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Yesterday, 03:15 PM


While I don't necessarily disagree with you regarding Jurco, I think you have to be careful with this argument.  The counterfactual makes the argument less plausible.  People only ever insinuate "stats don't matter that much" when they're talking about guys who aren't producing.  I've never, ever, seen someone argue that stats don't matter that much when I guy is scoring a ton (which is after all the point of the game).  Except maybe when it came to Franzen lol. 


If stats aren't the only, or even the predominant, way of evaluating a player's worth, then that argument would be just as true for players who produce a lot as those those who don't produce much at all.  But nobody ever argues it that way. 


I think the jury is still out on Jurco.  I think he has all the tools to be a good player.  But it's very possible that his first 30 odd games were the exception and not the rule.  Truth is, we don't know what kind of a player he is at this point. 


True Enough.


I just think it's really easy to see his 4G + 2A in 44 GP last year and call him disposable - but not as easy to understand why/how that could be a mis-representation of his value to our organization, or what he could accomplish given an opportunity in the top 6 (a much better fit for his skillset than on a line with Glendenning).


The argument that stats don't matter that much can actually be utilized to the other extreme... Look at a guy like Alex Ovechkin, he is the epitome of elite production yet also the games biggest loser... Is it his fault? Not entirely, but the fact that he can score 51 Goals and somehow end a season -35 (in 2014) indicates he may be part of the problem as much as he is the key ingredient to winning games.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 01:17 PM


See, the biggest source of my frustration is that I do feel he has the necessary pieces -- I just think he lacks the will, desire, creativity, cojones, etc. to actually Get It Done.


It's complacency, risk-aversion, hoarding. It's arrogance. It's laziness. It's outdated, provincial thinking. It's everything, and it continues to result in a whole lot of nothing.


Over the past eleven years, no team has made fewer trades. The Wings' official count is, I believe, 23. The Devils are second from the bottom with something like 50.


Is that confirmed? I've always wondered about that figuring we had to be near the bottom... But to have executed less than half the amount of trades as the 2nd lowest team - that's truly remarkable.


My only optimism about something happening is (1) - Although we've cut good players in the past, I don't remember a year where we had as many NHL ready forwards starting in GR. (2) We just lost our best player and sacrificed Jacob Chychrun to trade away his cap hit. (3) New Arena might = New GM if we head into 2017-18 struggling to sell tickets.

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Yesterday, 01:02 PM

I dont think anyone would care that much if Jurco or Pulk got dealt for peanuts to be honest.

Both of their hypes have been GREATLY dminished


Because most people look simply at stats to determine value.


Jurco is a 23 year old who has the offensive ability and size to become an impact forward in this league... We forget that in his first 36 NHL games (as a 20 year old) he recorded 8 goals and 7 assists... (82 GP - 18 G - 16 A). 


Did he truly regress this much? I don't know that he did.


Worst case scenario is trading him away for nothing and watching him flourish in someone else's top 6.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 12:49 PM


I think you're taking that comment -- which, for what it's worth, was put in parantheses for a reason -- slightly the wrong way. I wasn't really hardcore disagreeing with you about anything. You said you have to think Ken Holland went into this summer with a surplus of forwards "to make a trade." I think that's a perfectly reasonable stance...but, at the same time, we know what the status quo in Red Wings World is (we see it maintained every year now, like clockwork) and I'm not sure I see any real evidence that Holland is consciously, actively, deliberately, methodically attempting to shake things up. I think it's entirely possible that he signed and re-signed some past-their-prime veterans because that's just what he does. I have trouble truly believing he's going to make an impact trade, because he doesn't do impact trades. What he and the diggers and the national media are all saying about the possibility of such a trade is stuff we've all heard before countless times over the past several years. For me, it's hard not to be intensely cynical and pessimistic about the state of the Wings under Ken Holland's "leadership."


Fair enough.


In all honesty, I don't even think its likely he makes an impact trade before the season starts - but I do think he set up a good foundation of forward depth if the right deal comes along... Which is more than we can say about years past.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

Why the f*** would we trade for him we aren't contenders


I agree with you.


But I don't think this team is as far away as most people.


We need (1) Larkin to continue developing into a 1st line Center - and (2) Ken Holland to acquire a young top pairing Defenceman... We have tons of scoring depth (without any superstars) up front and a fantastic young goalie. If you can add the right piece to our defence, it suddenly takes on a much more promising look.


Although Jurco for Streit is an awful deal (and probably not actually being considered) - it's that type of move he should be looking to make, even if he has to overpay... Which is why I believe he stocked the cupboard full up front this summer.