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#2256175 Will there be an impact trade by the wings?

Posted by EastonWings on 13 February 2012 - 11:21 AM

My concern is the wings do nothing at all like they have the Past few seasons. There's no doubt wings regular season is always top notch always in play to win the presidents troPh. However come playoffs teams have us figured out. Ask San Jose. I think we have to land a scorer for one of our top two lines. teams that focus on dats and Hank will play for it. Holland hasn't done much and kept the team the same the last three seasons and we've been bounced by San jOse twice. Lost the cup to the pens. Let's try and snag a semin,parise someone.

#2256168 Tomas Tatar

Posted by EastonWings on 13 February 2012 - 11:08 AM

It's funny how people aren't beleivers in tatar cause how hes played in grand rapids. Isn't he second in team scoring for the grifs. Let's go look at the current wings that have graduated and made the wings roster. Daren helm,abedlkader. Last I checked. Neither pf these guys put up huge numbers at all in the minors. Both made the wings team for other reasons. Helm his speed. Abs for his physical game. Wings draft players for there true needs. I think Tatar two way game will payoff eventually. shhh put him on a line wIth a playmaker the kid will put up points.

#2006500 Jarnkrok (2nd pick, 51st overall)

Posted by EastonWings on 29 June 2010 - 07:00 AM

Franzen barely plays like Holmstrom as it is.

Jocke, well, maybe they'll try to turn him into a Homer but I don't see that happening.

yea frazen stays out of the penalty box! not to mention frazens play hasnt deminshed. holmstroms slow. the first two picks were what the needed. go to hockeysfuture.com look at our talent. We dont have much as far as high skill. great draft for the wings getting a power foward and a bunch of centers we need.

#1990534 Yzerman Likely to Target Wings Players

Posted by EastonWings on 27 May 2010 - 09:14 PM

anyone think Homer could end up there saying all these reports about him wanting more money and a longer deal, if the Wings dont give him what he wants

after seeing how holmer played in the playoffs with his ablity to score 4 goals and rack almost all of the wings penaltys only to see us get scored on and kill us. trade him to tampa for a bag of pucks. we can replace him with speed since he is a pilon/.

#1988617 add speed and grit. 3 guys we should sign.

Posted by EastonWings on 23 May 2010 - 07:10 PM

sign 3 guys and watch us get back to the cup. frolov,volchenkov and lombardi. all are in their mid 20s young. frolov on a line with datsyuk is deadly. lombardi to boost up our third or fourth line which lacked in scoring this yrs playoff. and obviously volchenkov if nick retires. let holmstrom slow skating penalty eating walk. ive always liked homer but this yr in the playoffs his silly penaltys really cost us some big goals. we need more speed and it showed vs the yotes and sharks. its obivous others teams are catching the wings puck postion ways. chicago which imulates our style along with the sharks have caught us. i think adding these three would upgrade our team speed,grit and scoring. i think holland could get a nice deal cap friendly for a guy like frolov who didnt put up numbers in la like he could here in detroit