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#2606303 Meanwhile in sweden...

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 06 May 2015 - 12:01 AM

Eddie galvez can't spell bring, but he's got his priorities straight...
Plus there's a girl named heaven in that group, you can't say no to heaven.

I bet she smokes cloves and listens to nothing but obscure 80s hair metal bands...

*looks at thread title*

in Sweden

#2606437 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by kipwinger on 06 May 2015 - 10:03 PM



She disagrees.  





She looks like a mannequin. 

#2606309 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 06 May 2015 - 12:15 AM

*hands jimmy a seedless watermelon laffy taffy*


*is confused and strangely aroused by the presence of that ruler in the picture*

*blames Holland*

#2606095 Free agents this off season

Posted by GoWings1905 on 05 May 2015 - 10:51 AM

The Wings need a top pairing d-man and some size/goal-scoring ability at wing.


- This post brought to you by the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

#2606343 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 06 May 2015 - 09:50 AM

Maybe you should reread the thread. The majority of people have expressed displeasure about Devellano being honest.

All he did was say something everyone already knows.


The displeasure comes from the fact that he could have kept his mouth shut.  Or if he wants to be honest, why doesn't he "honestly" evaluate his performance as well as that of the other higher-ups?   


Like hey, we can't win a playoff series, our young stars underwhelmed in the playoffs, our defense can't score and our signings/trades turned out poorly.  I like honesty, but Devellano needs to come out and criticize other things and not just Mantha.      

#2606025 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by GoWings1905 on 04 May 2015 - 09:17 PM

Jimmy D says the stupidest things. Mantha is 20 years old coming off an injury in his first pro season.

For a franchise that does nothing but overripe its prospects, I don't get the angle of these comments.

#2606012 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by frankgrimes on 04 May 2015 - 09:05 PM

Calling him out like that is 1. Unnecessary and 2. Embarrassing guy came back after a broken leg and went into his first pro season. Heck I'd trade Nyquist, Tatar before trading Mantha guy has the size and skill to become a power forward.

#2606049 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 04 May 2015 - 11:09 PM

You can really tell who around here has friends/family that take the piss on the regular and those who don't :lol:

#2605924 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by evilmrt on 04 May 2015 - 01:52 PM


And one player, former No. 1 pick Anthony Mantha, has not come close to meeting expectations.

"Very, very, very disappointing," said Wings Senior Vice President Jim Devellano, who saw the Griffins play their final three games, including Sunday's 3-1 win, over the Toronto Marlies. "And I say that with a lot of sadness. Coming out of junior, we had such high hopes for him."


What the fracking frack????


Devellano should shut the hell up and retire. Mantha is a struggling kid and he doesn't need to be embarrassed by the Wings front office. 


I guess they've given up on him already. Wow. Total BS. 

#2605898 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by kipwinger on 04 May 2015 - 10:18 AM

You guys are right. Just play all of our young kids from the Griffins. They will probably carry us to the promised land. Oh wait, haven't we been doing that? Hasn't it not been working?


I know right!  Tatar, Nyquist, Sheahan, Jurco, Ferraro, Glendening, and Dekeyser all failed to win us the Cup in their second professional season.  What a bunch of losers!  Time to tear down and rebuild, because this strategy is obviously flawed. 

#2605899 ECSF: Tampa Bay Crying Coopers vs. Montreal Complaining Canadiens

Posted by kipwinger on 04 May 2015 - 10:20 AM

Hmmmmm. What do Burrows, Tucker, and Prust have in common?



#2605888 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by number9 on 04 May 2015 - 09:41 AM

Great summary krsmith17
Although it saddens me that Mantha goes unmentioned. A reflection of his performance.

Throw him in Lake Michigan, I bet he floats

#2605367 Locker room Clean-Out Updates

Posted by jeff48109 on 01 May 2015 - 01:16 PM




You can get in trouble around here for making things up.



#2605301 ECSF : (4) Washington Capitals vs. (1) New York Rangers

Posted by kipwinger on 01 May 2015 - 10:25 AM




I actually have no issues with that hit. It was sort of from behind I guess. Backstrom makes initial contact with Boyle's shoulder, not his head, his skates more or less stay on the ice, and there wasn't a lot of force or much of a charge. Palat on Glendenning was way worse, only Luke is tough and Boyle's softer than a peach.


But man, this series is going to be good.


Just wait until Tom Wilson makes an impact.  If they're bitching about Backstrom being on the edge, they're going to love Wilson.  He made the Islanders completely lose their composure.  He's a little like Glendening, only way bigger and tougher.  If a fourth liner is completely jamming you up, you're in trouble. 

#2605205 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by number9 on 30 April 2015 - 09:49 PM


Really like the though of going after Vermette. I loved watching him when he was on the Coyotes. Especially like that final roster!


Vermette = Helm


I love Helm, but do we really need another Helm?