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#2471143 24/7 Episode 4 Discussion

Posted by guitard on 07 January 2014 - 12:54 AM

I knew he was a ****** bag before and it still confirms my feelings towards the Neanderthal name Phaneuf.


Phaneuf confirmed his status as major douchebag when he was talking s*** to Alfredsson.  Alfie is a first ballot future hall of famer.  There's a code of respect in the game for guys like Alfie - but obvously Phaneuf thinks he's above all that.

#2356159 2/15 GDT : Anaheim Ducks 5 at Red Wings 2

Posted by guitard on 15 February 2013 - 09:42 PM

Can't even skate the puck out of the zone without getting caught up.  Jeez....

#2353498 Ericsson

Posted by guitard on 10 February 2013 - 12:33 AM

I'm gonna go against the flow and say I just am not seeing the dramatic improvement.  At best, I'll say he's cut down on the bone headed plays.  But he still makes them and there are way too many of them.


I think one of the reasons he seems to be improving in the eyes of some fans is because the rest of the defensive corps has collectively taken such a huge drop off in the last few years.


Basically, I still can't stop from cringing when it's a tight game and he's got the puck deep in the Wings zone and someone is bearing down on him and he has to make a quick decision.  When I can stop cringing in those situations - I'll start singing a different tune.

#2353485 2/9 GDT : Oilers 1 at Red Wings 2

Posted by guitard on 09 February 2013 - 10:46 PM

The grass is green and the sky is blue.  The CBC announcers are biased towards the Canadians and the Canadian teams?  I think it's hilarious that fans think that Ken and Mickey are "unbiased" and every other teams announcers are anti Wing. 


I have NHL Gamecenter Live and watch all the teams - so I hear all the announcers.  Of course, I hear Ken and Mickey more than any others because I am first and foremost a Wings fan.  I can say this with confidence: on the scale of 1 to 10, wiith 10 being a complete homer and 1 being completely unbiased - Ken and Mickey are definitely close to low end.


With NHL Gamecenter Live, you can choose either team's annoucer feed.  One thing I like to do is compare what the announcers say on controversial plays.  There are some announcers who virtually never go against their own team on a controversial call.  But Ken and Mickey do it all the time.


Case in point: the "illegal head shot" Backes layed on Huskins.  From the second it happened, Ken and Mickey said it was a bad call.