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#2533274 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by rick zombo on Today, 09:39 AM


First of all, you're overplaying your hand a bit.  Tatar was a regular in the lineup after 9 games...so it's not like those three guys were all getting huge playing time for the first half of the season...they weren't.  After the first ten games any two of the three were scratched on a given night.


Secondly, that doesn't really address my point anyway.  Cleary, Bertuzzi, and Samuelsson weren't the reason we got butchered by Boston in the playoffs.  They weren't the reason we blew a 3-1 series lead against Chicago the year before that.  They weren't the reason we couldn't beat San Jose for two years.  And they definitely weren't the reason we got embarrassed by Nashville in 5 games. 


But here's the kicker...neither were injuries.  In only one of those series (Boston) did injuries play a significant role.  There are fundamental issues with this team that haven't been addressed in a LONG time.  Acting like those issues have been resolved because we let a couple of frequently scratched third and fourth liners walk is the equivalent to burying your head in the sand. 


I wasn't arguing your point Kip.


I was only saying that this year's team should have less plugs than last year.


But yes, if this team continues to play on the outside, have crappy D, suck on special teams, and have average goaltending then they're screwed.


But, an improved Smith and DeKeyser combined with hopefully more Ouellett/Marchenko and less Kindl/Lashoff, and the D should improve.


The small forwards should get stronger.


Jimmy has nowhere to go but up, after last year.



#2533262 Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

Posted by rick zombo on Today, 08:40 AM

Holy overpayment batman!


It's not overpayment enough to call it overpayment.


A touch high? Maybe.


Fair market value +/-? Absolutely.


It's criminal that Holland got Sheahan signed for less than 1M. But he just couldn't get away with low-balling Tatar.

#2533260 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by rick zombo on Today, 08:35 AM


Not from Grand Rapids they won't.


Also, how can you honestly blame our bad start at the beginning of last season on lame plugs without immediately acknowledging that those same "lame plugs" are mostly still on the team.  We have the same problem we did a year ago.


We haven't made it past the second round of the playoffs in half a decade.  You can't blame that all on Sammy, Cleary, and injuries.  And if you do, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. 


Cleary > Cleary, Bertuzzi, and Samuelsson.


It's not ideal, but this year's team should have less deadweight than last year's. So we actually have less of a problem really.

#2533174 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by rick zombo on Yesterday, 02:02 PM

I too would love to have everyone play 70+ games. It is not out of the question, and I really hope it happens.  IF it does happen, I can see a lot of your predictions happening, bcause a full 100% healthy team makes this team a top 5 Eastern Conference team.  Minus the suppression of the kids that is...



Zombo...tsk tsk tsk, so just because someone works for the Wings, means that no one is allowed to know them on a personal basis? Ya, ok, as soon as they get hired or play for the Wings or any NHL team they are supposed to ditch their friends.  I am personal friends with Manny Legace's father-in-law, who is personal friends with tons of former, current players, trainers, coaches, JLA employees along with similar people in the St. Louis Blues, Carolina Hurricanes association.  And even if it was just one person's opinion of Helm that I was told about, that doesn't mean that it's true or untrue, it just makes it someone within the organization personal opinion, who is closer to the players and the NHL than you are.  So yes, when lets say for example, a trainer may play pick up hockey at the JLA with someone who isn't part of the organization expresses his personal opinion, that would be info from a Red Wings insider, as compared to all the rose colored homerism from most Wings fans.  Keep in mind that for every trainer you see on the bench there are about 20 that are behind the scenes that work with the players.  So instead of just trying to knock someone down, think about what you are about to say.  Just because you don't know anyone, doesn't mean nobody does. Helm has that rep. Sorry to burst you love bubble over him.


I have no love bubble for Helm. I have no personal dislike for the guy either.


And I'm so sorry, by the way. When I asked for proof of Helm's softness I really thought you were just quoting hearsay and clubhouse rumors. Little did I know that you source was Manny Legace's father in law!!!!! I feel so silly for second guessing you.


