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In Topic: Going To My First Wings Game - Suggestions?

Today, 08:51 AM

A suggestion, make sure you pee before the game, the bathroom lines at the Joe are huge!

In Topic: Once again blowing a lead and giving up 3 goals

Today, 08:45 AM

We were playing Western Conference teams in their buildings, no lead is safe. Give the Wings credit for going 4-1-1 on this road trip! This road trip proved we can beat every team in the League.


If we were blowing leads at home, then worry.

In Topic: Red Wings Road Fans Appreciation

Today, 08:36 AM

I feel like a lot of people have left Michigan for greener pastures (including myself). Hence why there are a lot of transplanted Wings fans, especially south/west where the economy is doing better.


They may come back when the Colorado River and Lake Mead dry up.

In Topic: Avs Coach Roy Not Brightest Bulb

Yesterday, 12:00 PM

Getting 2 goals in 12 minutes is not unheard of, but unfortunately, that would have still left them down 4-3.  The fact is, it would be extremely, extremely rare for a team to come back from a 4-1 score halfway through the 3rd period.  Not impossible, but it's not like it happens every week.  That's really what I don't like about the NHL...so hard to score goals these days (again).


So, bold move by Roy for sure, but I'd be willing to bet most coaches would have just accepted defeat at that point, at least he was thinking outside the box.


If they were playing the Leafs they could have come back :lol:

In Topic: Sounds like the New York "Islanders" are no more...

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

I'm cool with the Brooklyn Islanders.


Me too