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#2407335 TSN Feature on Kronwall

Posted by gowings2414 on 19 May 2013 - 09:49 PM

Love Kronner but I still don't fully agree with the Vladdy comparison.  It just doesn't fit in my eyes.


I think it's the way they deceive their victim into believing they're backing off, been then swooping around and catching them at the right moment.

#2380121 Holland retirement watch?

Posted by gowings2414 on 04 April 2013 - 09:19 AM

Seriously? I mean, I knew there would be a few people on here that would be telling him that he needs to go, but I can't believe how many people I do see. The guy has helped build a Stanley Cup WINNING team 4 times in the past 16 years. Simple math, 25% in the past 16 years of ALL teams in the NHL, were the wings winning the cup. Not to mention, we've been contenders year after year boosting 100+ points in a season. We've made the playoffs 21 years in a row. Longer than some people on this forum have been alive probably. I DO realize that these past few years we've been on the decline, not living up to what we've seen. I honestly don't think we need to start getting rid of this guy until we REALLY see some devastating situations (ex: miss the playoffs, then struggle the following year). We are going to have a lot of cap space this off-season, the new CBA kicking in (aka teams like s***tsburgh struggling to keep all their "talent"), PLENTY of talented UFA's, and have a plethora of prospects to trade (not to mention a very talented draft year coming up). 


Things are "bad" now compared to the past 20 years, but this team is still in the race to get to the playoffs (despite us being in a "rebuilding year"). After that it's fair game, cups aren't handed out, they're earned.  

Yeah who was that guy? Ya know the guy that built a cup winning team in Long Island and then in detroit :P Its sad that some ppl dont remember past 1998.....Bandwogoners........gotta love em ;)


Also ppl need to quit bitching about what holland did or didnt do. The mans one of the best gms of all time : 6 Presidents trophies(no other team has more than 2 ;)  ) 21 straight playoff app. 7 WCF appearences,  6 SCF 4 Cup wins, ... Seriously what more can you ask for out of a gm. COuld be worse, remember when we were the dead wings?(poor mickey :(      ) Be thankfull that you have a team that has been competative. PPl need to quit being so damned spoiled. 


Obviously he doesnt want to trade the farm away for 1 player. Not in the cap era. PPl have to remember that most of these guys are still young. I feel we have a very good core of young players. Lashoff to me has been the biggest surprise, Kinda reminds me of Nick abit with the way he plays. Nothing flashy just smart descisions. We most teams go through a "rebuilding" stage they are garbage.(Look at calgary and buffalo) But sometimes our fanbase reminds me of lakers nation a little bit. You cant dominate for years and years with out having to rebuild at some point. (not to get off topic) Look at Kobe, The closest thing to MJ, Hes getting older. PLAYERS GET OLDER. Cant stop the inevitable



Hmmmm let's see....  The day Gordie signed with the Wings, the first game the Production Line was put together, the day the Ilitch family bought the team, the day Devellano was hired, the day Yzerman, Lidstrom, Fedorov, Zetterberg, or Datsyuk were drafted, the hiring of Scotty, the Shanny trade, the Russian Five on the ice for the first time, the Turtle Incident, the Cup win on home ice in 97, Vladdy on the ice with the Cup in 98, the 02 Cup with all the future hall of famers,  the Cup win in 08 when all the haters said the Wings couldn't win under a salary cap?  None of these are greater?  Really?  Really?  Use hyperbole much?