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#1920869 3/20 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 3 (OT)

Posted by Shoreline on 21 March 2010 - 04:42 AM

Redwings should beat the Canucks. They aren't that good. Just Luongo, decided to play really really good aganist us. If you contain the Sedins, you should be ok.

I predit a 4-2 win wings over canucks.

Go figure when a Sharks fan shows more faith in the boys than Wing fans..

The Wings will WIN this game.

Let me guess, I just have to "Believe"? I hate that slogan, or whatever people call it. As if believing has anything to do with some team on TV winning a game.

Don't see them winning this game.

Just lost to the worst team in the NHL, I can't imagine this game to be anything good for the Wings.

Seeing as how the wings never seem to like to make things easy on themselves, I think they're going to lose.

4-2 canucks

Goodbye Detroit. No playoffs this year. It was 20 years ago the last time we missed the playoffs. I am sick of the biased reffing, Mike Ilitch has to see this s***, why doesn't he say something!!!! Maybe he is getting paid off to keep quiet. I think its time to give Howard a rest. Looking like a rookie now a days. Granted he is playing just as good (or crappy if u may) as everyone else, but he doesn't need to get burned out. Once again, off season, only a select few are untouchable. This team is playing pathetic, at least we have the injuries to blame, oh wait, they're healthy. Make deals Holland or lose credibility.

Unfortunately, we don't have much option with the injured guys tonight.

Maybe this will be like when we played Chicago and went down by 2 and came back to win it. Good times.


Ya, ok.

#1918277 No suspension for Cooke

Posted by Shoreline on 18 March 2010 - 04:03 PM

Oh don't ya know - he's a xenophobic fossil who knows nothing about the game :rolleyes:

I don't agree with everything he said but I really can't argue it either. The countless video reels of Cooke doing knee and head shots really speaks for itself as far as he goes in terms of being a gutless and cheapshot-artist player.

#1918140 Ovechkin Shoves Young Girl at Olympics

Posted by Shoreline on 18 March 2010 - 01:30 PM

I can't remember if this was posted or not, but the incident happened shortly after Canada beat Russia in the quarterfinals. A young girl, Ovechkin fan, had a camera out and Ovechkin decided to try and take it away and ended up dusting her up a little bit I guess.

In any event, the real reason I'm posting this is a comment made at the bottom of the article, which appears to have predicted the future. (I came across this while looking up some things on the net that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey).


I dunno if "dusting her up" would be a good explanation. Looks like she was in his way, and I'd do the same and remove somebody from standing in front of me with a camera and blocking my path. The article also clearly exaggerates whatever harm was done if it were, at the worst case scenario, a "shove" while casually walking (not skating full speed on the ice), with "she escaped with contusions and bruises", and "brutally snatched" the camera, wow, the poor camera might have got touched -- so brutal. I bet he kicked her while she was on the ground, then went over to kick a puppy and spat in another fan's face with vodka before the camera re-focused on him walking away. He's such a sore loser.

#1917044 Steve Downie with another questionable play

Posted by Shoreline on 16 March 2010 - 03:19 AM


Here's one that actually works.


#1917025 Steve Downie with another questionable play

Posted by Shoreline on 16 March 2010 - 01:38 AM

Sometimes the Crosby hate here really is amazing. Im not huge on the guy, but is he supposed to have some special robotic knee or something that allows it to go sideways like that? He really is a good actor to be able to make his limbs go like that and it not hurt him, maybe he should be in the circus instead.

Given some of the comments "what a dive", "i'll pay someone $20 to do it again", this would be correct. I've never seen so much jealousy of a player from a fanbase in my life. It's laughable, and embarrassing at the same time.

And I can't really tell what the hell happened there. It was an awkward hit, certainly not a legal one, but Crosby didn't seem injured by it, played more minutes than any other player in that game. Looks like the penalty was justified and that's all that was necessary. Downie, on the other hand, needs to be watched for any other similar antics, as the guy doesn't bring much else to the game besides this stuff.

#1917024 Ovie Suspended

Posted by Shoreline on 16 March 2010 - 01:34 AM

Yes....They are, and if it were Crosby or Malkin, the NHL would rescind the Game Misconduct so neither would have to be suspended at all...

Key word is "if". They haven't done anything like this. Ovi, as much as I like him as an exciting player, has done this numerous times now.

We have Godwin's Law to bring to the surface when Hitler is part of an argument, but what about Crosby? Think it's about time.

If you throw enough darts you're bound to hit a bulls eye. :hehe:

This suspension is laughable given that Cooke is given free reign to head-hunt. :confused1:

And no-- I don't give a s*** that Cooke's hit didn't result in an on-ice penalty. The NHL's given suspensions for non-penalized stuff before.

