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In Topic: D-Boz tearin 'em up in the D!

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

That nickname makes me hate him a little

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 03:10 PM

That's because Larkin is our future, too. He's our home run hit. Nyquist and Tatar were/are solid doubles. Jurco and Pulks are still in development. Mortgaging our future for the present would be a strikeout. I don't like striking out. I like consistency and the occasional home run hit and the chance every year to compete for a Cup by making the playoffs. How many other teams have had what we have had, even in the last decade?

Look, we're one game out of second place in the division. Why the doom and gloom? At the beginning of this season, everyone predicted that we'd just miss the playoffs. Right now, we're solidly positioned to not only make the playoffs, but to have a chance to challenge for a top spot in the division. So why the insistence that our team is collapsing and the end is nigh?
Between Larkin, Mrazek, DD, and our young guys in AA, Marchenko, etc...I think we are better situated for the future than just about any other team in the NHL, and most people who do this for a living would agree. And we've managed that while still managing to make the playoffs every year and take Stanley Cup winners and finalists to 7 games. I ask again - how many teams have had what we have had? It's a short list.

I refuse to accept that tanking is the right way to do the future, and I think any real fan of hockey would agree with me. You take care of the present by taking care of the future. You don't mortgage the future for the present, and you don't trash the present for the future. Say what you will about this team right now, what we've done is the future the right way. Also, half the teams in the NHL are one or two important pieces away from being a Cup contender. That's what the salary cap does to you. 
When it comes right down to it, I don't understand the fan experience that is perpetually mired in negativity and paralyzed by the fear of loss. It's like we refuse to enjoy victory because we're so terrified of the emotional letdown of an inevitable defeat. Is this a great team? Not yet. But it's a good team. Enjoy that. Appreciate it. Acknowledge it.
If Holland makes a slam dunk deal at the trade deadline, I'll be thrilled. But if not, let's have the perspective to say to ourselves that maybe, just maybe, Holland knows what he's doing, and to see that he has our team positioned - again - for a playoff run and a bright future.

But, but, but...we're Detroit! Isn't that how it works? Being rational about these things is such a pain.


Larkin is good, he might be great in a couple years.  That doesn't change the fact that there are no good defense prospects in the system, just some guys who might be solid second pair guys some day.  Dekeyser is at best a decent #2/excellent 3rd pairing guy, not even close to elite.


Who else has had what the Wings have had in the last decade?  Chicago, LA, Boston, Pittsburgh have all been better by quite a bit.


The Wings are 2 points out of second place.  The Isles are also 2 points behind the Wings with 2 games in hand, knocking Detroit out of the playoffs entirely.  It goes back to the "good enough" mentality.


This team is not good.  It struggles to score.  There's no chemistry and little structure.  The defense is mediocre at best, the stars are aging, the support players aren't good enough, and Larkin and Mrazek are probably the only things keeping them from being well out of the playoffs right now.


Holland has lost whatever trust he built up with the Cups.  He's handed out terrible contracts, signed a string of duds in free agency, and has been paralyzed with fear of trading the next great player who comes out of nowhere, but then doesn't want to give the prospects a shot until he has no other choice.  There was zero need to sign Richards with Larkin, AA, and Mantha in the system, but he's so overcommitted to "over ripe,"  which used to be just a phrase meaning we have a lot of good vets, that he's incapable of trusting the very kids he refuses to trade.

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 10:58 AM

Holland's job is to find ways to improve the team, not sit on every prospect who doesn't make noise about being unhappy because he doesn't want to part with anyone.

In Topic: Should the Red Wings Trade for Byfuglien?

Yesterday, 09:41 AM

The issue with him is that he apparently wants a lot of money and a lot of years and is at an age where he's going to be slowing down sooner rather than later.  He'd probably be worth it for about 3 years, +/- 1, then be steadily more and more of a drag.  If they could get him just as a rental for not that much, go for it, but there are probably other teams that would give more.

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 09:03 AM

Based on what? The fact that any of them are in the NHL is a huge testament to the scouting and drafting(Holland having a big part). None were 1st round picks and we know the statistics of players usually drafted outside the first round.

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Based on scouting and the team's own projections.  I don't see "well, most guys drafted there don't make the NHL" as an excuse.  Holland is smart enough to know that it's extremely difficult to build a winner without high end players, they don't have those guys with the possible exception of Larkin, and he is doing nothing to address it.  Instead he hands out bad contracts, hoards his prospects, and won't let anyone leave unless they make it clear they want no part in staying.  I'm not satisfied with year after year of mediocrity, sliding into the playoffs and losing in the first round and saying"well, if this or this happened, I think we might have won that round, and after that you never know."  


Dave Dombrowski went overboard with trading and made some crap moves, but at least he was smart enough to realize that most prospects don't live up to their ceiling and moved them when the value was high to get established players in their prime.  Holland used to do that too.  Now he seems afraid that if he trades a guy like Pulkkinen he's trading away Finnish Hull like a bunch of fans say.


A couple years ago when arguing against the "everyone is untouchable" mentality, I suggested that if a guy like Jamie Benn or Tavares was available and it would cost Nyquist, Sproul, Pulk and a first then you have to do it, and I was told by several people "no way that's too much even for a guy like them.  Is there anyone who wouldn't do that deal now from the Wings perspective?


To win the Cup, you need two high end forwards and an elite defenseman, or the harder road with one elite forward, a high end defenseman, and an elite goalie.  The Wings might have one forward in Larkin, lesser possibilities in Mantha, AA, or Svechnikov, a guy who looks like he might be an elite goalie, and nobody close to that on defense.  That means at least one, and ideally two, trades need to be made.  Goalies are notoriously hard to predict, I've seen far too many have a ton of success early then fall back to earth to put too much faith in Mrazek yet.  Holland seems to be content to just sit on his hands, make some minor moves, and stand pat rather than take any risks anymore.  If you're not improving, you're going backwards, and the Wings aren't improving.