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#2269490 The Blues are in the driver's seat

Posted by cprice12 on 13 March 2012 - 08:51 AM

Alright. After keeping a close eye on this thread and only ringing in to poke at Blues fans here and there, I'm going to throw down my two cents for real.

St.Louis have been the most consistent team in the NHL since Hitch's arrival. THIS is why they are 6 up in the central. They don't have any stinker games. They just play well every night. If Detroit doesn't take nights off against NYI, Montreal, Coulmbus, etc. they'd be even.

My main concern (if I was a Blues fan) is whether or not there is any room left in their game to elevate their play. Because I think Detroit, Chicago (for sure), Nashville, Vancouver (not as much) and San Jose (big time) can and most likely will crank it up a notch.

Say all you want about physical play and goaltending and defence. Measuring this against, say, regular season Chicago might not be reflective of how the wall holds up against post-season Chicago. Know what I mean?

When folks say, "The Blues are playing playoff style hockey", that doesn't mean anything other than they are playing very well. It doesn't mean they can't find a higher gear or can't play any better. It's just gibberish really.

#2269329 Playoff race thread

Posted by cprice12 on 12 March 2012 - 01:05 AM

I wouldn't want to play Nashville solely because of Rinne. He can steal a series all by himself.
If he gets on a roll, that could be all Nashville needs.
Same thing with LA. Quick would scare me a bit in a short 7 game series.

#2269322 The Blues are in the driver's seat

Posted by cprice12 on 11 March 2012 - 11:27 PM

Man, you must have been the last picked kid in gym class growing up eh? The back to back to back replies in this thread on another teams forum just screams "Validate Me!"

I'm just conversing with fellow hockey fans in a thread about the team of which I am a die hard fan of.
So there's that.

... so I will. Yeah bud, the Blues are among the best teams in the NHL right now but until they've won a cup or at least reached the finals the fanbase really shouldn't get that excited.

Just to clarify, they're not "among the best"...they ARE the best right now. Just sayin'.
And since when did winning a cup become a pre-requisite before a fan base can get excited about their team???
That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Fans get excited when their team is playing well and is a legitimate cup contender late in the season...that's the way it is always going to work, no matter how many championships a team has won.
You're not going to meet any Blue fan who is predicting the Blues will win the cup...but they are in a great position to make a run at it. And to be honest, Blues fans are more excited about the return to exciting hockey, the return to the playoffs, and the return to respectability after the rebuild.

You don't have to go back too far to see that a stellar regular season doesn't necessarily translate into a deep playoff run. The Blues have made the Playoffs with pretty good regularity - unfortunately they have never won the cup which puts them into that hazy lump of teams (ala Vancouver, Buffalo, St Louis, Washington) that have been good, bad, had great regular seasons - BUT, manage to consistently let their fan bases down again and again.

I don't need a history lesson. I've been a die hard Blues fan for about 30 years.
Finishing high in the standings doesn't guarantee anything, HOWEVER...don't downplay the importance of playing a 6, 7 or 8 seed in the 1st round as opposed to a 3 or 4 seed. It's also important for the Blues to finish as high as possible to get home ice for as many rounds as possible...St. Louis has the best home record in the NHL, which could be the difference in them going deep or not...even though they have been MUCH better on the road lately.

The Blues started a 7 game trip tonight with a win. Going up 6 pts. on Detroit was huge. Now, the Blues could finish the trip going 3-3 and would at worst be tied for 1st in the division, and that would be with Detroit going 6-0-0 over that span. After this road trip, I think the blues have 4 of their final 6 at home, where they dominate..something like that. Assuming the Blues don't go into a funk on the rest of this trip, winning the division is a real possibility.

#2268196 The Blues are in the driver's seat

Posted by cprice12 on 07 March 2012 - 10:54 PM

And here I am living in St Louis. Blues fans act like they've been up there with the elite for years and have been battling for the division and have been making the playoffs for years.

Before they went through their rebuilding period, The Blues were elite or at the very least, very good, for a long time, challenged for the division often, were always in the playoffs, won the President's trophy, went to the conference finals, blah, blah...they just could't get over the hump in the playoffs.

Some of you think the Blues came into the league in 2005. Blues fans have just been waiting for this.

Blues fans are excited about their team's return to respectability...and they should be.
They are playing some great hockey, and they have the best goaltending they have ever had...maybe the best goaltending duo in the last 40 years (haven't looked it up though). They are playing a great system and have a balanced attack. And they are doing it without one of their best two-way players in Alex Steen.

They could win the West and/or the division. Their 7 game road trip they have coming up will play a big part in where they finish. Their last road trip was 6 games and they went 5-1 on it.
The 4 vs 5 matchup is going to be a war with Nashville...so whoever finishes 4th is in for a dogfight. Winning the division is a big deal.

