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In Topic: Selanne would still play if Boudreau wasn't Ducks coach

18 September 2014 - 03:42 PM

I didn't really lose any respect for him.


He waited until an appropriate time and voiced his opinion to his coach. I don't see how it makes him any less 'classy', it's seems more like passion for his sport mixed with frustration in his coach to me. The Ducks basically begged him to come back for 13-14 and then Boudreau gave him 3rd and 4th line minutes every night. His stat line was actually 9 G and 18 A for 27 pts which for a 3rd liner isn't really that bad in today's NHL, especially for a 44 year old. During the playoffs, he got pretty much 4th line minutes and managed 0.5 pt/game which was better than most of Anaheim's squad. I would hardly blame Selanne for being upset at being a scratch in that situation... [Saku Koivu might have been a better choice given his playoff performance]


I do think this speaks towards Boudreau's ability as a bench boss, though. He's had trouble getting teams to perform in big games (1-5 record in playoff game 7s). If he can't rally a team in the playoffs, his regular season record is a waste.

In Topic: Regner: Next year could be Babcock's last

17 September 2014 - 02:43 PM


I think making the playoffs is the definition of playoff caliber. It sounds like you are talking about being a Stanley Cup contender. I'm not denying our poor performance in the first round last year. Though I think that was more so due to match-up then anything. I don't see us performing like that against Pittsburgh. Not saying we win, but we definitely do better.


Either way, this is all semantics, we are a playoff caliber team.


If we are a playoff caliber team, Babcock should be able to elevate us to being a Stanley Cup contender - top coach plus playoff-caliber team should at least be in that discussion, right? If Babcock can only squeak us into the playoffs, the roster isn't playoff caliber. A playoff caliber team, in my mind, controls their own destiny and doesn't need a couple 'breaks' or puck bounces to eek into the 6-7-8 spot. Depending on which season preview you read, we're not even picked to finish that well...



Babs did just fine coaching junior teams before going to the nhl. He's actually said several times last year that he's really enjoying working with the young kids, and that it's more exciting coaching a team that's struggling


I can't imagine an NHL coach under contract saying much different than what Babs does? I mean, he can't really tell the media that his job stinks and expect to keep it for very long (ask Torts). And I won't argue over the 'value' of juniors, but 'just fine' isn't how I'd look at Babs junior coaching career there. He did finish 1st a couple of times with Spokane, but never won an WHL championship or a Memorial Cup and while a couple kids may have gotten drafted, he didn't develop anyone into an NHLer (maybe you could credit him with Ryan Smythe from his days in Moose Jaw?). He can 'say' he likes working with the kids, but his performance says he's better and more comfortable working with veterans.

In Topic: Regner: Next year could be Babcock's last

17 September 2014 - 09:19 AM

Take bowmans teams in those 9 years and compare it to babs teams. Babs best team wasn't nearly as good as bowmans


Based on what? Both teams had approximately the same regular season records. Relative to the rest of the NHL during their time periods, they were quite similar. I do agree that the current Wings squad is a 'step' down from some of the veteran-filled rosters of years past and I'm interested to see what Babs can do with it. Last year was the first time he's ever had success with a 'young' team at the NHL level. That was the most rookies he's employed in a season and the most games by first-year players. From what I've read, that's a big reason they brought in Tony Granato as an assistant, to work more with the younger guys.



Babcock has had a salary cap, Bowman did not.


True, but neither did the rest of the NHL at that time. The bigger difference was that Bowman's teams were on an upward trajectory while Babcock's have been in decline. Babcock took over a veteran team and eight years later the 'kids' from that team are older and they haven't supplemented with as much veteran talent.


The system has to work as a whole, in my opinion. Babs is great with veteran teams (his early Wings squads, Team Canada, even some of his successful Chiefs teams during his WHL days were 'veteran' by comparison). If the Wings are going to make a youth movement, can Babcock adapt? Does he want to?

In Topic: Regner: Next year could be Babcock's last

16 September 2014 - 10:14 AM

2 stanley cups + 2 olympic golds + most wins as a wings coach + somehow managed to get last years limp penoose of a team into the playoffs for the 23rd year in a row + proven at every level and in  every way with every other team in the league watching for the slight chance Holland mucks things so they can swoop in to steal him away..... Give him his 5 Mill... make him the highest paid and be proud to have him.


You never let a proven player like Hossa slip away like we did and you should never let a proven #1 coach slip away either. We aren't exactly the preferred destination of free agents at this point in time and if you subtract Babcock its even less of a draw. Babcock + Health = Success and more players wanting to come to the new budding Detroit Red Wings!


When and where did he get the 2nd Cup?


I'm sorry, but I'd respectfully disagree. Babs is a great coach, but several people have said it, these guys are paid to perform and rewarded for it. At a certain level, though, two guys can't get credit for the same job. Is Holland putting the right players on the roster or is Babs extracting more from less? My point is - if Holland is putting the 'right' guys on the roster, Babs isn't getting enough out of them and, conversely, if Babs is getting the Wings into the playoffs with a sub-par squad, then Holland isn't doing his job. If everyone in management is doing their jobs, how are we a 'borderline' playoff team? Holland already got an extension and credit for his job...


If Babcock feels he 'deserves' to become the highest paid coach in the NHL, I hope Holland does let him walk. I'm not trying to take anything away from Babcock, but he did take over the defending President's Trophy winner in 05-06, a team which had made the playoffs 14 consecutive times, and three years later he won his only Stanley Cup. I'm not trying to say he's not successful or that he doesn't get a ton out of his players. But a good coach in a great organization has to be that much better to stand out.


Compare Babcock's Wings to Bowman's Wings - 9 playoff seasons each - 1 Cup (Babs) to 3 Cups (Bowman) - 2 President's Trophies (Babs) to 3 for Bowman - Bowman has an Adams' while Babs does not - Babs has an edge in regular season win pct. but in the playoffs - Babs 0.542 to Bowman 0.642.


Again, not saying Babs isn't a solid coach, but the Wings won't fold as an organization without him.

In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

04 September 2014 - 01:02 PM

Wings currently (according to Capgeek) have $5.27M and change remaining. More importantly, they only have 1 roster slot remaining.


The one roster slot comes into play in that if both Dekeyser and Alfredsson come back and sign, only Jurco can be moved to Grand Rapids without having to clear waivers first. That puts a lot of strain on the roster not having the flexibilty to move youngsters back and forth over the course of the season.


If I were speculating... I'd bet that deals are (potentially) waiting on a trade to be finalized. Alfie expects to be on a bonus-laden deal (probably $1M-$1.5M plus bonuses like the last one) and, if DD and Holland are off, it's most likely length of contract. Looking at the overall picture, though, the Wings wouldn't have much competition in training camp without a trade to give some roster flexibility the risk is losing someone to waivers...


just a thought anyhow...