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#2365889 Thoughts on the Blackhawks

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 10:36 PM

They have lost....just not in regulation.  We as Detroit fans know all to well that while NHL records are nice, they don't mean crap in the playoffs.  I am not trying to downplay the Hawks and their fans and "The Record," but not unless this equates to a Hoisting of the Cup, it's it means nothing. Much like 1996....

#2365849 Do We Really Need a New Stadium?

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 08:02 PM

I am all for a new stadium as long as it's not a cookie cutter one.  Regarding Snyder, I do believe he signed something that allowed Mr. I to move forward (and use tax money) in the building of this, so I think he would still let it go through when he takes of the City.


My other request other than not being a cookie cutter is the name....no Amway! PLEASE!


Cadillac Centre © or The I.C.E Arena (The Illitch Centre for Entertainment Arena) ©

#2365845 Time to pull the trigger on J-Bo?

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 07:45 PM

Count me among those that would rather Bogosian. 


I don't have any interest in Bouwmeester at all. He would provide a little offence from the back-end but he would hurt the team defensively.


Dekeyser is an interesting option but even if we sign him he wouldn't be on the roster this season...We have too many defenceman as it is. Maybe after a trade we could fit him in but I don't think we'd even see him as a regular next year.


Danny D would most definitely be a depth signing for this season, getting a few games in and maybe, MAYBE a couple of playoff games....next season though, with what looks like White headed out, even if Kindl re-signs there will be a spot for him because even if Colaiacovo doesn't get waived, he would get hurt and that would allow Danny a spot on the roster.  Honestly there is no one else in GR ready to come up, as good as most of our D prospects are, they are all still at their junior clubs or college. Danny is 23 years old tomorrow and is ready to step in to an NHL spot. I hope it's with Detroit.... He can rotate with the ever present #7/#6 Kindl... Besides in two years, depending on what we are paying Howard/Brunner/Filppula/Smith/Andersson/Nyquist and Kindl, we have to re-sign Ericsson, Quincey (probably) and Dastyuk, not to mention players like Sheahan an Ferraro who would likely see some time up here now and then, having a nice EL contract with Dekeyser would provide some much needed cap relief in 2014...

#2365832 Time to pull the trigger on J-Bo?

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 06:47 PM

Solution on D:


Kronner - Big E

Smitty - Q

Laser - Dekeyser

Kindl (Huskins)


No need to waste a trade on big name defender....our D will continue to grow and gel.  IF a trade is made it will be for scoring help...

#2365797 Holland says those dreaded words, "Our Deadline Addition"

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 04:49 PM

Meh, holland should just hold onto his 1st rounder rather than trade it for a s***ty player. I'll take some injured players back and our 1st over a 4-6 dman and no first rounder in a deep draft.


exactly my point above. I think that even at the #16-#20 spot in this years draft, we can get an impact player.  I really like Ryan Pulock as our future #1 defender and even to a lessor extent Robert Haag.  Of course there is plenty of O talent available too. There is a kid projected to go around 21st named Kerby Rychel.  He leads the Spitfires with 80 points in 63 games. He is an American kid from LA, Ca. His father is Warren Rychel, who isn't too bad of bloodline to have. He is not afraid to hit or drop the gloves if needed...he is by far am offensive guy first, but its nice to have at least a bit of a snarl behind him...but I will take the 80pts in 63gms for sure!


Just an FYI, ISS has both Pulock and Haag going before #16, not that that means too much, but if Detroit does make the playoffs the chances of either of those two be available is slim...Rychel is projected around #21...

#2365780 Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 04:10 PM

not to stray away from the NHL but it wasn't mandatory in NASCAR to wear what's called the HANS device until they lost Dale Earnhardt in 2001.  Sure it was always an option and available, but drivers hated wearing it and drivers like Earnhardt and Tony Stewart among others refused to do so.  Even after his death the device met with a lot of resistance, but today there isn't a driver who would think twice about NOT wearing it.  NASCAR and US Motorsports just made it mandatory within all sanctioned stock events and the "kids" "grew up" using the device and now it is like second nature to them...even the old guys that were around before 2001 now have been wearing in for over a decade and it has become a part of their car, not just a cumbersome restraint system...


