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In Topic: Leiweke Leaving Toronto after 1 year

24 August 2014 - 10:16 AM

Good move, get out, and stay away, from Toronto.

In Topic: Datsyuk or Fedorov?

24 August 2014 - 10:14 AM

Dats also has 532 assists already. He could easily be over 600-650 when he retires and is just shy of Beijing a ppg player his entire career (804 points in 824 games) that's good enough for me, without even taking into consideration his two way play. That just puts him over the top.


Right. Also another comparison between the two, Dats is only 22 career Assists behind Fedorov. When Pavs career is over, I don't think there's much of a debate if he's a HOF player.


They're different types of players. Fedorov was more of a Russian style power forward (a Russian power forward is different then a North America power forward), Datsyuk, as mentioned is more like Larionov, but takes more shots and can take and give out a hit.


Feds carried this team in a bump and grind decade where Dats would have been shut down.


I don't know about that. Prior to 2006-07 Datsyuk got pushed around. He got into the weight room put on muscle, and he went to the next level. I think he would have been fine in the 1990's. Larionov didn't have much trouble in a rougher era.

In Topic: Sharks enter training camp with no C or A's

22 August 2014 - 02:13 PM


IMO, and this is coming from a spoiled Red Wing standpoint, once you give a guy a C you mark him as that for his career. You don't take it back and you don't trade him (Unless things go horribly wrong). If you do either of those you probably shouldn't have given that guy a C in the first place, or you should have just rolled with 3 A's. I personally think they should have just let him keep it until they trade him. If I was him I'd be pissed if my C was stripped from me and handed to Pavelski near the end of my career, and as they continue to expect the best from me.


Yea, but if San Jose was Detroit, Joe wouldn't have lasted this long here. Us Wings fans would have booed him and Marleau out of town after 2010-11. Plus Joe would have received huge criticism from Wings fans and media for not shooting enough.


I think taking the C away from Joe is the right thing to do. The Sharks need new leadership.

In Topic: Datsyuk or Fedorov?

22 August 2014 - 01:58 PM

3 no, I don't think he puts up good enough numbers but if they look at his defense then I'd say yes but I thought HOF is mostly about numbers.


This isn't a knock on Pavs, but the Hockey Hall of Fame is the easiest HOF to get into, Dats will get in. He'll retire with 2 Cups (at least) and over 300 career goals.


I'll take Fedorov over Datsyuk. Feds won the Hart, 3 Cups, and had 30 or more goals in a season 10 times. Fedorov career's better then Datsyuk, Datsyuk is in, so no question Fedorov.

In Topic: What Might Have Been: Gretzky to Detroit?

18 August 2014 - 02:38 PM

Don't forget, 1987-88 was the year Yzerman blew out his knee on the goal post. Stevie missed the last 20 or so games of the season and only played in 3 playoff games. The Oilers probably weren't interested in taking a risk on him. Add to that, Yzerman didn't really become "Steve Yzerman", until the next season. Carson was the bigger star at the time.


Looking back, it's better the trade didn't happen. I think with Gretzky we probably would have won the Cup before 1997, but who knows if we would have won it 4 times.