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In Topic: 3/22 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

25 March 2015 - 06:12 PM

I see no issue with the goal. When a player breaks his stick and doesn't drop it, the refs more often than not warn the player before they call a penalty. The stick break and goal all happened so quick it is irrelevant really. 


You see no issues with the goal?

The refs do not give warnings.  If a player plays a puck with a broken stick, and the ref sees it, it is always a penalty.  ALWAYS.  Even if the player doesn't know the stick is broke.  They may yell at the player to drop his stick immediately (because the player might not know it is broke) and if he doesn't drop it right away, it is a penalty...but there is never a warning given.  

A player can't even skate around with a broken stick. He has to drop it immediately or it is a penalty.

It doesn't matter if the play happened fast or not, or if he was slashed or not (he wasn't), the correct call is still a no goal and a penalty.

In Topic: 3/22 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

23 March 2015 - 01:21 PM

My thoughts...


I thought it was a pretty entertaining game.  Not as intense as our game against the Jets the other night, but it was a good game.


Blues fans, including myself, are obviously a bit frustrated at the types of goals that went in against us (especially after 5 of the 6 goals the Wild scored on us on Saturday were goofy goals as well).  The shot off of Butler's face that squirts right to Cole who chips it in with a wedge, and of course the goal that shouldn't have counted by Abdelkader in OT.  It really is a joke that that kind of play isn't reviewable.  We discussed this at length last night on our podcast about it being a clear no goal that isn't subjective at all.


I know the league doesn't want the war room getting into the business of calling penalties (they've said as much), which is what would have happened if they were able to review the goal...goal is waived off and Abdelkader goes in the box for playing the puck with a broken stick and it's 3 on 3 with the Blues getting a short PP after that.  But why shouldn't they call penalties on plays like that?  I think especially in situations where a goal is scored, it should be a reviewable play.  But even if you think the war room shouldn't be calling penalties, they could at least say that goals scored with a possible broken stick are reviewable plays, but no penalty will be granted and the faceoff goes down to the other end or something.  Of course, I'm sure you'll get guys bolting to the bench to hide the broken stick after scoring a goal with it...but with all of the cameras out there, they couldn't get away with that very easily.


The sad part is that Toronto did review the goal.  They review every goal to make sure it's legit.  So they very much indeed saw that the goal shouldn't have counted...but they couldn't say anything about it.

That's just wrong.

It might be a while before you see a goal like that again...they aren't common.  But it wouldn't hurt to have that rule in the rulebook just in case.  The NHL doesn't want the Stanley Cup decided on another goal that shouldn't have counted.


I think you guys can understand that we feel we deserved a better fate in this game.  Just got a bit unlucky on the first goal, and then flat out hosed on the 2nd goal.


But hey, maybe we can get some revenge when we meet the Wings in the finals.  I know that I speak for just about every Blues fan when I say that I would LOVE to meet the Wings in the finals. (but let's be honest...we'd love for the Blues to meet anyone in the finals)


Good game

Good game

Good game

Good game

F*ck you

Good game

Good game



In Topic: 2017 Winter Classic Red wings vs. Blue Jackets?

21 January 2015 - 06:46 PM

The Blues biggest star is for sure Alex Pietrangelo and the problem I could see is like you've mentioned whom are you going to play? Hawks have been overused other than them I don't know who's your most hated rival and where would you play it ? I guess the Rams stadium ? I really don't know but I think new teams would be nice but it needs to be a rivalry and at least one team has to have a huge fanbase Oshie is a shootout superstar but I doubt he is a house hold name like mentioned Alex P. Or Backes


Pietrangelo?  Our biggest star?


Why do people think that?


Tarasenko is our biggest star right now.  It's not even close really.

Petro was supposed to be our biggest star by now as there was a ton of hype around him and he got off to a nice start his first year or two, but he hasn't played that well the last two seasons at all.  He has played better of late though, maybe the last 8 games or so...but some think that is a byproduct of the team playing really well around him.  Petro isn't even our best defenseman.  That honor belongs to Shattenkirk, who is having a great year and has been very good for us ever since we acquired him from Colorado in the Erik Johnson trade.  I'd put him behind Bouwmeester as well on our depth chart, even though a lot of people think Petro is our top D-man, when that just isn't the case right now.  He plays against the other team's top lines and get's #1 minutes...but trust me, he isn't a #1 guy right now.  He'll show flashes of great play, then make a bonehead mistake that leads to a goal.  It happens a lot.  He really needs to find some consistency in his game.  The talent is there though, no doubt.


The Rams play indoors.  So that isn't a possibility for an outdoor game. 

The venue would be Busch Stadium if it was held in St. Louis.

In Topic: 2017 Winter Classic Red wings vs. Blue Jackets?

21 January 2015 - 06:12 PM


You were losing me when you said Oshie was a household name. I was lost when you said it was because of a shootout. 


Hopefully the rest made more sense.


Really?  The winter olympics...the shootout in the USA vs. Russia game when Oshie took like 8 (or however many) shootout attempts in a row.  That doesn't ring a bell?  It was a pretty big deal.

In Topic: 2017 Winter Classic Red wings vs. Blue Jackets?

21 January 2015 - 02:48 PM

Let me ask you guys this...


Over at my forum we've talked for a few years now about how we'd really like to see the Blues get into an outdoor game.

In our biased view, it seems the Blues are a no-brainer to be in one of these things (especially since Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc. have all been in multiple games already), but it just hasn't happened yet.


Our reasoning...

  • We have the household name in Oshie because of the shootout in the Olympics vs. Russia...so there is a storyline there.
  • We have the budding superstar in Tarasenko...another storyline, and a player that would certainly draw international viewers.
  • We are a high scoring team, so that would be a plus for viewers.
  • St. Louis is one of the best teams in the NHL and has been for a few years now.
  • We have the stanley cup winning coach (not that that means anything for the outdoor game...but it's something).
  • We have some heated rivalries with Chicago, Detroit (much lesser now that you guys are in the East) LA ...and now Nashville.  Our rivalry with Chicago is brutal...which you guys are familiar with as they are/were (still are?) your biggest rival as well.
  • The Blues have traditionally faired very well in the ratings in games that are televised nationally.

I think a Blues - Hawks outdoor game would be killer...and that probably should have happened this year instead of Washington being in it.  That makes no sense. 

I get that Washington was promised an outdoor game that they could host, (for some reason), and they got one...but against Chicago?  I think that was a waste of the Hawks...and now they won't be in it for at least a few years.  They should have saved the Hawks for a Blues - Hawks matchup next year, or had the Blues in it this year and let Washington host a stadium series game this year or next.


What do you guys think about the Blues being in an outdoor game?  Is that something that you would like to see?  And if so, who would you like to see them play?

I'm curious to what other fans think about that.


They say that Colorado and Minnesota are going to host next year's stadium series games, with their opponents yet to be announced.  The Blues could be announced as the opponent in either of those games...and a Blues - Wild outdoor game has been talked about before, which I'd be happy about, but I would question why the Wild and not a real rival.


I still like the outdoor games and I'm really looking forward to Montreal @ Boston next year.  That one is a great matchup that was long overdue to happen.  It really should have been one of the first ones.