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In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

14 August 2013 - 05:04 AM

Swiss (Zug local) newspaper today reports that Brunner will return end of August to North America. Destination was not revealed but signing could take place very soon. His employer who would get over the salary cap or close by with Brunner's signing needs to make other transactions in order to clear cap space first. So Brunner will return to the NHL and will not play here in Zug next saison. Lets se

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

12 August 2013 - 04:04 PM

Most fans over here still think that Brunner should (have) resign(ed) with the Wings. Now new rumours (nothing to base this up sofar) are on that talks to the Preds might be held by his agent since they are looking for a scoring wing. Personally I'd like to see him to stay in the NHL in Detroit. Althoug...getting him back would be a great asset for our team here. With Damien we might have made it in the final this year i.o. going out after 7 games in the semis vs. the later cup winner Bern!

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

06 August 2013 - 06:25 PM

Just in case - is there still any cap space at all for Brunner in case they would agree on something like 2/2.5 mil/p.a. or is this a "mission impossible"?

Thks for letting me know.

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

06 August 2013 - 05:37 PM

Ok - he had a fair chance then.

We probably will never get to know wether his particular spot in the team or the amount and duration of the contract (or both?) was the main reason why Brunner did not re-sign with Detroit (or Detroit with him).

I agree that Detroit would have been a good showcase for Brunner. Basically everybody here in Switzerland is quite surprised that he didn't sign for 2.5 mil/p.a. Looks like a fair amount to me given the figures rumoured are corect?

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

06 August 2013 - 03:27 PM

It's not like they were playing him with 2 slugs 5 minutes a night. Nyquist, Andersson, and Brunner was a solid line and he was getting PP time. He needs to understand that he's not a star here like he was in Switzerland and he's not getting a guaranteed full time top 6 role unless he signs with some bottom feeder.


Agreed. I am fully aware of the capacity of both Nyquist and Andersson. They are excellent players and were in the Playoffs probably one of the best 3rd lines in the league. Of course u hv to earn your spot in the team but unless Brunner did not ask for way to much money, I really think that he was worried that he would end up in a defensive role only as it happened to him before in Switzerland prior to his change to Zug were the excellent coach Doug Shedden discovered Damiens Offensive potential and gave him the minutes he needed.

As far as I could state out of Zug, he played fairly okay on his NHL rookie saison and was one of the better scorers of the RW but his minutes were drastically shortened during the Playoffs even though the 3rd line made their commitment to force both the Ducks and the Hawks into seven games.

Since I have only seen a few of the Wings games here in Zug, please correct me if I am wrong but I also got the impression that the Wings were in a kind of transmission season and asked a lot for from Nrunnerbas a rookie even though playing with guys like Z, Dats etc. must be a dream for a new kid in town...:-)