And believe it or not, just because one person that's about 3-4 people removed from you says Helm is a puss, that doesn't make it true. And when you were unloading your pessimitic rant on all of us it certainly seemed to me like you were presenting it as fact.

#2533142 Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

Posted by rick zombo on Yesterday, 01:13 PM

$7M? Overpayment.... No more than $1.5M per please. Maybe $5M for the term.


I don't think 2.3M/yr is overpayment. That third year could end up being a bargain.


Although Holland is terrific with his RFA signings (see: Sheahan, Riley) so I wouldn't be shocked at 1.5M per either.

#2533123 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by rick zombo on Yesterday, 12:47 PM


Helm is a ***** (from a Wings Insider) and will sit each time he breaks a nail, its fact, don't hate me for it. 



Not that I like to admit that I plowed through that entire long-winded pile of gloom, but I have to call you on this. Helm's a wimp because you heard this from an inside source? :lol:

#2533106 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by rick zombo on Yesterday, 07:41 AM

My predictions?


Half the roster is injured by November and they barely scrape into the playoffs again.


That's pretty advanced analysis. Did you use corsi for this?

#2533085 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by rick zombo on 27 July 2014 - 04:28 PM

He very well could play 82 games next year, and so could the also injury prone Zetterberg.  Both had back issues, both are apparently on the mend.  Helm had a rash of injuries all in a row which sometimes happens.  When you have a serious injury and then come back, your body sometimes doesn't transition too well.  Sort of like jumping on a treadmill that's going full speed...  Either way, I'm gonna stay positive on both of those guys as they're 2 of my 3 favorite players.  With Helm as well, he was concussed on a dirty hit by none other than Jared Cowen, so we can't really use the injury prone card on that one, or we'd have to use it on Dats as well, who was also concussed by that meathead Cowen.  Last year sucked terribly for injuries.  All I can say is I hope that changes this year and we get to watch our best players every night.

I can dig your positivity.

Also, I almost forgot about Cowan. That dude needs to be dealt with early this season.

#2532995 Ferraro re-signed: 1-year $550K (2-way)

Posted by rick zombo on 25 July 2014 - 10:43 AM

Worth it's own thread perhaps, but mostly a "meh" signing?


The price is right: 1 year, 2 way, 550k.



#2532994 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

Posted by rick zombo on 25 July 2014 - 10:39 AM

Zombo, I'm not sure I get how you think Cleary has so much more potential than Booth.  Booth has been very good every year in the league, except last year, not just 2 good years.  I think the only question with him is health.  He's done the following:


2008 - 40pts

2009 - 60pts

2010 - 16pts in injury shortened 28 games (extrapolates to 47pts over 82 games)

2011 - 40pts

2012 - 30pts in 62 games (extrapolates to 40pts over 82 games)

2013 - write-off due to injury

2014 - 19pts in 66 games.


So, yes, health is definitely a problem, but for a guy that can put up 40 - 60pts or more if healthy, a 1 year, $1.1M contract is basically zero risk.


For Cleary, he's been on a steady decline, which shouldn't be expected to change as he's continue to get older (he's 35 vs. Booth who is 29).  Cleary signed for $1.5M + potential $1M bonus + NTC.


Honestly, I don't think either deals are bad since the $$ are really low (below league average), but if I had to pick the better deal, it's obvious to me.


It's not so much that Cleary is better than Booth. It's that siging Cleary instead of Booth is not the scrotum-crushingly bad move that a few here were eager to declare.


Neither guy has been healthy recently. Booth has had some good regular seasons and Cleary has had some good playoffs. To me it's a wash. Booth might get the edge based on age where Cleary might get the edge based on time-served and past history (I know this is an unpopular opinion).


