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#2621382 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 23 July 2015 - 11:35 PM

Brilliant! I didn't even notice the crowd until the 2nd time I looked or it! Awesome! I was searching hard for the famous Hudler face or Doan face, but still absolutely brilliant!

#2621355 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 23 July 2015 - 03:20 PM

Its hard for a player like him to try and figure out his scoring touch when he is delegated to 4th line minutes...he only average just over 9 minutes a game in those 34 games, and if he takes 15-20 shifts a game, that's about :30 a shift average. No way he gets that little under Blashill, unless he fails to produce with more icetime...

#2621353 Wings lose scout to leafs

Posted by LeftWinger on 23 July 2015 - 03:16 PM

I  hate seeing this too, Yzerman did much of the same when he left...he must not have been too good though, haven't you heard, Pulkkinen stinks, Nestrasil was no big loss, we won't miss Jarnkrok anyhow... :ninja:


I am just joking, if he were anywhere near part responsible for recommending Kenny draft any of those listed players, he will, sadly, be missed and unfortunately be a help to the Leafs...I wonder if got some sort of promotion to go to the Leafs?

#2621347 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 23 July 2015 - 03:03 PM

Jurco - Sheahan - Pulkkinen  has the ability to be an awesome line! I always fill out my line combos that way, I would love to see it and love to see them excel into the next level together!

#2621247 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 July 2015 - 08:32 PM

I agree. I have really tapered off on bashing him, I really have. But sometimes no one can even critique anyone without that kind of backlash.

#2621182 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 July 2015 - 10:13 AM

That is fine, which ever works better.  It was always said that Dats loves Abby on his wing so I just always put them together.


I wonder what a line of Nyquist-Richards-Tatar would look like out here if Z went back with Dats...I can imagine either way, we would be in for some excitement!

#2621151 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 22 July 2015 - 03:42 AM

Yes....he may not played with him all the time, but Nyquist played a hell of a lot more wth Z than Pulk did(if at all) respectively in their first 30-40 games...and more on the PP. Just saying, Nyquist got better icetime in those 11:68 per game than Pulk did in his 8:88.... :ninja:

#2621137 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 July 2015 - 10:35 PM

Ok, so Nyquist played 11:68 (12:08 maybe?) and Pulk 9:28 and Pulk had one more goal and only 5 less points. So that proves that much lilke Nyquist, Pulk started slow getting his feet wet. Why is it not air to believe that he will not break out, much like Nyquist when he plays more like Nyquist got to the last two seasons?

#2621134 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 July 2015 - 09:59 PM

I think its funny how folks already say he stinks or is going to stink. He led the entire AHL in points and that is with playing 31 games up here.


Nyquist led the AHL in points as well when he first spent some significant time up in Detroit.


BTW, in Nyquist's 1st 40 games as a Red Wing, 4 goals, 13 points - Pulk's first 34 games, 5 goals, 8 points. Nyquist played with Z a lot in those first 40 games, Pulk played mostly 4th line (or less) minutes.  This guy is not as quite of a playmaker as Nyquist, but he is a pure scorer.  I predict a 25-30 goal season for Pulk IF he stays 3rd line or higher and sees significant PP time. His shot is unbelievably fast, unlike the Wings have had since Brett Hull.  He will most likely get a 2-3 year $3.5M deal after this season, if not more.


Jurco also had 15 goals while playing mostly 4th line minutes.  When this guy get back with Sheahan (or even a better center) he too could very well top 25 goals.  This is a good thing, but he too will get that $3.5M deal or higher and then things really get sticky with the cap.  You know Mrazek is getting at least $5M, Danny D is getting at least Q's $4.75M, Abby with his emergence will most definitely top $3M (he's a UFA, so it may be $4M+) Helm, as well.  He has proven that he is at least in the median player salary area, so his modest contract now will be at least $4M next year...this does not add up too well for the cap.  You think we are over now? Just wait until next year.  IF Franzen, Howard and Ericsson aren't gone this season, they have to go next.  There just won't be any cap space to re-sign your players that are your core of the future.


s***, I nearly forgot about Sheahan and the raise he will garner. Maybe won't be as significant as others, but he most certainly will top $2M I would think...

#2621113 Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 July 2015 - 04:45 PM

so possible big raises next year PLUS 4 defensmen out of exemptions...oh boy!

