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#2431547 Now Dat's funny

Posted by Datsyukian Videos on 26 July 2013 - 03:17 PM

Haha saw this on "The Datsyukian Heaven" facebook page. SO funny!

#2429516 Datsyukian-Inspired Home Videos

Posted by Datsyukian Videos on 11 July 2013 - 02:31 PM

Hey guys! Just recently signed up to the official Wings forum after being a long-time lurker as well as a member over at hfboards. I know my username looks like a bit of a spammer-grab, but I can assure you it's a name I've associated with my account on all the sites I frequent :) Long time Wings fan, and (arguably) the #1 Datsyuk fan!


I've dedicated my entire hockey career off his play, and have set up a number of youtube accounts dedicated to him (You may recognize my 'Love Sports Love Life' Brandon Barber youtube account where it's been featured on a number of media outlets such as Sportsnet due to the fact that I upload almost every single Datsyuk-related video after every single Detroit game as well as his older stuff... the account is: http://www.youtube.c...eSportsLoveLife - I hope that shows that I am truly dedicated to Datsyuk and the Wings as a fan!)

Anyways! I'm posting here (cheers to beautiful beginnings!) to get your opinions and feedbacks on my new channel that incorporates myself and my less attractive goalie friend doing Datsyuk inspired dekes, tricks, and just having some overall fun. We love doing this in our off-time, and we couldn't think of a better audience to share our video with other than the Detroit fan-base. Again, I hope you don't perceive this as solely advertising, as I plan to be a regular contributor to the Wings forum :) Hope you enjoy a taste of what we have planned! Feedback, questions, suggestions, and anything in between is always welcome! 

For this video, we used three cameras (one gopro on the goalies head!). Enjoy!