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In Topic: Thoughts on Bertuzzi after first game as a Wing?

23 March 2007 - 02:30 PM

QUOTE(Inultus @ March 23, 2007 - 02:13PM) View Post

Also, SuperCalaFilppulastic! I love your av, what was the name of that show again? The main guy who was the co-announcer in Dodge Ball cracks me up, as does the brother who is in your av.

The show was "Arrested Development", IMO one of the greatest shows no one really watched. The actor's name in the video is Will Arnett, the guy you refer to in dodge ball I believe was Jason Bateman. One of the greatest lines ever came from the brother-in-law, Tobias, explaining that he had painted himself to be a stand-in for the "Blue Man Group", "Michael, you'll have to excuse me, I'm a little dizzy because I just blue myself". The look on Jason Bateman's face was priceless as he replied, "Yeah, you might want to consider rephrasing that in the future." What a classic show.

In Topic: Fedorov a D-Man?

16 March 2007 - 03:28 PM

I don't know, there are a lot of burned bridges on both sides after he left. Would the Wings be willing to keep a guy like Emmerton from making his NHL debut for a 38-year old Sergei? Unlikely, IMO.

In Topic: Demise of the Original Six

16 March 2007 - 09:40 AM

All the other Original Six teams are owned by people/companies that see the team as an investment or are seemingly indifferent about the team's success.

Wurtz and Jacobs don't give a crap about the Hawks and Bruins and the Habs, Rangers are Leafs are owned by large corporations or, in the Leafs' case, a portion of the team is owned by a teacher's pension fund. Yeah, I'm sure they are real interested in taking risks with their investment to win a Cup.

In Topic: Wings to focus on Datsyuk

14 March 2007 - 03:22 PM

QUOTE(Heroes of Hockeytown @ March 14, 2007 - 02:20PM) View Post

Then why make the comparison at all? Steve's team as a whole had trouble in his early years, but he performed admirably. This has not been true for Pavel. They are in two fundamentally different situations.

I was simply making the comparison that initial impressions about a player's ability to perform in the playoffs aren't always right. Steve did always perform offensively, but many questioned his ability to lead a team in the playoffs. Yes, that's right, a guy considered one of the greatest leaders in his sport's history was once considered a crappy leader and was nearly traded for Alexi Yashin for it. So, in that aspect, I think it's early to call Pavel a playoff bust and I think it's a stupid reason to not re-sign him.

In Topic: Wings to focus on Datsyuk

14 March 2007 - 01:30 PM

Pavel has also matured into a solid two-way player. Zetterberg and he are both very responsible in their own zones. To have two dynamic offensive talents that backcheck is rare, and I think that alone merits his return, regardless of what heppens in the post season.

For those with short memories or who weren't around, there was a time when the prevailing thought was Steve Yzerman couldn't win in the playoffs, too.