Looking forward to the home stretch.

St.Louis is a good team, but at the end of the day they're not the Red Wings :thumbup:

No, they're not. They are two points better. ;)

#2256269 Is Nicklas Lidstrom The Greatest Detroit Red Wing Of All Time?

Posted by cprice12 on 13 February 2012 - 03:07 PM

That's a tough one. We as Detroit fans are lucky to be contemplating who, the greatest was. I think this is an endless argument with possibilities of Howe, Lindsay, Abel, and Sawchuk that paid the price early on, and built a history. Then a kid named Yzerman that in a sense resurrected this organization single handedly in the 80's. Then a continuance of talent of Lidstrom, McCarty, and Draper.

I think my pick would have to be Yzerman for my 1a. He was the cornerstone building block for the modern era Detroit teams.

You went from Yzerman and Lidstrom then directly to McCarty and Draper??


#2252063 Vancouver Sun article on why no one hates the Wings

Posted by cprice12 on 04 February 2012 - 03:42 PM

Lol some of the names I would have imagined, mainly because they're chippy and get in your face... like certain hockey players are supposed to! And surely by virtue of hating people like Probert and Chelios (probably because one gave a few blues a lickin' over the years, and the other did well to annoy and draw penalties), but surely you must then hate Chicago, as they have both had them at one point or another? The way players are shopped around these days you can't really say you hate a team because of them. And as for Dats, Howard, HASEK(?!), even Drapes... I can't really think of many people, regardless of alligence, who could say they actually HATE those players. They're all consumate professionals who've never really done anything wrong.

EDIT: Not to mention, I'm sure you'd have taken any of those names off in a shot, if they had given some years to the Blues. Because they are/were all fantastic at the roles they were given in a team.


I'm a Blues fan. I was born with an inner hatred for the Hawks. The players have nothing to do with it as far as the Hawks go. I'll hate that team no matter who is on it. But douchebag Kane makes it easy to hate them right now.

Oh, and add Franzen to my hated list...why not? After the smartass comments he made to the press after the last time they played the Blues? Yeah...add him to the list.

Datsyuk, I don't like him because he's good and he's burned us more times than I care to think about. It's as simple as that. Plus there was the whole scouting incident mishap with the Blues scout when he was still in Russia. That's just a punch in the face to Blues fans.

Howard, I don't like him because he wrongly attacked Perron earlier this year, and took a swing at half a dozen Blues players in another game. Plus, he's a chippy guy. He'll throw punches and get in guy's faces with little provocation. Which I am sure you guys love, but when he does it to a Blues player, yeah, it's easy to dislike him. Especially when he makes comments after the game trying to justify attacking a guy, when the guy was shoved into him in the first place. Just a stupid thing to say.

Hasek and Draper...do I really need to explain? Should be obvious.
Hasek...Besides the fact that he flopped and dove worse than any goalie...ever, he was very close to coming to St. Louis before going to Detroit. He was going to come here, or so it was said, but he wanted to know who the Blues were going to keep and who they were going to trade before the season started. He made a big stink about it and of course the Blues aren't going to share that info with anyone, especially a player who is still a free agent. So he refused to sign here and went to Detroit instead. At least that is the story. And then, he goes on to be a thorn in our sides in numerous matchups with Detroit.
Just a bitter situation all around.

Draper. He was annoying...an instigator. He liked to stir things up and then would skate away or hide behind McCarty...he rarely fought or backed up his actions. I didn't like him at all. It's one of those things where if he's on your team, you love him...but if he's on the other team, you hate him.

#2251961 Howard has broken finger, Joey Mac recalled

Posted by cprice12 on 04 February 2012 - 01:41 AM

We'll keep you posted after your first round exit ;)

Nah, we won't be losing to the 8th seed. ;)

#2251956 Howard has broken finger, Joey Mac recalled

Posted by cprice12 on 04 February 2012 - 01:22 AM

Doesn't sound like "weeks" to me but maybe I am reading it wrong lol

It all depends on how bad it is broke. If he is saying that, I'm guessing it's a hairline fracture...not serious.

Good...I hope he only misses 2 games and plays 70+ games this year and wears down in the playoffs. :thumbup:


#2251947 Howard has broken finger, Joey Mac recalled

Posted by cprice12 on 04 February 2012 - 12:24 AM

Two games and reevaluated doesn't mean he'll only miss two games. It means after he misses two games, they'll look and see how it's doing and see how much more time he'll miss.

You'd think with any kind of break, he'd be out at least a couple weeks. Bones don't heal in a few days.

