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In Topic: Dont Jump Yet...

02 July 2014 - 09:20 PM


Boyle, Stralman, and Robidas are a different story and we should be glad we didn't over commit to them.  But you do have to wonder what's up with Holland's concept of value if Quincey is worth 4.25 mil for two years, Boyle is worth 5.5 mil for two years, and Niskanen is worth 5.5 for  seven years. 


I'd have probably been ok over committing to Stralman. Holland's concept of value has been off for a couple years. Remember, we're only one offseason removed from giving Stephen Weiss $4.9M a year for 5 seasons... Quincey was a 'tilt' signing and that's never good to see. 

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

02 July 2014 - 09:13 PM


A trade for an injury prone, one dimensional, offensive defenseman in the last year of an overpriced contract is going to require a young, future top six, roster player in return?  In what universe?


If Detroit (or anyone for that matter) gives up future top six talent for Mike Green, I'd be very surprised. Washington has been trying to move him around injuries for three years and they haven't had a sniff. An offer sheet to Subban would be a smarter move...


Cody Franson might be an interesting idea. Don't know that Shanny's going to do us any favors, but he's another one that hasn't been the most popular guy in town.

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

02 July 2014 - 03:22 PM

I guess I don't know enough about Petry or McBain.  Anybody watch them enough to say anything about their games?


Both Petry and McBain had a rough time with poor defensive teams. Of the two, Petry probably has a slightly higher upside, but he's still a project. Down the road he may develop into a top-4, but he needs time. This is the problem with the Wings current defensive group, while everyone lauds the Wings for bringing prospects along slowly, depending on what you read, defensemen typically require about 100-120 games at the NHL level to get used to the speed and flow of the game. Kronwall, Kindl, Quincy and Ericsson meet that guideline with Smith and Lashoff just getting over the hurdle... Dekeyser and the rest of the fill-ins are still getting there. This could explain a lot of the struggles on the blueline last season as well as why most people agree that a veteran needs to be brought in to help. This year should be better, but Quincy was about the worst option available (in my opinion) and there are a couple of long-shots that could have been had for much less investment (time and dollars). Might have taken a chance with the playoff streak, but a deep draft in '14 might have made it worth a risk...


I think the Front office has got a little too comfortable. Wouldn't hurt to shake things up.


I couldn't agree more. This is nothing new to business and it's regular for leadership to look for new challenges. Holland has been there for 17 years and has had great success with Cups in '98, '02, and '08. How long is it going to take a replacement to get there? How long before we're ready to start? How many more NHL GMs are going to leave the organization before Holland is comfortable with his replacement?


Maybe it is time to move Holland into a role as just Executive VP and alternate Governor and allow a new GM to make personnel decisions.



At least Yandle is worth it.  He plays close to 82 games every year and scores 50 pts like clockwork.  I'm afraid we're going go lose a bunch of assets and the return will be some project defenseman like Myers.  God forbid Holland ever go for a sure thing. 


If we could land Yandle for a reasonable price, great. Tyler Myers could be an interesting option, but unless he's just in severe need of a scenery change, his recent performance doesn't warrant the cap hit...

In Topic: Dont Jump Yet...

02 July 2014 - 11:01 AM

Quincey isn't as bad as people say and he was one of the better guys available. He's still not worth close to that much. It's like going to the prom with your cousin so you don't have to go alone. The only way the D will improve now is if they trade Dekeyser, Ericsson, or Smith in a package for a legit top 4 guy and/or they move Kindl or Lashoff to make a spot for a rookie and use the guy who stays as the 7.



Don't kid yourself, Quincey is every bit as bad as people say. The most positive thing you can say about him is that he chews up minutes. He certainly doesn't make a team better or give you upside potential. He also doesn't fill the need that the Wings know they have - a top 4 right-handed shooting defenseman. Quincy will continue to be what he has been - a space filler.


I'm optimistic that next season won't be a complete wash-out, but I'm not sure the OP is pointing to the right stuff... Boston may have lost Iginla, but they didn't lose much else. They also have several players who are continuing to develop and get better. The same is true for Pittsburgh. They are going to move on without Neal, Niskanen & Orpik, but they added Hornqvist and Erhoff and will likely use rookies like Pouliot to fill gaps. Maybe not 'better', but certainly not out of playoff contention. We also have to look at the improvements that Washington made yesterday and New Jersey looks to be improving as well. Flordia and Buffalo may not be immediate contenders either, but they both improved more than what the Wings accomplished on Day 1... The Wings still look like a fringe playoff team IF (big if) everyone stays healthy. We can't rely on huge performance from rookies every season.


I was disappointed to even hear that Holland tried to sign Boyle and even more disappointed that Niskanen couldn't be landed. Being forced to re-sign Quincey is a huge letdown and Holland has to think of ways to kick start some kind of 're-design' (I agree that a rebuild is taking it too far). Eeking into the playoffs shouldn't be good enough for the Wings and a change is going to be necessary. We're getting beat up by all the GMs around the league that we trained but they went to find jobs elsewhere (Tampa Bay, Dallas, etc. etc.).

In Topic: Canadians may be shopping Subban...

05 March 2014 - 09:41 AM

If Subban is available for a decent price, the Wings would be crazy not to take a look. Personality is one thing, play is another... Subban would step in and either push Kronwall's game forward or replace him as the foundation of the defense (not that he wouldn't deserve it with the Norris he's already won). For all the talk of 'immature' penalties, Kronwall actually has a worse penalty differential than Subban does this season (-15 for Kronwall to -9 for Subban).


Subban is more aggressive in his play that what the Wings are today, in both ends... He has twice as many shots as any Detroit D-man, 50% more hits, and has still managed to block nearly as many shots as Kronwall... He would be represent a huge upgrade over any non-Kronwall defenseman and could really open up more options on the power play. The fact that Montreal tries to make him look like a bad guy or immature kid in the media to keep his cap hit down shouldn't really factor into what he can do on the ice...