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#2565727 Time for Teemu?

Posted by krsmith17 on 23 January 2015 - 05:58 PM

I really wish I could "quote"... Still have no idea why I can't...


Kip, you say "I won't be surprised if he's traded", and yes I did respond by saying, "he shouldn't be traded, he's going to be good", but I also say "there's no way he get's traded". It's not just about what I want or think should happen with this team, it's about what I truly believe Mr. Ken Holland will do.


You're absolutely right in that I like this team, and I like a lot of certain players. I guess a lot of that has to do with me watching a lot of them right from when they were drafted, in junior, making their way up to the minors, before eventually cracking the Red Wings lineup... you do tend to get attached to certain players, and I honestly think a similar thing happens with Holland... However, like almost any player, I'm not opposed to trading Pulkkinen at the right price and for the right return, I just don't see that happening...


There are not many guys in the entire league that can shoot the puck like Pulkkinen. I put him in the same category as guys like Ovechkin and Stamkos when it comes to his pure sniping ability. There are things he needs to work on for sure, like timing and what not, but his shot alone, not many compare. Bottom line, I just honestly, truly would be shocked if this guy is in any package deal at this years deadline, not because I like him, but because I think Holland and Babcock like him, and see the potential in him...


Jesusberg, if a trade is on the table and part of the package has to include one of Mantha, Larkin or Pulkkinen, I honestly think he says, thanks but no thanks. And I'd be happy with that assuming the player on the other end wasn't a superstar talent... I think it is more likely that Jurco gets offered in a trade before Pulkkinen, which I would also hate, because he's another guy that I'm really high on. I guess bottom line is, like Kip alluded to, I like our team, and even more so, I like our future team. Hold on to the kids and keep building. We will be a perennial contender and eventually win the Cup with the kids we currently have in the system, I have no doubt.


I completely agree with Buppy.

#2565425 New Zealand and South African Hockey?

Posted by toby91_ca on 21 January 2015 - 12:52 PM

While Kolzig and Coetzee were both born in SA, I think it's a bit of a stretch to suggest that SA produced those players.  Kolzig moved to Canada when he was 3 and Coetzee moved to Canada when he was 4.

#2563741 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by krsmith17 on 16 January 2015 - 08:21 AM

Dickie, I think it's pretty clear that anyone would trade a Mantha or Larkin type of prospect for a Weber, Doughty, Pietrangelo, Tavares, Seguin, Benn, Giroux, or any other young, established player in the league. But those types of players simply are not available. When I say, "this is my untouchable list", I mean, "in any plausible trade that Ken Holland could make, I would not trade...". The type of trade that Holland is likely to make (if any) leading up to the trade deadline would be for a rental / veteran / depth defenseman. So no, I would not trade anyone on my lengthy "untradeable" list for what Holland could possibly get in said trade... You (some people) may be okay with trading away a Pulkkinen or Athanasiou for a few months of a Zidlicky or Petry, but I would not...

#2563380 Could the Wings be better off trading Pav & Hank for draft picks?

Posted by PavelValerievichDatsyuk on 15 January 2015 - 06:04 PM

Bolded my responses

A team hovering around middle of the pack for an extended period of time.

We're 4 pts. out of 1st in the East. 

A team that struggles to get the puck out of the defensive zone.


A team who's offense is being hampered because they all have to wait around for the puck to advance or stay in the D zone to help get it out.

So we trade away the 2 player with the most points to fix our offence?

A team that has had over six years to address the D in either free agency or trade and has not been able to find the right blend of value.

Sick of this one. After Lidstrom/Rafalski/Stuart leaving there was bound to be readjustment. The D has been fine this year (though it needs offensive upgrade) and we have a lot of great prospects - Our D will be alright going forward.

I see a team that is fun to watch and follow that is going to need an influx of talent within two years and because the new NHL it is tough "for us" to aquire via trade or Free Agency.

Influx of new talent:  XO, Pulkkinen, Sproul, Marchenko, Jensen, Mantha, Athanasiou, Mrazek, Larkin, Melen (for BottleofSmoke)

There are contending teams on the edge that DO have quality prospects that could contribute in a couple years.

