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#2353391 2/9 GDT : Oilers 1 at Red Wings 2

Posted by Barrie on 09 February 2013 - 05:12 PM

Did anyone else watch the game on CBC? Canadian hockey coverage is the worst! They're so pro Canada with their comments that it really makes them look stupid. All game long they talked about Lidstrom retiring, how bad the Wings PP and PK was (after only 10 games), fast the Oilers are, and have the 4th best PP in the League. They also made a comment about how the Wings are retooling and the Oilers are ready to win now. :glare:  Last I checked, the Oilers are still in the bottom 1/3 of the Western Conference. What's taking their rebuild so long?


Canadian stations (CBC and TSN) seem to have an agenda before the game starts, they don't call the game as it happens. As a Canadian, it's embarrassing.


To reply to all their stupid comments, the Oilers PP sucked today! They played sloppy all game, and had way to many turn overs.


The best announcers are ones you don't really notice. They let the game control the broadcast. Mickey, Ken, and Murph have to be amoung the best in the League, they just seem to enjoy themselves, and the game of Hockey. You won't find a better broadcast team out there then them.

As for the Wings, I think the first game was a wash, that wasn't this team. Take away Game 1 and we're 6-3-1.

#2352324 Howard = Average

Posted by Barrie on 07 February 2013 - 02:57 PM

I'm glad I'm not someone who's always negative towards this team. I couldn't imagine having the same thoughts and stresses people here have towards the Wings. It's entertainment people! At some point you need to be proud of what you've witnessed as a fan. No fan base in the NHL has enjoyed the same amount of winning as we've had since the Oilers of the 1980's. Since the mid-90's, only Yankees fans have witnessed a better championship run.


Losing the 2nd best defencemen of all time is going to take a little time to recover from, so it may take a few seasons to become an elite team again.


Edit: If you can't wait a few years, I suggest you jump on the Black Hawks or Penguins bandwagon!

#2347079 1/25 GDT : Wild 3 at Red Wings 5

Posted by Barrie on 25 January 2013 - 11:57 PM

Suter is way overrated. Soooooooooooo glad we didn't sign him even how desperate our D is,


Smith is going to turn out to be better than Suter anyway, we need the cap room for him.

#2345847 worse before better.....

Posted by Barrie on 24 January 2013 - 01:03 PM

Yes that was true.... before the cap. The 2 things that attract players are winning and money. But yet this past season we where not able to get the top UFA's. In fact it has been 6? years since we were able to get one of the top UFA's in the market. Hossa was the last real big timer that I remember. The rest of our signings have been second teir types.


Another thing to keep in mind is under the new CBA the max for resigning a FA is 8 years vs only 7 years for signing some other teams UFA. That will do 2 things: 1. increase the trade value for UFA's-they can get longer contracts and more money by resigning 2. increase trades. Expect this to be explioted by teams.


I don't understand the number of people who can't understand how over priced the Free Agent market is with the lack of high quality players available, and type of contracts that were previously signed, ex) Wisniewski. The next year's contracts have to be more. Also people were complaining about how much Ericsson signed for, but that's what he was worth on the open market. Why would anyone think Holland should over pay for UFA's?


The way to build a winner is through the draft and signing your best players long term. Signing Free Agents for 13 year deals is just insane! Suter and Parise aren't worth that kind of money or term. Plus when the Wild have to resign their own players, all future contracts will be based off of the Sute and Parise contracts. The Wild screwed themselves for 13 years!

#2345839 worse before better.....

Posted by Barrie on 24 January 2013 - 12:50 PM

Oh those lovable Red Wings. Let's be honest, these first 3 games have been really hard to watch. We as wingnuts have been spoiled over the last 20 years. But, as always happens with dynasty's, we held the same hand for far to long. There is no doubt that moving proven players that help you win championships is hard to do. But we should have done just that. But that is water under the bridge. The other by product of our success is bad drafts. We have a weak farm system. Most of the guys with NHL talent are either here-thanks to the injuries or are 2+ years away. The owrse part is, we are not bad enough to draft in the top 5. IMHO we will end up around 15-just making the PO's this year, and thus missing out on the top end talent that could be in Detroit within a year. So yes, we get to add some more young talent in this years draft, but again most of it is 3+ years away.

So back to the top. We will get worse before we get better. For many of us this will be  a hard jagged pill to swallow. But we don't have a lot of choice.

Now is it possible we have one of those wonderfull hot streaks were we win 10 out of 12 games? yes. But we also could have a bad streak where we lose 10 out of 12 as well. In fact, neither would surprise me...


So the real question, where do we go from here? This is what I would do:


1. Let it be known to the rest of the NHL that we are sellers. Everyone is available, for the right price of course. The hard part is, we don't have much in terms of value to get good young talnet back in return. Only 4 guys would fetch much: Z, Dat, Kronwall, and Howard. The only one of that group I wouldn't want to move is Howard, but he is a UFA after the season, so if the price is right, even he could go.


