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#2250058 Red Wings Tattoo

Posted by LeftWinger on 26 January 2012 - 06:37 PM

To each their own....but you all are some fans that live and breathe Red Wings and take this sport a bit too serious. I have been a fan of theirs since I was 9, waaaay back in 1979, but I wouldn't think about putting their logo on my body....permanently. I am not saying anything bad, they all look nice, it is just me. (of course I currently have ZERO tattoo's it's just not my thing, if it were, I may feel different about the logo's.)

They all look awesome though! Life long fans for sure!

Anyone care to explain why this got negged? Just curious...

#2249060 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by LeftWinger on 24 January 2012 - 05:53 PM

Franzén leads the league in game-winning goals.

Lets not go through this again...thank you.

#2249049 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by LeftWinger on 24 January 2012 - 05:18 PM

Lost in all of this is an ACTUAL Game Winning Goal by Johan Franzen. He actually scored with the game tied, in a clutch situation! I have to give him credit for that! Good on ya, Franzen! Keep it up now!

cprice12.....what are we gonna do with you? Your true colors have come out in all those quotes...take Howard out? WTF? You can't score on him, so you want to injure him? Is that how you would like to see your team win, tainted? You get a -1000 just for being two-faced... PLUS you talk crap about our city...trust me, I know plenty of places in STL that are FAR worse than Detroit...

Again, I don't do it often, but Way to Go Franzen!

#2248204 Ovechkin hits Michalek

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 10:35 PM

They can't suspend Ovechkin. NBC and ESPN wouldn't have anyone to talk about.

Crosby is going for his PAP SMEAR this week, they got plenty to talk about...

...besides, they only NOT suspend star's in the playoffs when they know the other team will go up 3 games to 0 if they allowed the suspension to stand and more than likely cause said team to lose to the other team AGAIN and then they couldn't jam said certain star players teammate and team down your throat like there is no other team to ever win the Stanley Cup in the world!

(Yes, still have hate for that. It was a BS call to rescind the penalty that would've have pretty much guaranteed our back to back Championships. This was one of the worst cases of the league controlling the outcome of a series that I have ever seen. No, there is no guarantee the Wings would've won it, but the NHL did what they did to guarantee they didn't repeat...)

:blink: Sorry, what was the topic again? :lol: BTW, I do wish the Caps would use that sweater all the time. Looks much better than the junk they wear now...

#2248202 What's wrong with Abdelkader?

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 10:24 PM

He needs Miller. Miller makes Abdelkader a better player because he is better defensively than Emmerton, so Abdelkader can take risks and go a bit out of his way to make a hit or a play because Miller can cover for him. Emmerton isn't bad, but just not as good as Miller. Once Eaves returns, Miller should slide back to the 4th and Abby should return to form. (unless Babcock can't take his head out of his ass.)

#2248199 Ovechkin hits Michalek

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 10:19 PM

Ovechkin's, no. Michalek's, yes (and the Capitals scored on the ensuing PP).

Ya, but did Michalek get 5 and a game misconduct? Geez! If Zetterberg's was worth 5 mins and a game, this guy should be up for manslaughter charges! This is why we ***** about the refs! Talk about injustice....

#2248198 No suspension for Zetterberg

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 10:14 PM

Good on ya, Shanny!

cue the cprice ***** fest in 3...2...1...

#2248191 SI: Sidney Crosby to visit spine specialist in Calif.

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 09:22 PM

Danny Briere just got a concussion, wonder if we'll see any stories in print about his doctor's appointment? Like a few others have said, who gives a s*** about this guy's doctor visits?


I think for the most part, we are sympathetic to his health issues even though we may hate him as a player. But GD, who freaking cares what he is doing outside of hockey!?!?! We don't care that he is getting his spine looked at! We don't care that he gets a head ache when he ties his shoes! He is not the first player, nor the last, to have his career ended because of a concussion! Do we hear about every other player's doctor's appointments, who have concussions, no, so I don't care to hear about Cindy's either! Sure he has won a lot in his lifetime, good for him, if he would have played as long as Gretzky, maybe we'd have a new record holder in most categories, but he won't. He won't even play as long as Lindros did. Enough about Cindy Lee Crosby and his every little bit of progress and regress, please! It's time for the NHL to market the players that are actually playing!!!! (There's a concept!) He is done, it's too bad, yes, but it's the truth, move on, please!

If he goes through all of this and makes a come back, then lets talk about what he had to do to get back. Lets talk about all the appointments he had to make in order to make himself healthy enough to become a star again. Until he is 100% healthy and comes back and starts playing hockey again, lets leave it alone, lets not have to hear about every baby step he is taking. If he makes a come back will it make for a good autobiography? Yes, and I am sure it will be a great read to hear about all the therapy and x-rays and appointments and medical advances, but until then I don't want to hear it.

I think everyone would like to see him lead a healthy life. Most folks would like to see him play in the NHL again. But in the same token, 99% of the fans outside of Pittsburgh don't want to hear about every OB/GYN appointment he has to make!

Up until Yzerman's retirement ceremony, I had no idea Vladdy was walking on his own with a walker! I though he was still getting around in a wheel chair, why? Because nobody talked about all he rehab appointments and every little crap he took that gave him a headache! The NHL went on, the Detroit Red Wings went on, then all of a sudden Vladdy was walking to center ice!

Good Luck Cindy Lee, I hope you get your health together! You and your family are set for life, don't risk your life by rushing back to the NHL. See you in a couple years or maybe never, but get well, none the less!

(there is my human side, now back to my NHL side) Hurry back so Kronner can Kronwall you into the 30th row! Then I won't have to see you dive and flop all of the ice anymore! :lol:

#2248104 No suspension for Zetterberg

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 11:26 AM

No suspension....

