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#2558021 12/19 GDT : Islanders 2 at Red Wings 1

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on Yesterday, 10:50 PM

Rationality will never win. Franzen blowwwwwssss

Oh yeah.

#2557802 12/19 GDT : Islanders 2 at Red Wings 1

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on Yesterday, 08:34 PM

I didn't get a great look but didn't see him on the bench. 

I didn't either.
And hell yeah baby goalie

#2557785 12/19 GDT : Islanders 2 at Red Wings 1

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Wonder if jimmy is hurt or if they're preparing for the shootout.

#2557728 12/19 GDT : Islanders 2 at Red Wings 1

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on Yesterday, 07:17 PM

I will miss this one due to several friends taking me to the B-Sens game tonight to celebrate my birthday. I'll he 43 tomorrow, so here's hoping the boys fire 43 shots on goal and bury a bunch of them, breaking out of the slump in a big way.

If there is wifi in the arena I will hop on during intermissions.

Happy birthday bud!

#2557586 Where were team-mates on the Smith headshot

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 18 December 2014 - 10:07 PM

The thing is Franzen brings it upon himself. He goes out there and runs his d****** all game long. You don't see dat or z get near the abuse or challenges to fight that Franzen dies because they keep their mouths shut and play.

Datsyuk and zetterberg are two of the most respected players in the league.
Z still gets ran a lot, datsyuk barely ever does because everyone respects him.
And if you go straight for his body, hell duck you, if you go for the puck hell embarass you.
And datsyuk literally goes out of his ways to play a clean game.
If he's backchecking and ends up hooking someone instead of lifting their stick hell apologize...

I get the point you're trying to make, but comparing them is apples to oranges.

#2557545 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 18 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

I agree with a couple of your points.  Largely that Mantha is untouchable, and the previously mentioned trade packages are overkill.  But I disagree with a couple of things. 
1)  When has Hall every been considered "uncoachable" and who made the claim?  I've never heard that.  As far as I knew, he was the only one of their young kids who didn't have an attitude problem.  I've heard that about Yakupov, RNH, and Eberle (to a lesser extent), but not Hall. 

Here's one of the articles about hall being uncoachable. http://sports.yahoo....-000824459.html

Helm IS NOT a good player. His hockey intangibles are terrible.

He is just super fast so he is able to keep pressurne on the opposition and that's also what makes him so good defensively.

He isn't a center piece of any trade he is that second or third guy you throw in.

You say he's not a good player, then describe three ways he's a good player.
Are you trolling?

#2557515 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 18 December 2014 - 01:00 PM

Tank it!

#2557430 Oilers schedule presser tomorrow

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 17 December 2014 - 12:57 PM

you dont say...

add in jurco/nyquist, remove kindl with smith/dekeyser and replace andy with helm and that might be enough.

I still don't think that'd get him.
I was joking.
But I think if they're going to actually trade him it'll either be for way too Much, or he really is uncoachable and they trade him for the highest offer.

#2557218 12/16 GDT : Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 0 (SO)

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 16 December 2014 - 09:02 PM

I don't do surreal.
I do butt feel


You're stealing bos's racket aBROham.

#2557162 12/16 GDT : Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 0 (SO)

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 16 December 2014 - 08:32 PM

Overactive glove Jimmy!!!

They never said why, Mickey asked twice. Does anyone know the reason he can't wear them?

Because they're too bad ass.

#2557100 12/16 GDT : Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 0 (SO)

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 16 December 2014 - 03:28 PM

I'm going to get my nachos on the way home, but I don't know if I can drink so many beers.
This weekend was rough.
I drank enough on Friday, to not remember what I did Saturday morning.
And I repeated that Saturday night Sunday morning.
But I'll give it my all.

#2556497 NHL Mumps Outbreak

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 13 December 2014 - 06:16 PM

Maybe Crosbys singular beard hair on that side of his face is infected.

#2555990 Myers close to become a wing?

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 12 December 2014 - 01:48 PM

My worry is that Holland sees this year's team as a contender, and is going to try to land a high-end defender by overpaying. Generally, it's a good idea if you've got a shot at the cup. If that means one of two of the defensive prospects, then sure... but I hope he steers clear of the forwards for the most part. I haven't watched as much of the Griffins as I would have liked this season, but I've heard/seen tons of people raving about AA. To be honest, I'm more worried about moving someone like Tatar, Jurco or Mantha. I really want those wingers to stick around.

The thing is, I do think ONE of our prospect centers should be made available for the right deal. I'm not saying they should just move one for a rental, and I definitely don't think Myers is the right deal. The thing is, Sheahan has exceeded my expectations in terms of the offensive potential he's shown this season. If we've got Sheahan, Larkin and AA as potential top 6 centers, combined with the remaining years of Z, Weiss and perhaps Helm... I would be fine with moving one for a significant upgrade on the blueline. When you look at the whole picture and factor in the years of overlap with the vets and younger players, I actually think we could be in good shape up the middle.

Yea, we definitely could be...
But if larkin stays at um for lets say three years, Pavels contract will then be up.
Helms health is a concern, as is Weiss', yeah we have some prospects looking good for the future but I don't expect them to pan out as much as our current crop of kids did.
Not because I don'thave faith in the org. Just that id rather have more chances at one of them surpassing expectations.

Aa has the skill and speed to be great, I've been super high on him for awhile now, actually found lgw looking for people talking about him.

Yeah we have great depth now at c, but Pavel and z are getting up there, and id love to remain deep there in the future.

#2555907 Danny DeKeyser out for weekend with upper body injury

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 12 December 2014 - 12:35 AM

You do realize we have had the injury big all year(like some like me predicted) but it hasn't slowed us down at all in the standings(which I'm glad I was wrong about!).

But I'm pretty sure we have had a significant guy out in just about every game this year?

Dat, Franzen, Weiss, smith, Abby, Howard, now DD and others like monster and Quincey etc etc

Yeah, but last year we had most of them out at the same time, along with z.

#2555905 Myers close to become a wing?

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 12 December 2014 - 12:17 AM

Ya I wouldn't give up those guys but the wings do have a lot of forwards coming up and from what I read a while back buffalo was stacked on defense in there prospect system

id do something like pulkkinen athanasiou a 2016 1st for myers ... Think that's more than fair considering he's underachieving and has 5+ longterm ... Even throw in Andersson for the fun of it

And we still have mantha larkin bertuzzi natasiuk janmark frk and a few others with some potential

And of course Tatar nyquist sheahan jurco glendening for the future

And I don't know our cap space so we might have to include kindl somehow in that deal or with someone else

I wouldn't give up athanasiou.
Dudes a beast and could potentially be a top 6 center, which as you know, we are going to need.
I know you have to give to get, but I just don't think its worth it.
Myers is good

But he's not going to take us over the top.