2. My goal in all trades is 3 fold: clear out cap space, pick up young talent, and add draft picks. Capgeek says we have 45 million spent for next season with a 13/14 cap of 64 million. Leaving 19 million to spend. I would prefer to resign Howard-we have nothing else ready to take his place and good G's are hard to find. That will eat up around 5 million to resign him. Leaving us with about 14 million to spend. The goal should be to get to 20+ million to spend in FA after we resign Howard.


3. We have 2 buyouts that we can use, that will not effect the cap. If we can't trade them away, I use the buyouts on Quincey and Franzen. That would give us another 7.7 million to spend.


4. If I am able to trade away datsyuk, then I would resign Filppula. Dat makes about 6.7 million per year and does have trade value. Filppula-who is 7 years younger is a UFA. Per the new CBA, resigning your current players allows you to go to a 8 year contract. Creating a chance for a lower cap hit. Yes, that would mean Filppula is 36 when his contract expires, or 1 year older than datsyuk is now. If the choice is 6 years @ 5 million per or 8 years @ 4 million per, go with the later. That would free up another 2.7 million after moving Dat.


5. If you take a long look at the RW's from top to bottom, you see several positions with glaring holes. For example, we have 0 big RH shooting RW's in the organization. Every RW is small or is a LH shot. We have the same issue on D, only 4 RH Dmen in the organization after this season. Most of which haven't played a single pro hockey game. The closest would be Nicastro, but he is hardly playing for the Griffins. The 3rd area that we are lacking in, is big C's. Unless you count Abdelkader as a C, we just don't have many over 6ft tall.


6. 13/14 Free Agency. We saw how well this worked last year, but this year some things could be different. There are several big under 30 forwards coming up on their UFA years. Most of which are canadians from Onterio. Meaning we are close to their homes. We also will have a nice pile of cash to spend. As of today, we have about 14 million to spend. Buyouts to Q and Franzen adds another 7.7 million to that total. That means we could sign 3 high end UFA's for 7 million per year. If we are able to move guys like Calaicovo, Eaves, bert, and sammy (please someone take them!) that would free up another 8.5+ million to add 1 or 2 more guys to fill some holes. The one glearing position of weakness in this years FA class in RH Dmen under 30. Just are not many available, as in none. 


7. As for this years draft, That is my one focus, quality players that are RH shots. be they C's, RW's, or Dmen. For those that have never played, yes the hand of the shooter/passer does matter. It matters a lot. The half a second a guy has to spend turning to shoot or pass makes a huge difference.


Now I am sure some will jump up and down about trading dat or cutting this guy or that. So be it. But and here is the thought. Are we going to win the SC with Dat over the next 2 years? I would bet the house on no. So let's move him. I would bet a forward heavy team with few quality C's like the rangers would love to have him. They have several big young fowards and RH Dmen that would fit us. Same with the Devils. I am sure there are more that are in the same boat. But at the end of the day, the worse thing we can do is to stand pat and hope for something better out of the same parts. It just isn't going to happen.


I was going to post the little yellow dude with the violin, but can't find him.

#2344687 Red Wings sign D Kent Huskins to 1-year, $750k contract

Posted by Barrie on 22 January 2013 - 04:12 PM

For a fill in guy, that's a good deal.

#2341522 1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

Posted by Barrie on 19 January 2013 - 11:44 AM

Ok, I've decided I'm going to allow myself to watch on TV, so I'll be watching tonight. I'm interested in how things will go without Lidstrom, and I'm looking forward to Tootoo as a Wing.


As for buying tickets and merchandise, not a chance. I'm not giving myself a deadline for spending money, all I can say is I have no interest in financially supporting the league. Bettman can suck it, and I encourage everyone else to do the same!


All fans need to do is stay away for a couple weeks, and the greedy owners will get the message. I'm disapointed to hear how fast some team's tickets are being sold, but I'm not surprised. All that complaining and threats for 6 months, and as soon as they new CBA is signed fans run back! So much for the fans taking a stand.

#2340953 GM Ken Holland says Red Wings might not make playoffs this year

Posted by Barrie on 17 January 2013 - 02:02 PM

You guys who think Holland is going to get fired if the Wings miss the playoffs are crazy! Holland's going no where. If Holland was ever available, all the other 29 teams would be interested and Kenny could name his price.

#2340617 Regular Season Record Predictions!

Posted by Barrie on 16 January 2013 - 01:30 PM

I think the Wings will reach 100 pts again for the 13th season in a ro.... Oh, wait a second.

