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In Topic: Lilja had appendectomy; Conklin to start tomorrow

21 October 2008 - 01:24 PM

QUOTE (Opie @ October 21, 2008 - 02:10PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It was a scope so the entrance wound (for lack of better terms) is minimal at best and is more of a puncture wound as opposed to an open gash on the side of him.

But I could be wrong.

Must be very different if you get cut. Mine ruptured, I was told I would be in the hospital 10-14 days and out of work for 4-7 weeks...and I think my job is much less rough than playing hockey. I wasn't off as long as they said but I was in no means ready to check people three days after.

In Topic: Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

16 April 2008 - 06:44 AM

I went to the funeral home to see my brother in law because his brother (a big wings fan) had died. Several people had wings jerseys on.

In Topic: Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

16 April 2008 - 06:41 AM

I went out to Denver with my kid for four days to go to the x-games two years ago at the Pepsi center and wings Shirts was the only clothes I took. I also took my oldest boy to Daytona that year and wore our Red Wings jackets at the Chicago airport and the guy on the intercom said everyone could board the plane...except Red Wings fans are last.

In Topic: Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

16 April 2008 - 06:36 AM

QUOTE (SouthernWingsFan @ April 16, 2008 - 07:14AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Basically anywhere in/around where I live since hockey is like the 50th popular sport overall. tongue.gif

Seriously though, I rarely get any weird/snarky looks from people if I ever wear Wings apparel or the jersey thinking I am a clown, but it usually strikes up a brief conversation here and there with why I like hockey, who are good players or teams in the playoffs, or whatever else. Nothing blatantly towards the negative side.

I went out Saturday evening for dinner and a few drinks after the game and had my Wings Holmstrom jersey on and was watching the playoffs for the hour or so I was there and hockey was the icebreaker (tongue.gif) for me and a few people where I was around.

I'm fortunate to work at a job/company where I can dress casual more often than not wearing blue jeans and the like if I don't have a business meeting with a client or potential new business, so I've worn the jersey a few times this year during game days. The first time I wore it people in the office were making fun of me and were like, "What the heck is that?" in a joking way of course. laugh.gif

I'll probably wear it tomorrow during work since it's a game day.