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#2599331 Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

Posted by hockeysattva on 23 April 2015 - 08:11 PM

 "advanced guys are kicking the enforcers ass right now" yeah because important stuff like intangibles, chemistry and grit can be measured so well ?! What a bunch of arrogant, self entitled excel geniuses. Oc course the only time ESPN is talking about hockey, is to push their anti-fighting stance.


Guess what, Orr may not be the most skilled player ever but tha t guy is giving his all every time he is on the ice, wheter it's fightning, body checking or creating energy to fire his team up. Oh yeah if you don't have the puck the other team is going to have the puck ?! Really, that's advanced "metrics" ? God forbid someone would check the guy who has the puck into the boards and THEN get the puck plus make the team aware of him being on the ice but no that can't be measured so it's obviously not good.


Don't get me wrong, I respect the mathematical talent those advanced stat guys are having but when it comes down to actually hockey knowledge and understanding what's really important they're trapped into excel sheets and calculators...if only they would watch the games. Brian Burke said it best: show the stat that makes our team a winner and gives us the edge right now, we're paying cash show it to me....sursprisingly nobody did because hockey is a fast paced, momentum shifting, physical and hard to measure game. Sadly it will take a bit longer till the advanced geniuses are getting that.


1 hardworking Orr, McGrattn, Thornton... > advanced mathematics geniuses


McGrattan *laughs* I think it's a joke and I'll leave it at that - doesn't need much words to sum it up :-) :clap:

Orr "you can't measure character and the confidence an enforcer is bringing to his team" :bounce:


How about showing those guys some much deserved respect instead of sitting infront of your MBP otherwise (to quote Nichelson) how about you go on the ice with your laptop and do THEIR job?! I'm sure Prust, McLaren, Bourdelaux will be wowed by all that numbers...BOOM first punch knockout :)

Statistics are exactly what they are, they provide a compelling argument, and if you don't like it you should come up with a better explanation, what you've done is make an ad hominem attack. 


Doesn't make you look real good.


Now, I'd like to see the stats they are using . I will bet that the statistics can prove some of the intangibles. Like looking at the success of shifts after winning fights, etc. I bet there is proof to some of the "momentum."

#1972139 Will Malkin Ever Develop a Fedorov Complex?

Posted by hockeysattva on 03 May 2010 - 04:42 AM

Its a bad analogy or comparison.

Crosby isn't a better player than Malkin, though time will tell on whether that changes or not. Second, they're basically the same age chronologically and with the team. The only fair part of your comparison is that you've got English speaking as first language captains, and I don't really think that was the issue with Feds and don't expect as much from Malkin.

#1944553 Top 5 Fighters

Posted by hockeysattva on 16 April 2010 - 06:51 AM

Since, you said fighter and enforcer, and since I'm not really in the mood for deciding where the Tony Twists of hockey belong, and since I want a list of Wings...
My five favorite fighters.

I've always loved watching Shanny fight. He had some real slug fests with Foote.
Darren McCarty he could play hockey, and throw down as needed nuff said.
[Honorable Mention: Chris Chelios, remember when he fought Luc... I distinctly remember his boy saying, "mom why is that man hitting daddy?"]
Probert and Kocur are gimmies, but they were really more on the enforcer end.

Fischer, he didn't fight much, but I'll also never forget the pounding he gave Hartnell after he healed. I would not what to be anywhere close to the receiving end of that. Plus he was just so young, he really had the passion.
Martin Lapoint, he had more upper body strength than any other Wing at that time, and he got into some great match-ups with guys who didn't realize it.
Mike Vernon, probably the chippiest netminder I'll give credit to ;)