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In Topic: Why the Red Wings should be sellers this year

21 March 2013 - 02:23 PM

Whether for better or for worse, there's no way in actually knowing that. The LA Kings would've been the LAST team most people would've picked to win the cup last year out of the 16 teams who made the playoffs. Hockey, more than any other sport when it comes to the playoffs, is highly dependent on how a team is playing leading up to and during the playoffs.

And that is exactly the problem with my argument   For the next 10+ years we are going to have to hear about the Cinderella Kings, and possibly lose out at a prime window of opportunity to add some solid pieces in a rich draft and a shortened season.  I'm just playing the odds here... we have better odds at improving the team in the next 4 months (trades & draft) than we do at winning a cup, but both are possible.  It's just about which is more likely and a better sports business/future gamble.  We of all teams should know what it truly takes to both make a solid cup run and win it.  I don't think this is our year, just trying to be honest as much as it pains me to do so.

In Topic: Why the Red Wings should be sellers this year

21 March 2013 - 01:39 PM

Anybody but Pav, Hank, Jimmy, Kronner and Helm.  I'd say Fil would catch top dollar.  Some teams may want a veteran d-man like White or Huskins.  Or other vets like Cleary, Miller, or Eaves.  These players are not valued that high on our team, but teams (like the Wings) have over paid for depth in the past at the deadline.  I don't see any of these player being on the Wings much past a year more.  We have our base, and need to build off of that.  And sometimes that means parting with an important part, like Fil or Mule.  Tigers did it with Granderson, and look now, I'd say the Tigers made the right, but tough move.