LIke us? (See above)

How long is Hank goung to love having his lower back targeted 80 games a year without a real shot at going deep into the playoffs?

He signed the huge deal - he knew there would be down years. He's won a cup, played in the playoff every year of his career - few players can say that. I doubt his view on the situation is as yours is. 

Is Pav satisfied playing withought the opportunity to go deep?

The fact that he just re-signed and said he wanted to end his NHL career here says he's happy with the situation/direction 

Are Hank & Pav are content, I hope they are.  I really do.  It's a board. it's about exchanging ides.

Agreed, but you should have known your proposal would be greeted with a lot of push back.

#2563367 Could the Wings be better off trading Pav & Hank for draft picks?

Posted by krsmith17 on 15 January 2015 - 03:59 PM

No offense, but do you even follow the Red Wings? There is zero chance the most loyal organization in all of sports makes such a ridiculous move... Not to mention if there is one thing this team has an abundance in, it's top end prospects. Over the next few years, we will have more NHL ready guys knocking on the door than we have spots for... And you're suggesting trading our two best players that have done everything for the organization, for picks so we can overflow the system with even more prospects?...


Also, we're really not that far away from contention. Is it likely we win the cup this year? No, probably not. Is it likely we win in the next 3-5 by maintaining the course we're on? I absolutely think so.

#2563267 TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

Posted by e_prime on 14 January 2015 - 08:12 PM

What the he'll did krejci leading the playoffs in points twice have anything to do with the fight?


I think They were just trying to say how awesome he is, like "hes the playoff point leader, and he's sticking up for himself and fighting his own fights, he's the next great one!"
Type thing.


No, it was more like "He's A STAR PLAYER!  NO ONE SHOULD TOUCH HIM!  He's sacred and holy and how dare that fourth line "hack" take exception to be wrapped up by him!  Also, please disregard my earlier comments about Chara taking on Paquette because they are totally in opposition to what I just said." 


That's Jack Edwards in a nutshell.  Hypocritical ******-nozzle.  Over the top and to the edge.  I think Kip's got him pretty much figured out.

Used to think it was comical, but now it's just plain ridiculous. Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to their announce team, but this guy's just a frigging joke.

#2563184 1/13 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Sabres 1

Posted by rick zombo on 14 January 2015 - 02:36 PM



One of the best not goals of the season!!!!!

#2563160 TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

Posted by kipwinger on 14 January 2015 - 12:56 PM

Thanks for posting this... The double standard of Bruins commentary is ridiculous. Nobody gives a s*** if Krejci lead the league in scoring in the playoffs TWICE, Jack. The game is getting chippy and I'm sorry, there's plenty of time for Krejci to just skate away instead of mucking it up with Brown. Same for Paquette with Chara.  ...but of course, that's totally deserved. 


"Writing checks" and "Spittin' chickets", eh, Jack... Brickley? 


Whatever. You two are the absolute worst.

The rest of their commentary throughout the rest of the game was despicable.

Once he realizes that he might get back on the ice... you can hear Edwards salivating at the prospect of JT Brown getting his comeuppance. 

He's the "hack", not Brown. 


No, it's most definitely waiverzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


I don't really have a problem with Edwards' homerism.  He's not a national announcer, there's no need for him to be unbiased. 


I do, however, have a problem with how blatantly, and non ironically, he panders to the lowest common denominator (read:  Bruins fans).  It's like he knows all the worst things about sports fans, and targets those things in the dumbest possible way.  Fans don't like refs?  He'll ***** about the officiating endlessly.  Goal waived off?  That's precisely the one that changed the course of hockey.  Don't like rats?  They're ruining the game (except the ones employed by the Bruins).  He specifically targets the dumbest, most ill formed, laziest, points of view, and then repeats them back at a higher volume. 


In short, if you like Jack Edward's act, or agree with the things he says, you're stupid.  And it's because you're stupid that he's saying those things. 

#2562641 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by krsmith17 on 12 January 2015 - 12:15 PM

Kip, what's up with all the doom and gloom lately? We are just a few points away from the top teams in the league. You compare a month of playing good hockey to a game of bad hockey, which also came right after the dreaded west coast trip. I know, we haven't exactly been lighting the league on fire lately, but I think it's also very clear that none of our players are playing at their highest level right now. Most of our goals against in the past few games have been on horrible giveaways, right in front of our net (Ericsson). I'm confident they (he) will get that cleaned up.


