster? So now all of a sudden you're all about sympathizing for Commodore and critiquing Babcock for not being loyal to Commodore but you complain about Cleary being on the roster? 


And you better bet yer a** that players will be in a coaches dog house if they don't live up to expectations. That's how the world of sports is. Bust your a** and earn it, nothing it given to you on a platter. 

#2621221 Babcock's already losing it?

Posted by kickazz on 22 July 2015 - 03:44 PM

kickazz, once again, you are misinformed... His agent called him and said the Wings are interested and he had 15 minutes to decide. Commie asked if Babcock really wanted him on the team, but without getting confirmation he decided to say yes because it was the Red Wings...Babcock did everything in his power to NOT play Commie once the season started, even though he was pressured by Holland to do so...then finally Holland traded him because he felt bad for him and they way Babcock was handling him.  Babcock, for as good as he was here, was mostly at fault for the result all of Modano, Weiss, Commodore, Tootoo and Legwand's tenure's while here in Detroit...


No, not my uncles cat that told me, it was more like Commie himself telling the news:




Babcock did have some good comments about him in 2011 when they signed him, and the Mlive article did say he pushed Holland for him, but just like the others, it took no time for him to wind up back in the doghouse and Babcock to bury the guy from that day on. But Babcock did not talk to Commie until AFTER he was signed...

I'm never misinformed. I always know my information and when I don't I seek to ask the posters here rather than making up theories or believing in conspiracies that my aunts husands mistress told me without factual evidence. Ahem.


In regards to Commodore. You're wrong. Source:






My agent then told me the GM put a 15-minute time limit on the offer. I needed to make up my mind in 15 minutes or he was gonna pull the offer off the table. ‘Ken, Mike Commodore here, I like you, you're a good guy. Is it you who wants me or the coach?’ Ken Holland said that he wanted me and so did Babcock. "I called him: ‘Babs, Mike Commodore here. Please be honest with me, do you want me on your hockey team or not?’ He said he did. I wanted to know if I’d get an opportunity. I told him I am not looking for anything special, but that I needed to know if I was gonna get a fair shot and a chance to play. He said ‘I want you on my team. You will get a fair chance. We need someone physical on the back end with a right shot. I want you. You will play.’ 


Now going back to my original statement. Which was Babs told him to sign. Babs told Commodore he wanted him, giving him the green light to sign. That's Commodore speaking for you NOT LeftWinger and his theories or sources that only show half of the conversation taking bits and pieces out with bias. 


Concluded.   :clap:

#2621148 Lovable Dan Cleary update thread

Posted by kickazz on 22 July 2015 - 12:46 AM

Plus you could counter the argument and say maybe we called up Jurco TOO early and should have kept him in AHL an extra year because look at his perfomance last year. He came into the roster at much young age than Nyquist and TAtar and his nunbers were disappointing.

Just playing devils advocate.

#2621140 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by kickazz on 21 July 2015 - 11:23 PM

kickazz, I don't turn on player left and right. I admit, I have turned on a couple, Q and Franzen to name two, but not before they have PROVEN in the NHL that they aren't worth the money or the roster spot.  Granted, Q did better last season, but he makes too much money.  I know the market dictates it, but I think Holland should have just let him go when he was UFA instead of spend the $4.25M on him...we would've had XO or Marchy all season last year and this year.  Franzen....nevermind, I need not get in to that subject...its been well discussed.
Doesn't mean I will TURN on Pulk, but at least give him a full season to prove whether or not he is indeed worthy of an NHL spot. He will MOST definitely do a s*** ton better than Franzen will.

I vaguely remember you suggest Z retire because he was out of gas during the tampa series.

34 year old captain retire who consistently leads team in points year in and year aside from his twin (pav)?

Proven player at all levels but ya turned on him. Pulk hasnt proven himself, if anything being skeptical towards an underexperienced player is more justified than turning on someone because they had one bad playoff series.

5 goals in Pulk 31 games wasnt very promising if I was truly unbiased. But I have hope he can do better with 82 games.

Hope, not wild assumption. And ill take a bet with you that if Franzen played healthy this season he puts up more points than Pulk.

#2621089 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by kickazz on 21 July 2015 - 12:59 PM

I hope to see him put up at least 20 goals this year. He has the shot for it. He just needs the space. 


3rd line + PP  time will do him good. I can see him thriving on man advantage like Nyquist does. 

#2621073 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by kickazz on 21 July 2015 - 12:26 PM

it appears that its going just a bit hard re-signing these two. Guess Holland just assumed that they would take the leftover tablescraps. Too many overpaid contracts on this team. Too many useless players that can easily be replaced with cheaper contracts.

Well you asked where you were wrong and here is just a prime example.


Pulk just re-signed. A mere two days after you claimed it would be hard. Lol