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In Topic: Brendan Smith re-signed 2 yrs $2.75 mill AAV

Yesterday, 05:30 PM

Good price for a guy who plays 18 minutes a night.

In Topic: Weiss bought out (confirmed)

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

Another UFA in the league either traded or bought out. More proof the UFA market is overrated and drafting is the way to go.

If Holland give Nyquist $5-$6.5M a year, then this team is doomed.  Tell us Mrazekfanboy, if you think Gus is worth that, then what the heck is Mrazek going to get next year? Nothing because after giving NYquist $6M and then having to pay the other FA's similar money because if Nyquist earned it, so did they, there will be no money to even ice a complete team.  I indeed, Gus is asking or this kind of money, trade his rights to someone who will overpay or him.  Please lets not let Nyquist be Hudler 2.0, money hungry and puts himself in front of the team. For Christ's sake, Z's cap hit is just barely over $6M, you honestly think Nyquist earned that much?

Well, they did have to make room for Franzen and Cleary...this was the obvious thing to do!

Nyquist will get a contract similar to Tatar

In Topic: Alexander semin being bought out

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

I'll pass

In Topic: Holland doesn't expect to be busy this offseason

29 June 2015 - 07:48 PM

No surprise, I've been saying this for months. UFA's are over priced anyway, and we have a number of our RFA's to sign. With guys in Grand Rapids ready to make the jump to the NHL, I'd rather see what we have first.

In Topic: Pronger (contract) and Grossman to for Sam Gagner and conditional pick

27 June 2015 - 04:55 PM

Trading contracts of guys on the IR, or unable to play, would upset Bettman, so I'm all for them :tounge: