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3-on-3 Lineups

09 October 2015 - 10:13 AM

The 3-on-3 OT last night in Tampa got me thinking about who we would/should put in our OT lineup. I came up with this...


Current Roster w/injuries 


      Goose-Zetterberg            Tatar-Richards          Larkin-Abby?

              Kronwall                         Green                       Smith


I'd be kind of worried about having Smith out there on the third pairing but he has the speed to push the pace. Larkin and Abby are both good defenders so they can help cover up some of his mistakes. 


Healthy Roster


   Zetterberg-Pasha                Larkin-Tatar              Franzen-Goose

       Kronwall                              Green                         Dekeyser



There are so many different combinations we could use. I would love to get Pulks out there with his shot but he worries me on the defensive end. If Jurco can have a resurgence under Blashill he would be a good option out there as well. If Jensen had made the team I would've put him out there in a heartbeat.