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#2582659 Lines Thread

Posted by kickazz on 18 March 2015 - 12:37 AM

Has Nyquist really earned a crack at the second line? 

Why not? If Tatar is allowed to play with one of the best center and get fed goals, Nyquist should have equal opportunity as well. He's still top 3 in goals on team..

#2582628 Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

Posted by kickazz on 17 March 2015 - 07:59 PM

In response to the topic of this thread:



#2582570 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by kickazz on 17 March 2015 - 10:22 AM

Man Babs must have really ripped off the door on Saturday and rightfully so..This team is like wonderland you'll never know what result you'll get.

I don't think it was a Babs factor. He's known to get fits of rages on team and whether or not it's effective is a hit or miss. I linked an article a few posts up. Z basically said they called a "players only" meeting and said "enough is enough". I also think Z "indirectly" called the team out publicly this past weekend. Makes sense if you think about it. A guy as calm and down to earth as Z calling out his team, the players probably realized sh*ts really got to change. 

#2582553 Leading point scorer

Posted by kickazz on 16 March 2015 - 08:42 PM

Pavel will probably be one of those players who hovers around a ppg until he retires, he's too smart a player for his production to drop off that much.

Agreed. I believe Z will as well (maybe not 1 PPG but around .92-.95 PPG or so). Except Z is much more streaky in his production, he goes on mini goal scoring bouts to practically none. His assists tend to be streaky too but they are mildy consistent. Funny thing is, Z has always been that way, even when he was a 30+ goal scorer.

#2582387 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by kickazz on 15 March 2015 - 04:17 PM

"After last game," he said, "we had a players' only meeting and we just said, 'enough is enough. We've got to go out and play and enjoy playing.' It was like everyone was a little afraid out there." - Zetterberg




Looks like a players only meeting worked. Hopefully they can keep it going. 

#2580237 Gus injured; Mrazek re-called

Posted by kickazz on 09 March 2015 - 05:17 PM

I was pretty anti-Howard back when we still had Lidstrom. But after his playoff performance in 2013, I was pretty impressed by Jimmys play, he was def the MVP end of that season and post season. Point is, Jimmy has it in him. He has A LOT of weak points, but he is pretty solid overall. I think Mrazek is the alpha to his omega. Mrazek is strong at things Jimmy is weak at (puck movement, closing off tight gaps when players come around the corner, etc). I believe both of them will complement each other very well and could be a dynamic duo after this season if we let Gus walk. Babcock could easily use Mrazek over Jimmy with certain teams that he believes they need a 3rd defenseman moving the puck around with. 

#2580139 Gus injured; Mrazek re-called

Posted by kickazz on 08 March 2015 - 06:08 PM

He's 22 and it's normal he will have a few hiccups but he'll have way many better performances than bad ones ... A few of monsters goals he let in today were embarrassing

Mrazek is the future ... Gus will be in Sweden in a few years

That doesn't relate to anything i mentioned lol. The future has nothing to do with the current season. You're basically making the same point that I made. I'm just saying that there is no need to be excited to have Mrazek at the moment. He's 22 and not at an elite level yet. Let's not assume he's somehow going to do any better than Howard and Gus. The only thing positive coming out of him being called up is puck movement. As far as going from a starter (Howard) who screwed up in Calgary to a backup who let did pretty bad today (Gus), to a 22 year old who will have a "few hiccups" (since he's young) isn't really a quick fix or anything to be excited about for the present time. 


Weiss' mistakes didnt really help Gus today. The team as whole needs to play tighter and finish the season strong. Doesn't matter who is in net at this point because all three are prone to screwing up in some way. We dont have a Lunquist on this roster. Maybe Mrazek could be in the future, but right now is 2015 and 2015 playoffs looming around. 

#2580118 3/8 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Bruins 5

Posted by kickazz on 08 March 2015 - 03:06 PM

I truly think the Red Wings CAN match up to Boston. They have the potential to play big. Babs has to really drill it in their heads if we do match up with them in playoffs. Problem is i dont think Babs himself is a fan of relying on playing big. 

#2580077 3/8 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Bruins 5

Posted by kickazz on 08 March 2015 - 01:59 PM

WOW i miss the days Datysuk and Zetterberg killed penalties. That was domination on a bruins powerplay. 

#2579003 3/4 GDT : Rangers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by kickazz on 05 March 2015 - 05:13 PM



As a side note - Lids was the king of using his stick to make himself "bigger" as is now forbidden in the rule.  He would just hold his stick parallell to the ice in front of him.

And thats why he retired while he had the chance!!!!

#2578873 3/4 GDT : Rangers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by kickazz on 04 March 2015 - 10:48 PM


Cole maybe. Z I doubt it. Hes 38 and the Wings have atleast 2-3 youngsters ready for a roster spot.

He may be kept at a lower price to transition the youngsters in as he phases out his career. Wings have had veterans take pay cuts just to stay with organizations they think they have a shot with. Besides, you cant consider age the same way with D-men like you would with forwards. 

#2578866 3/4 GDT : Rangers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by kickazz on 04 March 2015 - 10:46 PM

Side note; not sure if it was just me but it looked like Zetterberg skated better than he did before he was even injured. Almost seems like he just wanted the time off. Good game by Jimmy too. 

#2577728 Red Wings acquire Marek Zidlicky from NJ for Cond. 2016 3rd Round Pick

Posted by kickazz on 02 March 2015 - 04:18 PM

Getting two vets may be helpful in the postseason. If you remember in playoffs last year against Boston; the young players quickly got shutdown when they got a taste of some real playoff hockey. Adding this age balance will help the core group as a whole for a deep playoff push. We def needed another veteran D-man imo. 

#2571394 Franzen on IR

Posted by kickazz on 16 February 2015 - 11:32 PM

Things aren't sounding good here. Still no improvement.

I mentioned this in another thread and ill say it again. Concussions lead to brain damage if occurred too many times. Technically the standard is if you get it once, make sure u dont get it again. It basically leads to rupture of neurons (brain cells) Franzen has gotten it way too many times. He should seriously consider retiring if he cares about his own health.


- I work in the medical field. Not a huge fan when i see kids showing up with this. 

#2570983 Next Number to be retired

Posted by kickazz on 15 February 2015 - 04:11 PM

People tend to forget Zetterberg's 2008 playoff performance when he literally shut down the top 2 players in the world (Crosby/Malkin) AND set the franchise record for most points in a playoff season AND won the Conn Smyth. Z may no longer be a top 10 player but he sure as hell was the top player of his position that year and arguably the top 3 player of his position in the latter part of last decade. Add the cherry on top, he's the captain of one of the most successful franchises in NHL. They could not have set it up for him any better. If he doesn't make the rafters after those feats + his commitment of a lifelong contract on this franchise, then I highly doubt we will see any more jersey retirements anytime in the future. And I really don't even need to make a case for Datsyuk. The only thing holding his situation back is if he parts ways from Detroit. MAYBE. 


Additionally people tend to forget that Federov did everything he did on an extremely stacked roster - a pre salary cap era. Don't get me wrong Federov was an outright beast of a player. But his feats were supportable by Yzerman, Lidstrom, Shanahan, Russian 5, and much much more. Who did Pav or Hank have to support their feats? an aging Lidstrom? 


And even if we forget all these numbers. Z and Pav are adored by fans and the management. Babcocks called Z "the coaches son" type of player after he signed his major contract in 2009. If anything Z/Pav have a better shot at it than number 91; they're on excellent terms with the franchise and fans. But I do wish Feds gets it as well.