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In Topic: TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

03 July 2014 - 03:20 PM


I believe that we should promote from within.  Everyone wants to give the kids a shot. We have legitimate defensemen in the system that could play in the NHL.  If we don't give them a chance, then someone else will.  The "big" move may very well be promoting the kids, which is a change over what we have seen in the past.  Everyone wants to see Holland play the kids and stop keeping them in the farm system to over-ripen.  Yet, when he puts the kids in a position to take a spot, people get all pissy at Holland.  I suppose its a no win situation.


^I agree with this point of view mostly. I am fine with the over-ripening strategy for the most part but, sometimes there is an exception to the rules. I am most certainly in the camp that want to see us make the playoffs. Yes, even if we fall in the 1st round. Tanking is at best a gamble with low odds of success and also just is an unclassy thing to do.


If Weiss can turn it around (yes an IF), Z's back is finally healed (yes Another IF, but I think this one is a better bet), and we move Kindl (my choice) or Lashoff  to make some room  for Ouellet or Marchenko. Then we could very well again be one of the darkhorse teams heading into the playoffs next year. It'd be nice if Smith either gets moved too or learns how to think for himself :-/ but, I'd put much lower odds of either of those things happening then the above..


Yes, I wish we could of landed that 1 year deal for Ehrhoff and cut Q out, but we didn't. s*** Happens, deal with it instead of whinning about it like some Penguins or OSU fan..

In Topic: Songs played at Joe Louis Arena

22 April 2014 - 12:30 PM

I think, If I remember correctly, that after we scored the 7th goal in the 3/7/14 win over the Devils that they played a song and Mickey Redmond commented that it'd 'been a while since they've heard that one' and seemed to imply that it gets played everytime we reach 7 goals. Any Idea what the song is? My friends and I have been waiting for a 7 goal, home game explosion ever since to figure it out..


P.S..  I think I picked a good, random topic for my first post. No opinions of mine were expressed in it to get me on anyone here's badside, right?  ;-)