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#2637321 Best Seats at the Joe

Posted by Echolalia on 16 November 2015 - 01:18 PM

Upstairs men's bathroom, stall number 3. Literally never has s*** on the rim.

#2635759 2016 NHL Outdoor Games Jerseys.

Posted by amato on 08 November 2015 - 09:10 AM

I know, that Rivalry was red hot when I started following the Wings. It might sound silly, and I know it's only an exhibition game, but I'm really looking forward for the alumni game

I don't think it's silly.. I think the majority of wings fans are more excited for that than the off brand winter classic :P

#2635785 Connor McDavid injured, out "long-term"

Posted by NerveDamage on 08 November 2015 - 12:33 PM


I don't think Cherry has had anything good to say for 15 years. During the Baseball playoffs he was saying there was a conspiracy against the Blue Jays because they're a Canadian team. I'm sure the ratings for the World Series would have been higher if the Blue Jays made it instead of the Royals. The Jays were the most exciting team in Baseball!


There's no wonder why the Canadians in the NHL are a bunch of crybabies and head hunters, and Canadian sports fans are always complaining. They grew up listening to this idiot. And I say that as a Canadian.

He's definitely going senile. For Lord Stanley's sake just look at the jackets he wears.

#2635722 Connor McDavid injured, out "long-term"

Posted by DatsyukianDekes on 07 November 2015 - 09:46 PM

Con Cherry was on coach's corner saying the Flyers players intentionally injured McDavid and he knows this because he is a hockey guy.


When will this clown get off live TV.


#2635193 So who were the Wings scouting ?

Posted by rick zombo on 04 November 2015 - 03:26 PM

I would think it's advanced scouting. We don't have cap room to bring in Phaneuf's contract.


Or hopefully the desire.

#2630700 Why Is The Joe Half Empty?

Posted by skyphoenix on 14 October 2015 - 11:00 AM

I was there last night and it took the entire intermission just to go to the bathroom and get a Coke. It was probably one of the most packed early season games I've ever been to that wasn't the home opener. A lot of people seemed to leave with about 6-7 minutes left but the arena was pretty full and it was hell trying to get anywhere on the concourse.

#2630658 Why Is The Joe Half Empty?

Posted by matt198913 on 14 October 2015 - 08:20 AM

I was there Joe was pretty full.

#2622046 Who is better Nyquist or Tatar?

Posted by Franzine on 01 August 2015 - 04:24 PM

Tatar is pulling away!



#2621506 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by rick zombo on 24 July 2015 - 01:37 PM

You mean bumped up past all the escort spam?  ;)


You call it "spam". I call it a resourse. :lol:

#2621649 My grandfather's hockey collection!

Posted by pokemonbreeder18 on 27 July 2015 - 06:22 PM

Hey guys, first off, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. It's been years since I've posted on the site here....anyway...back in May I did a tour of my grandfathers hockey collection (mainly to show you guys) and I finally got around to uploading it. If you have an hour free, give it a watch. There are a lot of great hockey stories in here. My grandpa has known quite a number of people over the years involved with the game and many of these stories have probably never been heard (except by me and my family 1000 times lol) Most of it is Red Wings related, but I specifically had him point out a few of his non wings stuff for others. Around the 45 minute mark I start asking him questions directly & it can get a little loud because I'm so close to the camera, so just a warning for that. But if you're a fan of hockey history, give this a watch!

#2621354 Lou Lamoriello new GM of the Leafs

Posted by F.Michael on 23 July 2015 - 03:18 PM

Eastern standard, central, mountain, or pacific time

Well I don't know...https://www.youtube....h?v=y2R3FvS4xr4

#2619871 Pittsburgh: America's hockey capital? Lol

Posted by dropkickshanahans on 09 July 2015 - 04:14 PM

Yeah well Minnesota can suck it too LGHT



#2617508 Alexander semin being bought out

Posted by rick zombo on 30 June 2015 - 12:50 PM

Abdlekader - Datsyuk - Semin

Zetterberg - Sheahan - Nyquist

Tatar - Helm - Franzen

Miller- Glendenning - Jurco





Unless Holland's seriously planning on making a trade, that's too many forwards.

#2617363 Holland doesn't expect to be busy this offseason

Posted by number9 on 29 June 2015 - 07:37 PM

This is by far the worst UFA class in a while. Everyone's going to get overpaid. This is a year that most teams should be conservative with signings, but someone will take a chance. I'll be fine if that isn't us.

Imagine a Wings team loaded with cheap young talented players a few years down the road, but too hamstrung with Weiss and Green type contracts to make constructive additions and make a cup run.

#2615975 Looking ahead to expansion draft ... If Vegas comes to the nhl etc

Posted by F.Michael on 24 June 2015 - 06:20 PM

Expansion is such a silly idea when there's franchises in dire need of re-location.


EDIT - and IMHO - forget Vegas...Seattle (Coyotes), and Quebec City (Panthers) should be the 2 top destinations.