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In Topic: Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

Today, 03:39 PM

For the record, no one needs to be waived once Jurco comes back. Players on conditioning assignment are still part of the active roster. We only need to move someone when Quincey comes back, or if Franzen does. 


It's true. Jurco still counts against the 23 man roster even though he's in GRs.


I imagine Andersson gets waived before Jurco if/when Quincey returns. Also, Marchenko is waiver exempt so he could always be sent to GRs.


I was never talking about "losing" Jurco, only questioning how he's going to crack the line-up. To do that, barring injuries, he has to outplay one of Sheahan, Richards, Pulkinnen, Nyquist, or Tatar. Can't see it.

In Topic: Smith-Kronwall

Today, 03:18 PM

Datsyuk lost the first 2 games he came back. Then Smith was reinserted. Then we won the last 2.


Took Pavel 2 games to get in shape. Plus he dug deeper knowing he'd have to make up for Smith's gaffs.

In Topic: Smith-Kronwall

Today, 01:56 PM

Welcome back, Brendan. Team looks a lot better since your return.


Returning roughly around the same time as Datsyuk will do wonders for your reputation.

In Topic: Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

Today, 01:54 PM


You know better than that. It's hockey. People get hit. And we have small soft hobgoblins galore in the team. Something will open up. I hope. Jurco will Not be waived. That would be Bad.


Better than what? Everyone staying healthy? It was hypothetical.


Anyway, you just made your point. Jurco doesn't get in until someone gets hurt. That's how I feel too, because he's not cracking that line-up otherwise.


Also, these "hobgoblins" you refer to are currently 3 of this team's top 4 goal scorers (assuming you excluded Larkin). But hey, scoring goals is easy for this team.

I feel the same way.


Again, considering the 3rd line right now is Tatar - Sheahan - Nyquist, I'm not sure where Jurco fits.

In Topic: Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

Today, 12:32 PM

So these are tonight's forward lines.




Assuming that Jurco doesn't skate on the 4th line when he returns next week and everyone stays healthy, where does he play? Seriously?