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#2619008 Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Posted by kickazz on Yesterday, 02:45 PM

I never understood that narrative, Suter&parise went to minny because they wanted to play together, every time someone brings up suter and/or parise as evidence that we can't attract free agents I get a bit annoyed.

I like that last part.

Aye, the whole Suter and Parise situation bit us hard. They went to play in Minn for personal reasons and somehow it turned into "ooooooo Red Wings can't attract these guys! Holland lost his touch! Maybe Babcock is the problem!" "Omg did you hear Zetterberg say it's either him or Babcock?" "Datsyuk said he's had enough of Babcock and intends on going to the KHL after 2013!" "Fire Holland!" "Get rid of Babcock!" 


All was rubbish. Parise is a born Minnesotan that wanted to play for his home state. We did well this year for market and hopefully we can land another big one next year. I'm hoping Kopitar as Richards moves on. 

#2618996 Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

Posted by kickazz on Yesterday, 01:57 PM

there is no big body for the second line. Why wouldn't Abby play with pav and Tatar? Do you think line remain from year to year? That first line would be perfect. Setup man, scorer, dirty job player. Z & Nyquist have great chemistry, they scored even with power puff Franzen on their wing. He plays softer than Hudler in a hen house. Richards is a natural center who is a huge upgrade over Franzen.

Because Abby played with Z and Nyquist and scored 23 goals with that line, a career high for him.


Abby no longer plays with Pav unless he's playing with Z and Pav together. (Abby - Pav - Zet)


The Abby and Z chemistry is better than Abby/ Pav chemistry from 2013. Abby only created space for Pav. But Z actually turned Abby into a goal scorer. I'm not saying Pav can't do the same but this is just how things turned out to be and it worked pretty well. No reason changing that unless it no longer works. 

#2618995 Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Posted by kickazz on Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Wasn't there a poll a few years ago where Babcock was voted by players around the league as one of the coaches they'd least want to play for?


Might explain why we got two free agents to agree to come here as soon as he's gone.  

^ Not true.John Tortorella was ranked LEAST likely to play for and Mike Babcock was ranked SMARTEST NHL coach by a poll done by ESPN with 50 NHL players. 


Players like Caps coach Bruce Boudreau and Pens Dan Bylsma (each received 16 percent). But they love the Wings' Mike Babcock (22 percent). When asked about the last coach they'd want to play for, Rangers coach John Tortorella took the dubious title (18 percent). "He's always yelling and calling out guys in the media," says one Western Conference wing.






The whole "Babcock must not be drawing attention" rumor started when Holland failed to land Suter and Parise. Always easy to point fingers at the coach when s*** goes down the drain. That's why the Maple Leafs have been a great soap opera to watch for me.  


Edit - That same poll showed that players voted the Red Wings as the Best NHL franchise. 60% of the votes. 

#2618931 Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

Posted by kickazz on 03 July 2015 - 06:24 PM


Datsyuk has played plenty of wing in his career. Especially when he's with Zetterberg. They kind of switch back and forth and share the responsibility. Which is one of the reasons I think they're deadly together.

Between 2006 and 2008 I believe, Hank was the primary center while Pav played his Wing, but they switched on and off a lot. I remember this because on HFboards people were surprised Babcock did the change up. I think Hank in his prime was just better at centering duties, in 08 his faceoff percent was super high from what i remember and his shudown ability to play his body was second to none.


But its blatantly obvious now that Pav has maintained his centering skills while Hank has significantly declined. 


If the two play on a line together, I expect both to switch taking faceoffs once in a while but  Datsyuk should and will take almost all of them. 


But yes I def agree that having them together for the season will be quite deadly. And it will help both their longevity. What's the use of making the playoffs when one of your superstars is running on fumes and can barely skate? 


This is similar to what Bownman did with Fedorov and Yzerman. Yzerman was slowing down and putting him with Feds really worked out. 

#2618822 Holland doesn't expect to be busy this offseason

Posted by kickazz on 03 July 2015 - 01:23 AM

I'm guilty of it too but it's just another example of how you can't read too much into what these guys say to the press.  It's the actions that matter, not so much the quotes.