Probably a blessing in disguise for you guys though. Bobcock was going to run him into the ground. He was on pace to play more games than he had ever played before. No telling how his body would react to that at the end of the season. But he's young...might not have effected him that much, but you never know...and then if a deep playoff run is the goal...that's a LOT of games.

#2251203 Vancouver Sun article on why no one hates the Wings

Posted by cprice12 on 01 February 2012 - 11:38 PM

I can name quite a few fanbases, including plenty of names, that do hate us. They all just mad that we got all da Cups

Well, I know for a fact a bunch of current and former Blues players can't stand the Red Wings. I assume it's the same in many other cities.
But that's nothing compared to the various fanbases that hate the Red Wings.

The hatred has nothing (or at least very little) to do with the number of cups the Wings have won...at least as far as I am concerned. For me, it is a combination of certain players I don't like, incidents that have happened in the past (reg. season and playoffs), and past inabilities to get past Detroit in the playoffs, finishing behind them in the standings, etc.

I hate the Canucks...can't stand 'em...do they have any cups? Nope.
I can't stand the Sharks either... no cups.
I actually enjoy the Penguins...and they have a handful of cups. No hatred there from me.
I don't dislike the Canadiens...kind of impartial to them really, and they seemingly have 14,000 cups.

The number of cups a team has, has little to do with whether I hate them or not. It's really all about particular players, specific incidents, etc.

#2249003 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by cprice12 on 24 January 2012 - 02:09 PM

Its not interference if both players are challenging for the puck. Look at when kronwall got knocked on his ass earlier in the season challenging for a puck which led to a the GWG, cant remember who we were playing though.

No, that's not accurate at all.
Helm was not going after the puck. He made no attempt to play the puck.

Apparently, I watched a different game than some of you.

#2249000 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by cprice12 on 24 January 2012 - 01:58 PM

If you are the losing team and are whining about that non call, then its an excuse.
If you are the winning team, then you feel good about yourself.

The sooner people realize that the best team is the one that is able to overcome obstacles and fight through adversity is the one that wins the cup, the better off we all will be. Until we get to that point, we will have 16 groups of fans come playoff time believing their team is the one that should win the cup and if they don't, then the league or the refs are against them.

That's just rah rah talk...sometning you hear players say to the media.

Call it whatever you want...excuses, reasons, etc.

The facts are that sometimes bad calls are made and sometimes those bad calls cost teams games. Period.

#2248919 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by cprice12 on 24 January 2012 - 09:22 AM

There were a lot of potential interference calls that went uncalled throughout the game. Seems that both teams were happy to grab and hold or just interfere with people not carrying the puck throughout the entire game. To say that one blown call resulted in the loss is really a bad analysis. Do I think St. Louis could have had more power plays? Yup, but I also think the Wings were deprived of some extra power play time just based on the interference I saw.

I didn't say it resulted in the loss, but had that been called, the Wings don't get a PP and may not have went up 3-1. The game would have remained 2-1 with a 4 on 4 coming.
Wings may still have won the game, but that bad non-call allowed for a PPG that kind of put the game out of reach.

#2248916 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by cprice12 on 24 January 2012 - 09:12 AM

cprice says that it was textbook interference but it really wasn't. It would have been interference if Helm knocked the guy down, they went after the puck, but it was an even battle for the puck where Helm hit him as they were going for the puck. If the puck weren't right in the feet of the players and was maybe 3-4 feet away, sure it could have been considered interference.

This is completely wrong. Sorry.
1) You don't have to knock a guy down for it to be interference.
2) Petro was knocked down on the play anyway.
3) The puck wasn't that close...four or five feet away and Petro never touched it.
4) Helm made no effort to play the puck and checked Petro, preventing him from reaching the puck.

Textbook interference.

#2248908 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by cprice12 on 24 January 2012 - 08:59 AM

Well then whichever Blue it was that knocked Holmstrom's stick out of his hand's in the 2nd should have been given a slashing penalty, it gets called 9 outta 10 times! So now i disagree with the officiating too...

I only saw the replay of that once...and yes, it looked like to me like it should have been a penalty.

Point is you could nitpick every minute of the game if you wanted too,

Isn't that what discussion forums are for? Talking about the details of the game?

and I don't think the interference was big enough travesty to make a good argument out of. They never showed the replay of Helms hit, so i couldn't say otherwise, but I disagree with your disagreeing. Only because I see your post as a way to try and have us justify an excuse for why wings won, when there clearly isn't one.

Ummm...the power play the Wings got from that whole series of events led to their 3rd goal. Huge goal in the game. It most certainly was a big enough travesty to make an argument out of. It's the biggest gripe I have in the game. Probably should have been mathing minors for interference and roughing... and a 4 on 4 as result, not a Wings power play.