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#2503751 3/30 GDT - Lightning 2 @ Red Wings 3

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 30 March 2014 - 05:21 PM

We need to goon it up against Stamkos to send Yzerman a message here.

#2500751 3/25 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 4

Posted by wings87 on 25 March 2014 - 04:52 PM

A win tonight would have sitting a little more comfortable when i go to the game this weekend. Putting the BJ's in our rear view is a must.

I don't like the thought of BJ's in our rear view window.

#2484052 Zetterberg out with herniated disc

Posted by amato on 15 February 2014 - 09:01 AM

Why couldn't it be Cleary or Samuelsson? 

Because Canada and Sweden want to win in Sochi? :P

#2473539 1/16 GDT : Red Wings 0 at Rangers 1

Posted by GoWings1905 on 16 January 2014 - 09:40 PM

I'm not even mad. Could have easily won again, just like in Anaheim.

The calendar is moving along, though. Much more of a hole and the playoffs may not happen. Somebody get healthy -- I'm so sick of hearing "the injured players are close." They have been claiming that for nearly a month.

#2468891 12/30 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Predators 6

Posted by Tr!PoD#19 on 30 December 2013 - 10:24 PM

This one is on Babcock for not pulling thatf****** sieve after the third goal. Inexcusable.

#2468818 12/30 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Predators 6

Posted by puckbags on 30 December 2013 - 09:47 PM

3-1 goal is a killer...Jimmy can 1239232398 great saves ..it's the bad ones that kill a team...he has to be better..and don't give me the " it's his first game back " crap..if he's not ready he shouldn't be in there.