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In Topic: Datsyuk - someone who works for JLA told me he's sold his house

Today, 03:38 PM

Datsyuk was slated to make 5.5 million next year. I highly doubt he'll make more next year in the KHL


It's hard to find info about KHL contracts, but here's an article from 2013 that shows the highest salaries as:


Kovy: 10.3 mill US

Radulov: 7.5 mill

Zinovyev: 4.7 mill 




As you can see, after the first 2 it drops off significantly.


And that's before the ruble collapse:




and the cuts to the KHL salary cap where the KHL president aims to limit salaries to 14.5 million per team. So Datsyuk's red wings salary would be more than a 3rd of a team's payroll:




apparently they're at 17 mill per team now and they'll cut the cap each year until 17-18. 




If Kovalchuk is making $10,000,000 - Datsyuk will be making more than $5,000,000 - and this is why:


My very good friend played in the KHL for 2 years and was paid more than he would have made in the AHL/NHL on an entry level contract)... His bonuses were structured to pay him per goal, per assist, per regular season win, and per playoff win - and when all was said and done he actually tripled his base salary at the end of post-season...Apparently every player has an incentive plan that doesn't get compared in the dressing room, meaning it also isn't compared in the newspaper... Unfortunately, this league has also been prone to paying North Americans less than what they were promised - and good luck fighting the mob in a foreign country. Point Being: Don't trust any financial data the KHL put's into the press.


So yes, Datsyuk's salary might be close to what his NHL salary would have been next season ($5,000,000) - but he is also the KHL's highest profile player now (captain of the world championship/Olympic team) and will incur bonuses that far and away exceed this figure. I'm sure he will also do better with endorsements as well. Last year, he made $7,000,000 and maybe the $2,000,000 decrease was close enough to KHL money to say forget it... Which makes me question his character. 

In Topic: Datsyuk - someone who works for JLA told me he's sold his house

Today, 11:04 AM

The practical side in me starting to think similar to this on the matter but the fan boy in me is in denial and wants Datsyuk to move on asap and us to move on asap before this turns into drama which will likely cause me to start thinking of him differently. So before it gets to that....


There's only reality.


- He authorized an interview/article (directly before Round 1 Game 1 of the 2016 Playoffs) to publicize his intention(s) to leave our team this summer. Distraction?

- He said in the interview that he overstayed, and that his daughter was his #1 priority - also "feels bad" about putting the Wings in a terrible cap situation.

- He said several times he hadn't made a decision yet (most recently this past Sunday) and then reports of him signing a 2 year contract in Russia surface Tuesday.


My point is this: Why the hell would you do such a persuasive interview with Mitch Albom if you didn't already have your mind made up? And if you lied about not already deciding, are you also lying about your reasons for putting us in such a bad position financially? Is it your daughter, or the fact that you will make more money next year in Russia so time to move on?


I don't know how many of us have played for a even a traveling school team - but a professional hockey player doesn't exactly have evening and weekends off to spend with the kids? He left every summer anyway - I don't buy it... At this point, it's one of those "how was the situation handled" problems and I don't think he's doing very well.

In Topic: Datsyuk - someone who works for JLA told me he's sold his house

Today, 09:36 AM

We knew he was gone before the playoffs began? It wasn't really a question - no matter how many "I has not made up my minds about next years" quotes came out. I still think this tarnishes (although not entirely destroys) his legacy as Red Wing because of one fact I simply can't ignore:


Pavel Datsyuk is going to make more money in the KHL next season than he would have in Detroit.


So is this a business decision or entirely a "family" decision? Is the reason he played last year truly "out of respect to the Illitch Family", or because he made $7,000,000 as opposed to the $5,000,000 he walks away from next year? To say that "I overstayed" is also slap in the face to fans and ownership... I'm terribly sorry you had to play hockey in North America for 14 years and amass upwards of $79,000,000USD in salary (at a time where the KHL wasn't paying close to the rate they are today). But today they are paying you more than we are so don't worry about fulfilling your final year, or the massive cap penalty you are causing us?


Essentially, Pavel Datsyuk is terminating a contract he wanted to sign (roughly 2 years ago today) to sign with a direct competitor for more money. In the business world, this is grounds for a lawsuit. In the hockey world, we feel bad for the guy lol. Even though the hockey player makes 10X the money the business professional does?


I don't mean to sound bitter (because after watching him this April, he isn't close to the player we all remember) - but I don't know if the #13 should be hanging in the LCA.

In Topic: Mantha

18 May 2016 - 02:02 PM

Mantha's final numbers for the year:


79 games played 27 goals 32 assists 59 points.


If he can put up those type of numbers at the NHL level we have a stud. He and Lil Bert carried the Griffs in the PO's.


The last part of your statement is all that matters, and unfortunately makes the second sentence irrelevant.


I think Teemu Pulkinnen has taught us there is no direct correlation between offensive success in the AHL and offensive success in the NHL... In fact, Teemu Pulkinnen was a much better AHL player in 2015 (62 GP - 48 G - 31 A) than Mantha has been in 2016 (69 GP - 25 G - 31 A).


Yes Mantha is bigger, Yes Mantha is younger, Yes Mantha was drafted in the 1st Round, Yes Yes Yes - but until Mantha transforms his profession into an addiction, and until he turns good habits into a lifestyle - No, he probably won't be a stud at the NHL level. 


I don't mean to consistently bash the kid, but like I said before - there's a reason Ken Holland and Jim Devallano have publicly criticized him, so I'm hoping it's used as motivation and he come's to camp in beast mode, and starts to light it up in 2016-17.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

16 May 2016 - 10:42 AM

1. Sign Stamkos.

2. Sign Radulov.

3. Trade Datsyuk Contract + Pulkinnen to ARI for a 3rd Round Pick

4. Trade Howard to CAL for a 4th Round Pick

5. Trade Nyquist, Oullete and a 3rd to WPG for Trouba.

6. Bye Bye Quincey, Helm, Richards.













My god that was easy. Plan parade.