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#2363612 For once, praising Holland's refusal to make a trade

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 03 March 2013 - 11:12 AM

As Bruce Garrioch recently reported via www.mynhltraderumors.com, Holland tried to trade for Ryan O'Reilly. Obviously, that didn't work.

But you know what? That may be the best move Holland's made in a while.

The asking price was a proven roster player, a top prospect and a first-round draft pick.

That's absolutely ridiculous.

O'Reilly has only been in the league a few years and has ONE 55-point season. I wouldn't pay Anaheim those prices for Corey Perry. That price is laughable and Holland showed he's still one of the smartest GM's in sports by saying "no, thanks".

I applaude him for sticking to his guns and getting out of what could've been a horrible trade. Trade a roster piece and what could be a future star, plus a first-rounder, for one promising center? Essentially, you'd be trading three roster-caliber players for one. That's just plain stupid.

Ken Holland, I haven't been very kind to you lately. But this time...darn good work, sir.

#2361901 Bruins looking for forwards.....

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 27 February 2013 - 12:18 PM

Yeah honestly just wanted to see a source for it, hadn't come across one personally and logically considering the Bruin's record I wouldn't think they would have been. Should have been included with the original post to back up the subject of the rumor thread so there's some information to go off of. But the fact still remains and I stand by it, dumping Franzen for a late 1st draft pick is among the last things we need to be focusing on, bringing in one or two more defensemen is. 


Regardless thanks for posting up the link DRW93 and giving us some sort of basis to go by to validate the thread. Franzen is back tonight, let's see how the next few games go for our leading scorer from last season. 

You're very welcome.  I agree, should've had a link in the OP.  I also agree that trading Franzen shouldn't be on Kenny's mind.  Finding a top-tier, two-way defenseman and a reliable scorer is what should be occupying his time.  Shopping Franzen or Filpulla or whatever other nonsense the media had dreamed up would be going straight into seller mode.  This is NOT the time to become a seller.  There is real talent on this team and they have proven they can win against the best even with a depleted lineup.  We own wins against St. Louis, Nashville and Vancouver and have also taken Chicago to OT.  This team needs a full, healthy roster and some more firepower both up front and on the back end.  Giving up now would be foolish.

#2361896 Briere On The Block

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 27 February 2013 - 12:14 PM

Briere answered these rumors pretty emphatically.  He has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.  Besides, we don't have the assets to acquire him.  We'd need to blow Philly away with an offer.  And with Paul Holmgren, blowing them away begins with at least two roster players and draft picks.  He wants a huge return for an aging asset.  Not worth it.  Briere's not the player he used to be.  He could definitely help, but the price is just too high.

#2361635 Potential Trade Deadline Sellers

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 26 February 2013 - 04:08 PM

Not sure if I want Kovalev.  Old and has a reputation of being selfish and a locker-room problem.  Leopold is a guy I'd like to get.  Good offensive D-man who can run the power-play.  There have been a lot of rumors connecting us and Stephen Weiss recently, and he's the top guy on this list in my opinion.  He provides a great-two way game and can play both forward positions, although he's a natural center.  I just want to see someone of significance added.  I'm sick and tired of sitting by while everyone around us gets better.


I also don't agree with not going after guys who are under contract for next year.  If their cap hit is reasonable, then Holland shouldn't hesitate.  Also, we have money coming off the books at the end of the year.  We're more able to cap in a deal set for next year knowing that.

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#2361413 Bruins looking for forwards.....

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 26 February 2013 - 10:39 AM



Just look down the page.  Lots of rumors saying the B's are seeking a forward.  So, to be fair, there are sources for this.  Besides, it could probably be said every team in the NHL would like another scoring forward.  I can't think of a good, two-way scorer I wouldn't take in a heartbeat for the right price.


Having said that, I think adding without subtracting too much is important.  Boston's pick won't be good enough to justify getting rid of Franzen.  There's no guarentee that whoever that pick turns into will hustle more and play better defense than Franzen, anyways.  This is a seller's move and would tell me that the team has thrown in the towel.  With two big wins and big games coming this week in Cali, we can ill-afford to start talking like the season is over.  We're currently in a playoff spot and are slowly getting healthy again.  I say stay the course and look to add some more scoring depth and help on defense at and before the deadline.  Time to bring in some new faces.  Too many deadlines have come and gone with little-or-no improvement.

#2357504 Holland looking around

Posted by DetroitRedWings1993 on 19 February 2013 - 12:31 PM

"Looks OK, but if Calgary are serious about trading this guy, I'm sure Holmgren or Sather would over-pay, out-bidding Holland."


Good point.  If there's a player to be had at all, Holmgren and Sather will jump in and offer the sun, moon and stars for him.  That's the only problem. Seems like the only players the Wings could use or are rumored to go after are targets for GM's like Holmgren and Sather who will pay any price, no matter how ridiculous.  A young defenseman and a top prospect is steep for an underperforming, irresponsible defenseman in the twilight of his career with a sickening cap hit.


"Like I said, Calgary can pay 35% of his cap hit under the new CBA. I think J-Bow is worth 4.2M."


Yeah, but would they?  We can't just force them to pay that much of his salary.  Bouwmeester is being shopped for two reasons, based on the asking price I've heard.  One, they want to get younger and stockpile young talent and prospects for the future.  Two, his production does not coincinde with his cap hit.  They probably won't want to continue paying that large a chunk of his salary, if any at all.