There was nothing illegal about that hit. It's like the Sean Avery rule. You can't penalize the guy for doing stupid crap when there's no rule. That's how it works in the NHL, that's how it works in every other facet of the world with technicalities. Consistency is how to be fair, and while the NHL has f***ed itself in the ass sideways with stupid rulings (Cup Finals with Malkin is a good example of that), these two are actually decent ones and the NHL was being consistent. Cooke's was dirty, but not against the rules. This isn't a gymnastics sport where people are judged by their quality of checks. Either it was clean or dirty, malicious or situational. That's it. If it isn't a penalty, it isn't a penalty. Cooke, while a dirty SOB and only a slightly-useful player, didn't commit an illegal hit (following through on Savard with a shoulder hit to the side), and that's a pretty simple and understandable rationale. I was wanting to hang his balls on the rafter at first since I like Savard and Cooke is known for being a dirty c***, but logic is supposed to prevail. At very least Cooke now gets to have a rule donned because of it. As the greatest President in US History would say, "mission accomplished". As for Ovie, he has a history of these hits, there was a nice screencap of Ovie's hit, it was right on the numbers, which is all one needs to see. A check from behind (no, not the side), into the boards. It's a dangerous play and now someone is missing at least the entire season because of it. Doesn't matter if it was Stevie Y doing this kind of a hit, that's a justified suspension, and one-to-two games was pretty predictable given Ovie didn't look like he did it on purpose, but it was the usual reckless nature of how he does stuff. It's a high risk maneuver, and he paid for it. But yeah it's a no win situation even bothering much with this topic given people are by in large arguing emotions over reasonableness -- case in point, articles like, from the Worcester, MA Telegram.. "Bruins need to give Cooke frontier justice", whatever the f*** that means.

#1914951 THN Top 10 +35-year-olds

Posted by Shoreline on 13 March 2010 - 04:38 AM

Wow this list sucks -- where is Malts at? He definitely should be in over guys like Recchi and Brodeur.

#1913021 Why is there so much love for Filppula on this board?

Posted by Shoreline on 10 March 2010 - 09:37 AM

I have been a Wings fan for as long as I can remember. However I have lived in San Diego my whole life so I rarely get to discuss the team with anyone who follows them like I do. Now don't get me wrong, I feel like Flip is an alright player, but can not understand why is has practically been crowned as the next Hank or Dats. Even though he has only played 38 games this year, his statistics are still nothing special especially considering he is supposed to be a skill/finesse player. His defense is suspect, he needs to play stronger, and his stick handling while exceptional, hardly merits the praise his overall game receives from the loyal wings fans on the site. Please inform me on something I may be missing. I don't get to watch every game but I watch an many as one can being from San Diego.

I've always loved it when people, especially newly registered users, start off with "I've been a Wings fan since 1679!", as if that's supposed to give their argument some sort of instant oatmeal of credibility merely because they state this. :lol:

Flip is played pretty often on the PK and Power Play for a specific reason, and that's because he's a decent two way forward, and deserves the positive attention he gets, as well as the pay. This season has been rather unremarkable for him (missed a bunch of games due to injury) and the rest of the team (similar reasons, injuries), but it doesn't merit this sort of overreaction and player bashing. Few sensible people compare him directly with Hank and Dats, as Flip has never had "impressive" stats (if you really do watch games I dunno why you would be stat-centric), but besides his lack of touch in finishing plays in the offensive end (that's one thing he sorely needs to work on), he's not done much wrong, which is greater than average for the team this season.

#1912960 10 Favourite Red Wings

Posted by Shoreline on 10 March 2010 - 04:39 AM

Steve Yzerman
Nick Lidstrom
Chris Osgood
Igor Larionov
Pavel Datsyuk
Jiri Fischer
Vladimir Konstantinov
Slava Kozlov
Ray Sheppard
Luc Robitaille
Kris Draper

#1912058 How many players from Team USA would have made Team Canada?

Posted by Shoreline on 09 March 2010 - 05:37 PM

No flame.

Miller obviously would have been there over Fleury.

Parise probably would have been given a good shot at the team by Yzerman and co.

That's about all imo

I smell bacon -- no, wait, an insecure Canadian (made sure to check previous posts to confirm this). It's obvious not many US players would make it, as on paper they are relatively inferior to even the Russian team. Some might disagree and that's fine, but the US was never one of the top teams and few people expected them to get to the gold medal game, whereas all the pressure was, once again, on Canada.

This post is very much akin to the recent coinage of "Hockey belongs to Canada". Since when did it not? It's obvious hockey belongs to a country that appreciates it and has it as much engraved in their culture as Canadians do, but there's been some highly prominent insecurity about hockey in it's place in Canada. Are you guys really that afraid somebody else is going to be better or like hockey more? Within this last decade you've won more golds than in the previous handful of decades to that. Celebrate and stop trying to compare peens with a country that doesn't even like hockey as much nor have permitting weather in a huge chunk of it to promote interest.

#1911524 Team you prefer to play

Posted by Shoreline on 08 March 2010 - 03:01 PM

I'd like this team to just make the friggen playoffs first. Then can start getting finicky about who to play.

#1807218 OHL Hit

Posted by Shoreline on 02 November 2009 - 08:49 PM

It's arguable whether or not it was his elbow or his shoulder, as the frames go by way too fast for me to be able to tell which, but nonetheless, it was 100% assuredly a high hit. I don't know what the hell Fanelli was doing turning his back like that, but regardless of whether his back was turned or he was facing Liambas, that was still not even remotely close to a body check. He was aiming high the whole way.

#1586142 IIHF vs. NHL.

Posted by Shoreline on 27 March 2009 - 06:00 PM

I don't care if Bettman likes it or not, players are playing NHL games anyways and are under threat of getting injured. Fans would overwhelmingly agree they want to see their country's star players, fans of both the Olympics and NHL hockey. So Bettman can cram it up his ass, quit whining, and make a deal with the IIHF.