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Yesterday, 02:27 PM


At the 8th pick you could probably get Chchyrun, the defenseman that is being discussed lately in this thread. The scouting is rigorous these days, any clear stars are long gone at #16.

Larkin (#15, 2014) was an aberration, he was certainly predicted as good but has shown he's a budding star. Would probably have gone top 5, 7 at most in the aftermath.


You might not get Chychrun with the 5th pick...

In Topic: This hits the nail on the head......

Yesterday, 10:37 AM


I think you're missing my point entirely. 


It's 2016.  By the time next season is in full swing it will be 2017.  10 years removed from 2007.  Even if you want to argue we were contenders between 2010 and 2013 (which I would say we were not since the results were embarrassed by the sharks and almost swept, almost swept by the sharks again, embarrassed and almost swept by the preds in the first round, and choking away a 3 - 1 lead against the blackhawks,) That will be four years ago.  Four years is an eternity in professional sports. 


Guys forget about what happened in the distant past.  Look at the here and now. The ship is sinking.  It has been sinking for a long time.  At some point you have to hold leadership responsible.  You can't keep looking to the captain and saying "Well he lead us on some successful voyages a long time ago!". 


Or let me ask the question this way:


Are you happy with how our season ended this year?  What about last year?  The year before?  What about the one before that one?  What about every year going back to 2010?  How many of those are you happy with the outcome?  The answer should be 0. 


29/30 teams will be unhappy with their season when it ends this year... Just like last year, just like the year before, and just like the one before that one. No-one is happy when they miss the playoffs, and none of the playoff teams are "happy" when they lose a 7 game series.


Apparently it was my point that was missed, so I'll paraphrase: It's extremely difficult to make the playoffs every year in a salary cap system (Detroit remains the only team to accomplish that). But It's impossible to remain a cup contender for 10, 15, 20 years when you don't have a single top 10 draft pick to turn the generation over with.


What we are witnessing today is that very turnover - most contending teams today (as I pointed out), have taken an average of missing the playoffs for 10 years to complete that process, but it looks like we're right in the middle of it, without missing the playoffs. If that's what you call a "sinking ship" I guess you haven't paid much attention to some of the other re-builds around the league.

In Topic: This hits the nail on the head......

Yesterday, 08:33 AM

We haven't realistically competed for a cup since 09.  That's now SEVEN YEARS.  Expecting a team to compete for a cup once in 7 years is not asking too much nor does it make us "spoiled fans".  You want to know what fan base is happy just making the playoffs?  The Maple Leaves.  Is that who you want to be?


Here's what your missing:


If we're talking about the Salary Cap era, you can argue that the Red Wings were at (or near the top) of the "Stanley Cup favourites" list from 2007-2013 - Yes, we had a couple of early round exits in that range, but so did many of this years "favourites" in Chicago, Anaheim, and LA... it happens annually in the NHL.


The difference is that when our run began in 2007, almost all of the teams you would consider as front runners this year (Washington, LA, Chicago, St.Louis) did not qualify for the playoffs. If you go in depth, Chicago had a run from 1998-2009 where they only made the playoffs once, and didn't win a single round... Today they represent the modern day dynasty, and model of success. The LA Kings had a stretch 2002-2012 where they only made the playoffs once, and didn't win a single round. The Capitals didn't win a round from 1998-2009 - and missed the playoffs entirely in most of those years. The Penguins? They were a ping-pong ball away from bankruptcy and relocation.


What we have accomplished is extremely rare, and something I will always be proud to hear: We haven't missed the playoffs in 25 years. Let's not forget that the teams we envy today, spent (on average) about a decade out of the playoffs, mixed in with the odd 30th place finish. If you understand the salary cap and the fact it's working, how can you complain about the results we've had?

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02 May 2016 - 03:23 PM

Lol you mised the point completely. I'm well aware of Kessel trade. Players wanted out not in. And around here the narrative was that players don't like Babcock and that's why free agents would not come here.

And my other point was McDavid wasn't a god that changed Edmonton's record. Similarly Mathews won't either. On one hand Edmonton has been rebuilding for years and years while Toronto JUST started. So yeah in terms of the long process Edmonton is in a better position. They have key pieces, Toronto still needs more. It's a long re-build for them. Lou, Shanny and Babcock have already mentioned time and again not to expect fast results like ya'll are talking about.

And lets not overrate Shanny and Babs lol. One has been president of the org for one year while the other has one Staneley cup and couldn't get far in the playoffs since 09.

Now I can see if people think Babcock and Shanny's hair are attractive enough to go to them.


I'm kind of tired of the "Babcock's overrated" conversation. He's a top 3 coach in the NHL... We don't have one, neither does Edmonton.


As for the point you made about Kessel, you obviously weren't all that aware he left on Toronto's terms because he didn't "leave for the Penguins" - He was publicly forced out - and only "wanted" out once that process began... he was lucky he ended up in Pittsburgh. Don't forget, almost all of their core players (Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul, JVR, Gardiner) re-signed with the team at some point in the past 3 years - which is inconsistent with all of the "players wanting out".


If Babcock is now the problem, can you explain the 6 year extension's given to Kadri and Reilly? I agree he may not be everyone's favourite coach, but I don't remember the Red Wings losing any key free agents because of the coach? It also hasn't happened in Toronto. 

In Topic: Maple Leafs win 2016 draft lottery

02 May 2016 - 02:07 PM

Just been confirmed that Zaitsev has signed for the Leafs.


What were we saying about Free Agent's ?