The same would happen with the NHL if they adopted the visor and Kevlar protection, it about 5 or so years, nobody would even think about what it was like without it...

who was it back in the early 90's that wore what looked like football shoulder pads with a protector that was behind his helmet? If I figure it out and find a picture, I will post it....I think he played for the Sabres, but am not sure....

#2365771 Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

Posted by LeftWinger on 06 March 2013 - 03:43 PM

I say no, but as with the other PSE you mentioned, I have a feeling that soon all of it will be.  There is just no reason why they shouldn't be.  Right now in the USA most kids grow up using the ear guards on their helmets and neck guards, it will ne just a matter of time until it is SOP for our kids to start using all the stuff you mentioned so by time they get to college, junior, NHL it won't affect their play at all because they grew up with it and would have learned the game with it from day one.  Much like the helmet now, NHL players wouldn't even think about ever playing without it, and soon it will that way for the visor, Kevlar, neck guards, etc...none of which, as you said, restricts play at all...


You would think that a huge company like Under Armor would partner with the NHL and lessor leagues, even into college levels and develop a body suit (or shirt pant combo) than has the Kevlar in it.  With all the recent injuries due to skates, sticks and pucks, it's a no brainer...and speaking of brainer, the concussion is a whole other conundrum...

#2364940 Leafs Komisarek demands trade. wants to play.

Posted by LeftWinger on 05 March 2013 - 06:55 AM

If he wants to retire, his cap hit will leave the books immediately. LTIR would not be necessary.


Pronger is on LTIR because he can't play.


Plus, Pronger signed that 35+ contract that keeps the cap hit if he retires...so LTIR is an absolute necessity for Philly...

#2364908 This should scare us all......

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 March 2013 - 11:47 PM

My guess is a player of his caliber can easily play until 40, retire from the NHL, and then go onto play in the KHL for a few more years. Heck if really wanted to I bet he could play in the NHL until he's 43, but that probably won't happen.


Absolutely no reason for him to jump ship at 34 when he'll still have 6+ NHL caliber years left in him. He said he wants to finish his career in Russia, not play his last 9 years there.




Yes, and Lidstrom could have easily played until he was 48, if anyone could do that, he could. He trains as hard as Chelios did.  But, and this is fact, he didn't see the team getting better and he wanted to retire before it got ugly.  He also didn't want to go through another lockout. Dats could play into his 40's, but why would he do that if the GM fails to make the team better?  Holland not only has to make this team better, but he has to make Datsyuk want to play here.  Which means cut ties with average washed up players and get some high powered scoring in here.  I understand the injuries, but putting Bert back on Dats wing is not going to make us Cup contenders.  Holland has this off season to lure Dats to stay for a few more years.  Holland is on the spot starting right now....here is what we know of Holland right now:


failed to replace Hossa's scoring, failed to replace Rafalski, failed to replace Stuart, failed to replace Lidstrom....did he try? we think he did, but when he loses Datsyuk and doesn't have a game plan to stop that bleeding, he is in deep doo-doo. He needs to have that plan in effect right now. He didn't have it for Lids because he figured that Lids would not retire now, not after another Norris season, he wouldn't leave the...the...The Mighty Red Wings would he? Well Kenny, he did, and you dropped the ball and should have had a plan.  Instead you just assumed that Ryan Suter would come here because, well because we are the...the...The Mighty Red Wings! He wouldn't say no to us would he? How dare he!


The best way to keep Datsyuk around is to ice a winning team with the best players you can get.  Even then, that is no guarantee, but if you stick with Bertuzzi and Sammy and Cleary....kiss Pavel goodbye.

so in your world 0 is great than 1? Interesting...... Sorry but that is how dynastys die. If datsyuk is worth say 3 #1 picks now, and becomes worth only 1 because he is gone after 1 year, take the pick. You have a 63% chance of getting a guy that will be a career NHL player. That is better than nothing.