Regardless, it's certainly not a scenario where Booth at 1M is an unbelievable steal and Cleary at 1.5M makes Holland a terrible GM. (I know this is not how you feel, but my original response was directed at less even-tempered LGWers)

#2532978 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by rick zombo on 24 July 2014 - 11:31 PM

Kind of hard to do. This roster won't win a cup. It'll involve FA and/or trades. But people need to be added.


Growth from within?


Something I've been thinking about:


Let's say we do, in fact, win the Cup within the next three or four years (i.e. while we still have Datsyuk). What does that roster look like, realistically?


This is fun to think about:


Nyquist - Datsyuk - Mantha

Tatar - Sheahan - Jurco

Zetterberg - Larkin - Abdlekader

Athanasiou - Nastasiuk - Bertuzzi


McKee :lol:  Pulkinnen


Kronwall - DeKeyser

Ouellet - Sproul

Smith - Marchenko






Lot’s of character in that forward group. Not sure if Pavel can still pivot on the first line. 


P.S. Mrazek wins the Conn Smyth

#2532952 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

Posted by rick zombo on 24 July 2014 - 01:04 PM

Zombo, there is nothing wrong with being disappointed in Holland.  I simply said Booth was a hometown kid, more than likely gave Holland a call because most hometown kids do dream of playing for their childhood team.  But Holland is happy with his team and won't do another thing until he signs Alfie.


BTW David Friggin Booth is tons better than Dan s***stain Cleary.  Booth has proven to have chemistry with Weiss and that kind of chemistry is valuable around this league.  I was not saying that Booth was going to be the savior of this team, but I'd rather have Booth and 30-40 points at $1.1M than Cleary and his 10 games at $2.75M and probably 0-5 points.  Just saying.  And btw, where in my post did I say Holland is a bad GM? So, when you decide to comment on someone's quote, make sure you are quoting the correct post.


You didn't need to say it in your post. Your opinion on Holland has been well stated over the past year.


Booth is just as stupid a signing as Cleary, and then some, because when healthy, Cleary is an "every day-er" that's only one season removed from being one of our better playoff performers in 2013. Booth has had two good seasons with Florida and hasn't done jack squat in 3 years.


But the grass is always greener............

#2532940 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

Posted by rick zombo on 24 July 2014 - 11:41 AM

:lol: Cleary is making more than Booth too? Hey Holland, Booth is a local kid, has some chemistry with Weiss, he just signed for $1.1M... I am just baffled. Baffled.  Why the hell wouldn't Holland give Booth a 1 year try?  All these guys that are getting bought out are signing 1 year deals for the cheap to earn the next big deal.  You have to figure Booth's camp called Holland.  Holland could have had him for pennies, now when he is a UFA next season, he will get a huge raise...He obviously didn't go to TO to win a Cup next year (like Heatley is trying to do and Richards as well.)  He was looking for a job to earn a fatter paycheck next season and Holland isn't even answering phone calls he is happy with his team and waiting to sign Alfie. I get more and more mad everyday watching quality (not high end, but quality) talent go elsewhere for less money than Cleary and #KFQ signed for...and ALL better than Cleary and #KFQ...


Sorry guys, its just so hard not to get frustrated and confused...


I think we all know by now and it's obvious that Holland is a respected man around the league but a terrible decision maker and was made to look like a hero when he took over a star-studded team that everyone wanted to play for and there were no cap concerns in stopping players from coming here. Well those glory days are over and we now see how truly incompetent Holland really is as a GM. I'm just wondering how long the Illitch family will be fooled into thinking he is still a top GM.


Comments like these make me want to cancel my subscription to LGWs.


Holland is now all of a sudden a bad GM because he didn't sign David friggin Booth?



#2532800 Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Posted by rick zombo on 22 July 2014 - 12:58 PM

I'd be shocked if either player signs for more than $2M per.....


I can see DD getting a little more than that.


Tatar is tougher to predict based on the fact that Sheahan signed so low..........

#2532795 Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Posted by rick zombo on 22 July 2014 - 12:52 PM

I'd be shocked if either player signs for more than 3M per.