#2340115 Holland has only traded two roster players since 2002

Posted by Barrie on 14 January 2013 - 07:59 PM

I guess some people still don't understand the changes that were made in the 2004-05 lockout. A salary cap went into place, now trades are like they are in the NBA, mostly salary dumps. Look at the last 7 trade deadlines, they're nothing like they were before the 04-05 lockout.


People seem to think this still the early 2000's when teams could spend and do what they want. It's a different world out there now. Teams need to draft and develop their own players. Even Free Agency isn't what it used to be, the maket is over inflated.


Yes I'm being sarcastic, but I'm surprised that there's so many people that still don't understand how everything works. Holland can't make Chelios, Schneider, and Lang type trades anymore. Also signing Suter for 13 years is insane!

#2337970 NHL, NHLPA reach tentative agreement on new CBA

Posted by Barrie on 06 January 2013 - 03:32 PM

Please don't go running back! Stand up for yourselfs and show Bettman and Fehr we won't put up with their crap any longer! Full areans will only give leadership the financial support that what they did to us was right, and we'll probably see another lockout in 8 years.


This is your entertainment dollars we're talking about! Show them what they did to us was wrong!

#2337557 Holland booed off Ford Field

Posted by Barrie on 04 January 2013 - 08:07 AM

sorry but that makes no sense.


booing a guy who has nothing whatsoever to do with the lockout is not sending a message. might as well just start booing every person you see that has a red wings jersey on.

Well with how great these negotiations are going and how smart the people in charge are, cheering Holland would make Bettman think the fans are in favor of the lockout.




"Firing Bettman would require three-quarters of the owners to approve, something he negotiated when he took the job."

This something I was aware of since the last lockout. I am pretty sure it's right



I think one way for the League to get fans to come back is to fire Bettman. 20 years of seeing his ugly mug is way too long.


Fehr should go too.

#2337231 Holland booed off Ford Field

Posted by Barrie on 01 January 2013 - 03:21 PM

I'm one of Holland's biggest fans, but I would have booed him on Sunday too. It's nothing against Kenny, but it's a way to send a message to the NHL.

LOL the Stanley Cup presentation will be a seea of boos this year. I think this time fans are really angry and wont be back easily.


The best thing would be if the Cup was presented to the team in an empty arena.

#2337145 List of Divers

Posted by Barrie on 31 December 2012 - 11:44 AM

Make sure to include the entire 2009-10 Sharks team.

#2336631 Every player a UFA?

Posted by Barrie on 22 December 2012 - 10:27 PM

Here we go.....

Steve Yzerman - draft pick

Brendan Shanahan - acquired for Paul Coffey and Keith Primeau Oct. 1996

Sergei Fedorov - draft pick

Brett Hull - signed as UFA August 22, 2001 WELL after 29 other teams could have offered him a contract.

Nick Lidstrom - draft pick

Chris Chelios - acquired for Ander Eriksson and TWO 1st round draft picks March 1999

Tomas Holmstrom - draft pick

Igor Larionov - acquired for Ray Sheppard Oct. 1995 - re-acquired for Yan Golubovsky Dec. 2000

Luc Robitalle - signed as UFA July 5th 2001 for his beloved LA Kings didn't even want him back that year...

Darren McCarty - draft pick

Pavel Datsyuk - draft pick

Kirk Maltby - acquired for Dan McGillis March 1996

Boyd Devereaux - signed as UFA August 23rd 2000, well after 29 other could have offered him a contract...

Frederick Olausson - signed as UFA May 2001 out of Swiss League (who else wanted him? Noone.)

Steve Duschesne - signed as UFA Sept. 1999 well after 29 other teams had a chance to offer a contract...

Kris Draper - acquired for $1 (CAN) and future considerations June 1993

Mathieu Dandenault - draft pick

Dom Hasek - acquired for Slava Kozlov and a 1st round pick July 2001

Uwe Krupp - signed as UFA July 1998

Manny Legace - signed as UFA August 1999, claimed off waivers from VAN Oct. 1999

Jiri Slegr - acqured for Yuri Butsayev and a 3rd round draft pick

Jason Williams - signed as an undrafted UFA in Sept 2000....

that is the playoff roster, so show me exactly where Illtich BOUGHT the Cup...I see a team built through drafting, trading assests for assests and acquiring UFA's that everyone passed on, with the exception of MAYBE Robitaille and he didn't have to outbid ANY of the other teams for ANY of the UFA's he signed...and remember they had justlost LaPointe to UFA so they needed to replace his production and they did so 4 days after 29 other teams could have thrown big bucks as Luc....

anyone who says Illitch bought that 02 Cup hasn't paid any attention to how the Yankees or Heat operate....If somehow the Wild pull off a Cup win this year (or when they come back) you can accuse them of buying a Cup...

Right, as I've said to Maple Leaf fans who say the Wings bought the Cup in 2002, the Leafs were the most bought team in the League that year.