I mean if I were a GM I would probably do my best to keep media busy by saying bs comments while I did my work behind the scenes. 

#2618807 Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Posted by kickazz on 02 July 2015 - 09:49 PM

Check out greens interview on NHL.com - 




Looks like he will be focused on putting pucks in the net and creating offensive plays for the Red Wings. I'm almost certain this can be done with a Dekeyser pairing who can do more of the defensive duties while Green is free do the scoring stuff. 


Our PP is going to wreck. 

#2618740 Retire Sergei Fedorovís Jersey Immediately

Posted by kickazz on 02 July 2015 - 02:46 PM

I feel like if 91 goes up, then 13 and 40 kind of have to go up.
And if they retire those, 16 will go up...
That just seems like a hole hell of a lot of numbers out of circulation.

It seems like the hall of fame inductance has really boosted Feds case. I think this solidifies #13. Not so sure about #40 yet. I hope Z ends up breaking Yzerman's franchise record for playoff goals. He needs 15 more. That would be a huge accomplishment among other things he's got going.  

#2618618 Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

Posted by kickazz on 02 July 2015 - 12:16 AM

The powerplay will be much stronger. It was already 2nd best last season. 

#2618601 Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Posted by kickazz on 01 July 2015 - 10:32 PM

The Green + Dekeyser pairing will work great. A defensive defenseman and an offensive defensemen. Both VERY good at what they do as well. Second line D is going to be great. 

#2618466 Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

Posted by kickazz on 01 July 2015 - 05:34 PM

Don't know about that ... If your anaheim your keeping your eyes on those you mentioned , not richards

If it's Anaheim. they'll keep their eyes on Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Nyquist and Tatar. Not richards. Similar situation. 

#2618312 Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

Posted by kickazz on 01 July 2015 - 04:01 PM

Brad Richards = No more Cleary :)


1 year deal? Guy can put up a decent amount of points, has tons of experience. Our top 2 centers are old. One won't even be able to start the season. The other is injury prone and was significantly slow during the playoffs. What if Zetterberg goes down with an injury? No Pav and Z.. Rely on the kids? Okay but that would be a huge gamble because.. well theyre still developing. 


Richards can center a second line and Pav and Z can dominate the first line. When Pav and Z play together they don't need to exert as much effort. It will help in their longevity. Just my thoughts on this. 

#2617791 Datsyuk Has Ankle Surgery

Posted by kickazz on 30 June 2015 - 11:24 PM

Last year Goose Shea Tat didn't play that well together. I feel that splitting up the Euro Twins was more to help out Gus and Tats then anything else. 


If they step up then they could be the second line. Two years ago, though, the "kid" line that worked really well was Jurco-Shea-Tats. I don't think TT and Gus have that much chemistry together.

If Franzen comes back perhaps Franzen - Sheahan - Tatar may be better suited with Goose on the third line. 

#2617770 Weiss bought out (confirmed)

Posted by kickazz on 30 June 2015 - 09:54 PM


Honestly by making Weiss a winger I think he may have been trying to put him in a position to succeed by giving him less responsibility.  Weiss simply wasn't good.  It's telling that with a new coach coming in, Datsyuk injured, and no pressing cap issue, Holland still went ahead and bought out Weiss.


I somewhat agree with this, but it still doesn't explain the plethora of games he was scratched.. lol. 

#2617291 Datsyuk Has Ankle Surgery

Posted by kickazz on 29 June 2015 - 02:47 PM

He's 13 pounds less than Tatar and 3 inches taller. Not sure if he's spending the summer bulking up a bit but it would probably help. If he can gain at least 10-15 pounds (muscle + carb/water + fat combined) I don't see much issue. 

#2615987 Captain Zetterberg wins King Clancy Award

Posted by kickazz on 24 June 2015 - 08:05 PM

Well deserved. Great leader on and off the ice. His contributions to the city of Detroit and around the world through Zetterberg Foundation have been tremendous. 


King Clancy Award for community service goes to Henrik Zetterberg.