#2621064 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 July 2015 - 12:17 PM

I didn't bring this whole thing up to begin with, You have number9 and Rick Zombo to thank for this, but since I was being made fun of and mocked before I even said anything, I damn sure was going to set the record straight and put out there exactly who and what I do know.  I was just putting out there that it was not Helm that the trainer said was the lazy one because you guys so eloquently described the situation that a friends uncles illegitimate child said so. I said the it was a friend who skates with a Wings trainer, and it was Kindl and Smith, not Helm. Then I explained why I said Helm was tradable. Everyone else took off with the whole thing. Besides, people do care when it comes to someone saying that they heard some inside info. They want to know where. Back then, that was inside info...and guess who was being talked about this trade deadline all the time BY NHL INSIDERS, not just fans, Smith and Kindl were names most always in the conversation.  So again, tell me when I am wrong about something, prove it and I will take the medicine, but as of today, any info that I heard from the few friends I have that know some people, has been correct.  My friend Jeff, who was dating Danny D's sister said he was choosing Detroit before he even came out of college, the Wings trainer said Smith and Kindl were lazy and the team didn't want them and I said look for them to be on the trading block because the powers that be (at that time Babcock) thought they weren't cut out to be on this team. Kindl was talked about a lot before, but wow, when did Smith get thrown in there all of a sudden, hmmmm, because Babcock didn't like him. You guys basted me back then when I said he wasn't liked and would probably be on the block...wow, low and behold, he was on the block.


Don't be mad because someone knows someone.  Don't mock or make fun because you want to be the cool kid. Show me where I was wrong about any of it and then fine.  I have yet to proven wrong on most things. Just realize that players and stars are people too and they all have normal lives and know normal people outside of their craft.


And that is coming directly from my uncles mom's next door neighbor's pet Doberman's trainers son's best friend from Sidney, Australia.

#2621048 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 21 July 2015 - 10:15 AM

Jealousy looks so bad.

#2621029 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 20 July 2015 - 11:30 PM

maybe I should, because there's just no way that a commoner could ever know anyone outside of Hazard County. Guess I'll go to farmers only dot com and stick with the poor folk. Not that farmers are poor, but boy they sure can tell a tale! I guess I was put in my place, I dont know anyone...jenny McCarthy?

#2621014 Remaing RFAs to be signed - Jurco, Pulkkinen, Aubry

Posted by LeftWinger on 20 July 2015 - 07:14 PM

Obviously you guys don't remember squat. It's my friend who skates in a pick up hockey league with one of the trainers, and it wasn't Helm, it was Kindl and Smith that had the character issues, Helm was described as a "Barbie doll" by said trainer.  BUT, its not like I hate the guy, I just said he became tradable with the emergence of Sheahan and Glendening. Because Helm was a coveted center at one time and he could bring us a nice return if he were packaged in a deal...sheesh guys, if you are going to blast me on things, at least get it right, what happened to all the looking up of old posts I did? They sure seem to pop up everytime I say that I grew sour on the Franzen deal right away...



But, ya, if you must know, some of the overpaid tradable players that would make room for more cap space and or the kids are indeed Howard, Franzen and Quincey.  We have better quality assets already in the system that make way less money. $5M for a backup goalie is outrageous and he will get traded if not at the deadline, then next off season...but of course no one will get traded, we will waive two of Ferraro, Callahan and Andersson and we will get our cap relief that way.  Of course since Datsyuk will miss October into November, we already get $7.5M in cap relief come end of training camp. So that works out for us right away.



..and as long as we are keeping score, in addition to my friend Dan who I mentioned above, my friend Jeff used to date Danny D's sister, that is how I learned of him and I work and have known Manny Legace's father-in-law for 20 years at THE major airline in Detroit before the merger as Northwest and now after the merger. His name is Chris (of course I am not saying the last names) and Chris' sister Joy also works with us and I have known her for nearly 25 years. BTW Manny's mother-in-law name? Sandy.


It's hilarious how folks just don't think that people can know people just because they are famous.  Another co-worker (former co-worker) has a child that has a rare muscle condition the requires help to even roll over in bed, his name is Rob, we used to call him tumbleweed, another friend by proxy helped him out in purchasing a bed that actually turns his son over every so often automatically, that name? Sergei Fedorov, you may have heard of him. Knowing him through Rob and family, is mostly why I defend him at every turn, especially when it comes to his reputation. BTW, even though I have never met him personally, but Manny's Father/Law is very close personal friends with Chelios, they still hang out from time to time.


In another unrelated yet related topic, where I live now, near Silver Lake Sand Dunes, we have two famous actors and one former NBA player who have summer homes, former Piston Cliff Robinson, everyone's favorite barfly Norm, George Wendt and Dewey Cox himself, John C. Riley. My parents bowl with Uncle Cliffy and have met the other a few times, but I have not had the pleasure to do so...


So, just so we know, this post is here forever so it can be traceable and if anyone needs to refer back to this in order to try to prove something, its all right here.

#2620765 Lovable Dan Cleary update thread

Posted by LeftWinger on 17 July 2015 - 10:15 AM

That's not WATER!!!!!! :P