Honestly, I don't trust Kenny with 3 #1 picks...I'd rather keep Datsyuk and take my chances with him leaving.  Besides, if he does leave after next year, we'll have our own top 5 #1 pick for a few years in a row! :ninja:

#2364802 Franzen Is The Wings Most Undeserved Whipping Boy

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 March 2013 - 07:16 PM

Franzia is well deverved of his whipping boy status, by his own admittance that he gets bored in the NHL and doesn't give 100% all the time...


Also, the author is wrong about how he got his nickname.  He was called the Mule because it was so hard to move him from in front of the net. (When he was younger and didn't get his serious contract yet.) It had absolutely nothing to do with his work ethic on the ice. A mule is unmovable and stubborn and cannot be pushed down once it stands it ground. That is what Franzia was prior to his contract signing. That is why he was name the Mule. The author needs to get the facts correct before he writes his gibberish.  That was a quote directly from Steve Yzerman himself in describing why he called him the Mule along with a tongue in cheek shot at his huge front teeth which makes him resemble one as well...


I also like how the author refers to him being one of only two players to score 5 goals in a game...that may be true, but he omitted the fact that he scored those 5 goals and then didn't score again for 2 months, and I think only 4 more the rest of the season...


Then he ends up with a challenge, if you have the guts post your comments below. Well I certainly have the guts, but do not conform to social media controlling what I post since you are required to have a waste-of-facebook account, which I do not, I cannot comment.  I would certainly invite him here to debate with us because I can guarantee 75% of our users have more hockey knowledge than he does...

#2364797 This should scare us all......

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 March 2013 - 06:29 PM

...if Cleary is re-signed, frick this team!  Talk about taking up a roster space from someone who deserves it...Holland needs to be fired if he re-signs Cleary....period.


Say goodbye to Dats if Holland does nothing to make this team better and Dats is stuck playing with garbage like Cleary...


$4.5M is fine for Filppula. I don't see why the Wings would say its too much, it's only $1.0M more than his salary is now. In my opinion any lower would be a low-ball.  Flip can get $5M on the market easily...

#2364681 if we can find a couple of power forwards.....

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 March 2013 - 11:10 AM

You mean Jiri 15 points in 17 games now that he is finally getting some ice-time Hudler?


Yes.  Glad he is doing well.  As long as he is doing well somewhere else.  He f***ed the Wings over in 2009 and I have hated him ever since.  This is a team, not an individual.  Holland offered him $3.5M which was way overpayment and he opted for arbitration because he wanted more...then he left for Russia. I have no room on my team for individuals, so long Hudler, I hope you score 50 goals, just don't EVER try to put on the Wings sweater EVER again...

#2364677 3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 March 2013 - 10:24 AM

Abby has his place on this team...he has his role...he plays his part very well...he doesn't belong with Datsyuk.  Abby on the 4th line is a valuable member of this team, Abby on the 1st line is deer in headlights.  Cleary on this team period is just asinine....

#2364612 if we can find a couple of power forwards.....

Posted by LeftWinger on 03 March 2013 - 11:18 PM

The unfortunate reality is that by todays standards Perry is a "power forward"...


With that being said - Gerard Gallant in his prime would tear Perry's head off, and **** down his neck.

 This is what I am saying....if Perry is what describes a Power Forward in todays game, so be it, and I already said a million times I want Perry on this team, but when it comes down to definition of a true power forward, Perry is not it.


Last I checked Datsyuk knocked Perry to the ice....


#2364593 3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by LeftWinger on 03 March 2013 - 10:42 PM

When Bert gets back or if he gets back he should replace Abby immediately. I can't see Tartar going anywhere. He's got a bit of Danny Briere in him. Babcock isn't stupid when Sammy gets back Sammy goes on waivers.


I doubt it.  Besides it's not Babcock that makes that decision...and Holland loves him some Sammy...it is SOP in this organization that as long as the player has options to be sent down, he will. No matter the skill he possesses...when all forwards are healthy, Tatar and Andersson will go back to GR...unless they make it to the time of year when you are allowed to expand your roster. Stupid, yes, but that's Hollands MO.

Hey here's a thought...maybe we are all reading it wrong....maybe Tatar IS in the top 6 and Datsyuk got demoted to the bottom 6....hmmmm.....