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In Topic: 2012 Lockout Watch

12 September 2012 - 12:58 PM

The players are guilty of being greedy in their own right, but I can't be more upset with them than I am with the league.

This league got what it wanted with the cap and player reduction of salaries, saving owners and the league liability of writing out and signing contracts they can't maintain. Now things have come full circle.. once again. I gave the league the benefit of the doubt in the first lockout I was involved in, in the mid 90s, and again following the loss of a full season last decade, but that's all gone now.

The fact that the PA and NHL haven't met for s*** over the last year or so, then haven't really met in the last two weeks before this, shows me they aren't serious. The fact that the league yesterday set a press conference to be held to announce the lockout later this week/weekend well ahead of this meeting with the PA shows how much pointless window dressing facade garbage this meeting is, and that neither side are serious about getting this done for the one forgotten aspect of this lockout hurt the most by this -- the fans and those employed by the league. The league isn't concerned about fans at all, and for that, I lack concern for the NHL and when they finally decide to bring back their league from this bulls***. In all likelihood, I won't watch the NHL for a long time, if ever again, and certainly won't be spending a penny of my own money buying merchandise. There's no sense of being a fan of a league that so frequently, along with it's players association, gives us the finger.

This likely lockout is also by the same odds a long goodbye from the forums as my disgust with the NHL has my interest virtually zero, which is why I haven't discussed hockey much at all over the last several months. I still hold out hoping some miracle will happen, but both the league and PA already have a pre-emptive intent on going through with the lockout so here's my pre-emptive post walking out on the NHL and related forums.

In Topic: 2012 Lockout Watch

22 August 2012 - 08:06 AM

Lots of theatre but rest assured three strikes lockouts, the NHL is out. If I watch anymore of this league it will be few and faaar between. No sense in involving myself in a league that s***s all over it's fans. If my birthday comes and the NHL is in yet another lockout, cya.

Hope they get a deal done. They've had more than enough time to me for negotiations.

In Topic: New Commissioner?

22 August 2012 - 08:01 AM

Sean Avery

Sidney Crosby

Julius Caesar

In Topic: Holland Content with Current Roster

12 July 2012 - 04:00 PM



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In Topic: Holland Content with Current Roster

12 July 2012 - 03:50 PM

Yes, we have spoiled fans. That comes with the territory of winning. All I want is for Holland to take a chance and sign Semin. He needs to re-energize the fan base with a big name signing. There is no excuse to have WAY over $10+ million in cap space and not do anything with it. We all know your gonna wait till the trade deadline to see what can be had but then you don't pull the trigger. There is no one that will trade a top 4 D-man to Detroit without risking the future of the franchise. So take a risk on Semin to bolster up the offense and see if we can outscore teams instead of playing defense and losing like we have been since 2010.

For a team that plays so defensively I kinda think that 7th and 2nd in the last few years respectively in the league in goals/gpg is hardly that defensive-oriented.

And why must cap space be emptied out? What's the justification? Also, what's the rush? It's early July.. having space now gives the Wings an advantage in signing someone the organisation thinks is worth that cost. Not having space means the team is forced to bend over in a trade. Some people really aren't thinking clearly. Your vision is blowing away tact for instant gratification. Go enjoy your summer, take a vacation, go to the beach.. waiting around day after day for the Wings to throw cap space away on pie in the sky gambles is going to leave you disappointed it looks like.