Overall, I don't think we have been that bad, just not finding ways to win games. We've been falling behind early in a ton of games lately, and like Babcock says, "catch-up hockey is losing hockey"... ;)


I do still think we're a key piece or two away from being a legitimate contender, whether we get that piece(s), is up to Holland.

#2561916 Osgood circa 2008 *Mod Advisory @ #18*

Posted by Euro_Twins on 08 January 2015 - 07:57 PM

Wow, this did not take the direction I anticipated.
If you'd like to discuss Mr. Babcock in general, please take it to PMs or start a separate topic.  Much obliged.

Really, it didn't? I was ready with popcorn the minute the thread was created.

#2561736 Mike Yeo (Wild) Has Meltdown At Practice

Posted by Ram on 08 January 2015 - 09:09 AM

I find this to be extremely tame and the category of "meltdown" is definitely undeserved and an exaggeration by media.

#2560967 Randy Carlyle relieved of his duties by Leafs

Posted by kipwinger on 06 January 2015 - 03:19 PM


Soooo funny.


Fav quote:



I know.  That one cracked me up too.  I was snickering at work while reading it lol. 

I don't see Babs going to Toronto.  They don't have time to wait & he is still seriously considering Detroit.  That being said Holland needs to improve the back end.  Something he has failed to do through free agency & through trade for 6 years.  Without that why should Babs stay? 


Because any other team looking for a coach will be worse than the one he's leaving? 

#2560930 Randy Carlyle relieved of his duties by Leafs

Posted by kipwinger on 06 January 2015 - 02:37 PM



I'm near positive that George spent the next month staying up at night, thinking, "Why doesn't Mikey like me?"


Malik seriously obsesses over Babcock.  I don't think, since the end of last season, that he's written a single post without mentioning how "crazy" and "absurd" any talk of Babcock leaving is.  For some weird (and super creepy) reason, he's got A LOT riding on Babcock staying in Detroit.  Like, an unnatural amount of skin in that game. 


Anybody remember the end of that movie "The Aviator" when Leonardo DiCaprio keeps repeating "the way of the future" while he slowly loses touch with reality?  That's how I imagine Malik should Babcock decide to sign somewhere else.  "Babcock to Toronto, what a laugh that is...what a laugh that is...what a laugh that is...what a laugh that is...what a laugh that is..."

#2560896 1/6 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Edmonton Oilers 2

Posted by rick zombo on 06 January 2015 - 12:59 PM


Well obviously.  Shanahanman is nowhere to be seen while we're winning.


A few loses and *POOF* his rays of sunshine come down on the forum.


......like urine from a drunken hobo standing up on the overpass.

#2560888 Randy Carlyle relieved of his duties by Leafs

Posted by rick zombo on 06 January 2015 - 12:41 PM

Okay this will only add more fodder to the Babcock to Toronto speculations. If I were in Babcocks shoes I'd love it every coach getting fired increases his leverage and Toronto for sure has the bucks to pay the man whatever he wants and offer him more of a say in whom he wants on the roster or to trade for.


Carlyle is a hardnosed, oldschool coach his act wears thin with players very quickly I mean, this is a guy who butted heads with Anaheim biggest stars and two extremely hard workers (Perry, Getzlaf). The guy just has this my way or the highway philosophy and nowadays s tars won't accept that. Now the focus will be on Nonis - whom I'd love as an adviser if they fire him - and for sur e some of the players.


Jesus Frank. We get it. Babcock's your man and he's been performing miracles with this welfare line-up that Holland The Incompetent has shackled him with. Like how he took a borderline ECHLer like Weiss and turned him into a serviceable 4th line plug. Coach of the year move there.


But things will be different in Toronto. Because, unlike the Wings, they a deeply sophisticated organizational structure and philosophy that other teams covet.


I can see it now, Babcock will go to Shanahan and demand that they trade Clarkson and a 4th for Tavares, and it will be so. Why? Because Babcock will have more "say".