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In Topic: Bobby Ryan/Jarome Iginla watch

01 December 2011 - 09:22 PM

Used to think Filppula was a waste of money for how much he is paid until recently, and it's about time he played to his potential as harsh as that sounds. But unfortunately if Holland is going to make a trade Filppula will have to be a part of it, he's really the only person of value and it's skyrocketing right now. Contrary to popular belief of Hudler Slappies the trade value of a slow, small one-dimensional player that's an UFA next year isn't that high. And they won't trade Zetterberg no matter how much it's suggested. Won't happen.

All for Iginla if Holland can get him at the right price. He can net 40-50 goals / play at an elite level for the Red Wings for two or three more years. He may lose his physical edge but his shot and instinct to score won't diminish. At this point San Jose has Detroit figured out in the playoffs (see the last two years if you don't believe me), argue all you want, it's still true. Have a hunch San Jose wouldn't have an answer for a Datsyuk - Iginla connection, assuming they play each other in the playoffs. I can see Datysuk getting 70+ assists and Iginla getting 50+ goals if they played together all season. Iggy's shot has burned Howard a couple times so far this season, all on a s***ty Calgary team.

It would have to be Filppula + Smith + another high end prospect + 1st. I don't think Iginla's value is that high but that's what it'll probably take. Calgary may not even be interested in that anyways. Regardless, Iginla is the exact player everyone wants. Big, fast, physical, fighting, right-handed scoring power forward that isn't afraid to go in the middle of the ice.

I feel Iginla has always wanted to play in Detroit, especially given his statements about the DRW organization the past week. They are the favorite out of the West if they get him IMO

In Topic: Ryan Miller's opinion on Milan Lucic

25 November 2011 - 06:59 PM

As a goalie of 20+ years and much experience doing what Miller did I feel I can put my two cents forward:

I feel if a goalie leaves the net to play the puck in front of him he's fair game, he's essentially a defenseman. But if he's behind the net playing the puck and defenseless then obviously hitting him is a no-no. There were many times I rushed out to try and shoot a puck away and got checked. I was fine with it, I knew there was a chance I'm getting ran over, that's the risk I took. And this is in Midgets, not quite Pro level hockey. I'm thinking twice if I have a 6'4'' 230 lbs monster heading towards me at full speed.

It was dumb on Lucic's part because he made it pretty obvious he was just going for the hit. At least try to sell you "accidently" bumped into him. Or just try to get out of the way, I think he had some time to at least attempt to get out of the way.

In Topic: Just a thought...

02 November 2011 - 07:00 PM

I don't think they would trade within the division either

In Topic: This team screams for a trade

02 November 2011 - 06:24 PM

The difference is the Wings don't actually go after pretty much any trade/FA bait imaginable, unlike the Leafs.

And dallas27, I'm not sure if you're referring to me, but if you are (probably should use names instead of this girly passive aggressive method as I tend to skip over your posts due to them being full of pointless fluff), I find it pretty hilarious how easily you get mad over pixel debates. Lay off the huffing OxiClean there, Billy Mays, and maybe you'll find yourself throwing less pixel temper tantrums.

And saying

In 2007-08 the Red Wings' first 7 games were 4-2-1 (9 pts) -- pretty sure we remember how that season ended.

isn't pointless fluff? You can apply that to every single season in which they don't start well and it wouldn't matter. Because, well, what happened in 2007-08 doesn't matter. This just in: It's 2087-2088 and the Wings are off to a dreadful, slow start but are poised to win the Stanley Cup because they did in 2007-08.

All you have been able to do is make, what you think, funny little quips towards me without actually responding to anything I say.

You can still try "to make me eat my words." Again, those words were the past doesn't matter, especially 5 years ago, but if history does matter then the Red Wings will lose in the playoffs, probably to San Jose, because that's what's happened in the past two years. Have at it. You won't though. Instead of admitting defeat you'll find some smart ass comment to say to me.

You are aware that when you were talking with Eva about Samsonov it was me that suggested it first, right? Thought all I had to say was "pointless fluff." In case you skipped over it I said that he comes into my work quite a bit and no teams are after him. He won't be the 70 point player he was but I think he can be a smaller, quicker Danny Cleary and help spark the offense.

How's Ford doing again? That's another topic you will yet avoid and rather try to blast me because you know you are wrong, you just don't know how to deal with it. Instead, the most you'll come up with is something along the lines of "stop playing in the snow piles Whitney har har har har har har."


Sit down and shut up

In Topic: This team screams for a trade

02 November 2011 - 02:39 PM

Why would Emmerton be next, and who's replacing him? Why not Miller or Eaves? Eaves has sat in the press box for four games, Miller for two, and Emmerton for two. Emmerton is four years younger than the others, and all of them are capable PKers. Emmerton is the only center of the three.

The Red Wings have plenty of players that can play center. I think Eaves has more value than Emmerton, Eaves is proven. But Miller would be the more logical choice to let go. I'm not sure if anyone would be needed to waived but Tatar would be the next to come up. He should have been called up before Nyquist. I wish I knew why they are waiting so long to call Tatar up.

Couldn't. It's "I couldn't care less" because "I could care less" means that you do care. Which is the complete opposite of what you are saying. Proper spelling and grammar are our friends. You should become acquainted with them if you desire to be taken seriously.

Haha, playing the grammEr nazi card. Mi grammEr r spot on 99% of teh time. Butt kool s*** men, u look liek suc a hard ass jeanus! I bet you're e-peen r the size of the hedgehogs! I riddled that sentence with mistakes just for you qtee.

Trade for Doan and Parise? And what are we giving up, Hudler/Kindl/1st to New Jersey and to Phoenix at the same time?

I've actually started thinking more on the lines of Rick Nash but I doubt if Columbus would ever trade within the division, or the Red Wings for that matter. Seeing as Doan and Parise are going to be UFAs I think they can be had for a cheaper price than what it would normally be. Since New Jersey has made it clear they are moving on with Kovy and not Parise I'm thinking you aren't going to have to give up as much as you think because the Devils would be happy with something for Parise. Now that something is still going to be quite a bit because he's a borderline franchise player but I think you'd be surprised. I like Franzen + Tatar for Parise. I'm not entirely sure what Phoenix needs so I can't comment on who I'd send over there. I imagine it wouldn't have to be a lot for an aging 35 year old who's body isn't going to hold up for too many more seasons the way he plays.

I like the Sergei Samsonov idea. I've liked the idea of Sergei Samsonov for years. But Ken Holland doesn't. Sergei Samsonov contacted the Wings about trying out, and the Wings said no thanks.

I don't see why they wouldn't but I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks. Guy looks like he is in great shape though. When I asked him if any teams contacted him he kind of smirked when I said I don't know why nobody would. It was pretty funny, kind of like he knows he can still play in the NHL and be effective. But as I said, I know he's far removed from his 70 point self, and I wouldn't expect that at all, but I still think he can offer some upside to the Wings in terms of scoring. I see him as a smaller, quicker Danny Cleary.

No matter how the Red Wings do it, they need something fresh. Something different. Anything. Whether that's internal through call-ups or through a trade, so be it. Two games has turned to five and it's going to turn into ten.

Ya dig, Inglewood Jack?

Why are you sticking up for that moron to begin with? Guy has his head so far up his own ass. Last I knew he lived in San Francisco, which is very fitting, for many reasons.