...they were both slowing and stopping, The guy would've have fallen whether Zetterberg was there or not. The play on Mursak's injury in the pre-season was worse than this and did anyone get suspended? If Shanahan suspends Zetterberg, he should be erased from the Detroit Red Wings history books. His goals and points should be taken away and his name should be removed from the Stanley Cup...it's the ref that should be suspended for making the call. I watched it over and over and over, he just places his hand on his back, there is no push, no shove, no intent, not even a tickle...

#2248102 SI: Sidney Crosby to visit spine specialist in Calif.

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 January 2012 - 11:12 AM

Look at this as good news. We'll finally discover if he has one or not!

Damn! Beat me to it! :hysterical:

...this just in...

Specialists say they are going to implant a spring so when someone touches him he can spring up like a jack-in-the-box and make his dives and flops even more animated. This is not to get more penalties called (although it will be an unfortunate by product (for the other team)) it will be done to draw attention to opposing players trying to stop the NHL's only superstar from having the puck and scoring. Sidney has said that his daddy told him that he is "the bestest in the world" and that he will be given everything he wants on a silver platter. But in order for that to happen, people have to stop touching him so this procedure hopes to curtail that trend. Stay tuned because the NHL cannot survive without him...

#2247873 Red Wings Alumni lineup

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 January 2012 - 06:40 PM

Ladislav Kohn - Miroslav Ihnacak - Chris Tancill
Bjorn Skaare - Miroslav Frycer - Brian Johnson
Jody Gage - Steve Maltais - Robert Crawford
Jeffrey Brubaker - Tom Bissett - Mark Major

Dean Morton - Thomas Bladon
Rejean Cloutier - Peter Dineen
Mark Ferner - Chris Kotsopoulos

Ken Holland
Alain Chevrier

All Stars of All Stars right there!

#2247161 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

Posted by LeftWinger on 19 January 2012 - 06:26 PM

Basically cprice, besides your city, maybe some of your state and a few displaced former St. Louis residents, nobody in the world of hockey really cares about the Blues. Unfortunately for you and your city, the same cannot be said about the Red Wings. And like Doc said, that comes from consistency, history and star players making this franchise the best and most popular (behind Montreal) franchise in the NHL and perhaps the entire hockey world. We know you hate us cause we are evil (Damn that Yzerman, he is just so evil!) and even though you have probably never been to our city, have nothing but thoughts of death and slums and poverty when you think of Detroit. But you cannot fight was is fact. The Red Wings are what sells tickets in the NHL and when someone is looking to make money, they put on a Wings jersey, not a blues jersey. Nothing personal, just business...

He's right guys. The Blues are a very good NHL team and will be a dominating force for years to come. St. Louis is a beautiful city that deserves to host winter classics and All-Star games. Detroit's style of play is old and they shouldn't be in the spotlight so much more than St. Louis, a very proud NHL franchise.

Ya, I agree, can we change our name to Blues?

#2247158 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

Posted by LeftWinger on 19 January 2012 - 06:15 PM

Not sure what that has to do with anything... But wait...oh yeah...I forgot where I was posting for a moment.

You don't like posting here, or reading on a...uh, last time I checked, A Detroit Red Wings Forum, then well, I don't need to show you where the door is. You can go to the only place in cyberworld bitching that the Blues aren't in the WC...I am sure you know the address...

Woah...hold on... "anything Detroit"??
Why don't you put together a list for me? Seriously.
I assume there are a few good places to eat?
I guess the Lions were fun to watch this year.
And hey, you can see Canada. What else ya got?

So, first you ***** about all the Wings fans on a Wings forum (go figure) and now you wanna come in a bash our city? You aren't playing with a full deck of cards are you?

But hey, congrats on being in the WC again. Must be nice.

Yep, sure is! It will also be nice when we are in the SCF again, before the Blues. Keep holding on to your dream that this is you best Blues team ever. You'll be looking for a new starting goalie next season...mark those words down....BUDDY.

Oh, and hey look, I too can neg for no reason...

#2247153 trade deadline discussion

Posted by LeftWinger on 19 January 2012 - 05:43 PM

Make the trade for Hemsky (Hudler + in return)

Make the trade for Nabokov (Conklin + in return)

Roll with that team through the playoffs, win or lose the Cup, changes are happening especially if Lids retires and Stuart leaves. I got a feeling Lidstrom will be back again to help showcase his team playing in Ann Arbor plus he may be defending another Norris trophy. Holmstrom should hang it up, Bertuzzi can come or go, either way. You will be needing a backup after this season because Nabokov, no doubt will get some good offers to be a starter. No worries, because I have a feeling Tomas Vokoun will be looking for a nice home next year and the prospect of being number 2 on this team far outweighs the starting jobs available, so that will be that. Come July, you sign Suter and you sign Parise.

Which gives you a 2012 playoff roster of:

Holmstrom-Abdelkader-Miller/Mursak/Emmerton (if Mursak or Emmerton aren't traded)



And a 2012-13 roster of:

Miller-Abdelkader-Mursak/Emmerton (again barring a trade of either of those two)



...of course this is just an example, who knows what Holland will really do next month then in July...I know, I know, all this talk is all fun and games until someone shoots an eye out.

#2246954 Why don't we have a "JIM-MY JIM-MY!" chant yet?!

Posted by LeftWinger on 18 January 2012 - 08:26 PM

He doesn't get a "Howie Howie" chant until he beats up an insufferable, arrogant goalie at center ice as his former roommie avenges his bff's broken face.

Until then, "Jimmy, Jimmy" or "Jimmy Howard" or "James Russel Howard III" (if we can get a good clapping rhythm going) is certainly merited. His play has been fantabulous.

He does get some credit towards this status by whooping on the poster child...doesn't he?