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When the Sharks and Kings aren't playing, then the Ducks have fans

09 May 2007 - 09:12 AM

I got family in San Diego. Spent 3 summers their in fact. So I have kept in touch with quite a few of my boys out there. And the story I keep getting, during the regular season no one gives a rats ass about the ducks. But when the Kings are done and the Sharks are done, THEN the Ducks finally have support. Of course Im not talking about every single Ducks fan. But for the most part alot of these "ducks fans" are just secondary fans from LA and SJ just rooting for the Cali team. laugh.gif laugh.gif So I don't wanna hear about us not selling out games when we have the best NBA, MLB, and NHL teams. Lions suck, but still. With them its Ducks or Angels or nothing. As for most of their fans, when next regular season starts, they will all go back to watching their teams and giving a s*** less about the ducks. But please, keep bragging about WCFs appearences and we'll just stick to talking about 4 Stanley Cups in 10 years, and about how Lidstrom will be strolling along with yet ANOTHER Norris Trophy. Sorry Scotty boy, sorry Pronger, you're good, just not LIDSTROM good. clap.gif I wouldn't be suprised if most the ducks fans posting here are just Kings or Sharks fans bored cause their teams arent playing anymore.

I hate day games

29 April 2007 - 02:55 PM

There is so many reasons I hate day games. And I know its usually only on weekends, but thats just my point. I like to sleep in bigtime on weekends. So i have no prep time for these games. I usually like to get a good meal in me, let it settle for a few, then get right to drinking. There is nothing like playoff hockey and beer. And these day games totally screw my routine up. And half the time im still all tired and groggy by the time the game starts so I find myself not getting into it as much as I would. I know its something thats not gonna change. But I had to vent a little, because today I woke up at like 1 and the Rangers/Sabres was already on. Now its like the only thing I can do is prepare for the Ducks/Canucks at 8. Me and Mr. 12er will be glued to the tube tonight for some sweet sweet playoff hockey. But come on NHL please make the games a little later, 5pm sounds about right. Still earlier than usual, but still late enough to get into game mode. clap.gif


27 April 2007 - 12:28 PM

I gotta say, Im a little suprised by the play of Nobokov in game 1. I mean I know we weren't busting out flurries left and right or anything, but we did have a good handfull of ligitiment scoring chances. And he was extremely sharp on every one. I know hes a good tender and all, but to be honest I wasn't expecting him to be that great. In fact, most would say this teams weakness is goaltending. So In my eyes this is the x-factor in us winning this series. We need to throw as many pucks to the net as possible, with plenty of traffic in front of Nabby. And I think its crucial that we get the first goal tomorrow. And with Homer coming back tomorrow, we should be looking ALOT better. Missing a 30-goal scorer definitely hurts in the playoffs. Homer needs to get in his head, throw him off his game a little. And we all know Homer is a God at doing that, lol. So as long as we keep Nabokov consistantly busy with traffic we will be fine. But if we don't, this could be a longer series than many of us thought. Or shorter, which ever way you wanna look at it. All I know is, I can't wait to be at the Joe tomorrow to watch us tie this thing up. clap.gif

*edit* - Looks like Homer will not be back for tomorrow's game...But still, everything I said about Homer still applies, just not till game 5, lol.

Game 6: Vancouver at Dallas - 4/21 GDT

21 April 2007 - 07:19 PM

Im definitely rooting for Dallas. I frickin LOVE game 7s. Modano just put the Stars up 1-0 so far with 16 min left in the 1st.

Keep Hudler in the lineup

21 April 2007 - 05:11 PM

I think its a good idea. Theres just something about getting certain guys together and things just mesh well. Nothing against Calder at all. I think hes great. But right now in this series atleast, I think Huds needs to stay in there! clap.gif