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Larkin needs a rest

07 March 2016 - 07:27 PM

He has 1 point, is -8 over his last 11 games, and has looked slower than early on. He's either hit the wall hard or has a sore groin or something. Let him sit a game or two and get his legs under him again for the stretch run.


15 February 2016 - 02:06 PM

Instead of cluttering up another tread that's not about him:


I don't see as many Griffins games as  I want.  My brother sees more, and I trust his opinion on players, because like me, he doesn't get caught up in hype and "he's a Red Wings prospect so he's going to be good."  From what I have seen, and what he's seen, Jensen lacks strength, and offensive ability, isn't good positionally, and gets by in the AHL on superior speed.  Against NHL players, his speed is negated quite a bit because A) NHL players are faster and B) NHL players are smarter and the game as a whole is faster.  


Preseason points are as important as preseason wins.  In other words, almost meaningless.  You have to look at who the player was up against most of the time, and IIRC Jensen was used mostly against other AHL players trying to make their NHL teams as opposed to the established NHL players.  If his 8 points or whatever it was really meant that he could contribute offensively, he'd have more than 11 points in GR.  Of the 4 defensemen who are ahead of him on the Griffins in scoring, he's played in more games than 2 of them, and is significant;y behind all of them. (and yes, 6 points 2/3 of the way through the season is a good bit).


The real nail in his coffin for me is the fact that the Wings aren't giving him a look.  If they saw anything in him, I think they'd have given him a shot by now.  The fact that the guys who see him every day aren't promoting him is telling.


So my question for those of you who think he's being screwed over by not getting a chance and that he could be anything more than a 6/7 guy with some luck, what do you see other than his speed?