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In Topic: Helm hates Pittsburgh also

01 February 2010 - 01:15 PM

That is unfortunate about his girlfriend, if true, and I understand that we are supposed to hate Pittsburgh because Crosby plays for them and they beat us last year but you can go to any arena in any city and any sport and have something bad happen to you. People from Pittsburgh have stories about things that happened at the Joe the last two years. To say that they have the most classless fans is a stretch.

The problem is evey team always has a few fans that take things to far. To label a whole city or team as classless because of a few fans may not be fair. From what I understand, going to a Flyers game wearing another team's jersey wouldn't always be wise. I'd say they have the worst fans, but that doesn't mean that every Flyers fan acts like that.

In Topic: Don Cherry's Comments

02 March 2009 - 03:01 PM

Really this comes down to if you like Ovechkin better than Crosby. I may be one of the few that like both of these players. I think Sid is the best playmaker in the league, and probably the smartest player and one of the best skaters and plays good two way hockey (Yes, not as good as Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Hossa), but better than most top forwards. Alex is a beast who has top speed, a hard shot, can hit and the best pure goal scorer.

If you like Ovechkin better you're one of those people that still call Crosby a whiner because he complained about getting his teeth knocked out by Hatcher his rookie year and there was no call on the play. People can't get over that. Let them never forget if it helps them sleep. Ovechkin hit a Tampa player from behind on the glass about a month ago and the guy was injured. Play was stopped and he was taken off the ice. Can't remember his name, just a role player, but he still hasn't played since. Nobody talked about it, no fine, no suspension. If that was Crosby everybody would be calling for his head. People see the clip of him "jumping" that Toronto player off the face off, what the clip doesn't show is that same Toronto player slew footed Sid on the opening face off of the game. When you like Ovechkin you tend to ignore things he does that are not so great, and if you like Sid better you tend to do the same thing.

Just last game against Florida, Ovechkin got a stick in the face and he went up to the ref and was trying to figure why there wasn't a penalty. People are not calling him a whiner. Lecavalier got sticked in the face a few games back and he was pretty upset and confronted the ref, and no one is calling him a whiner. Ovechkin did score with 20 seconds left to make it 6-2 Florida, and he didn't celebrate.

Crosby's comments were actually directed towards Ovechkin taking shots at people after the whistle. That isnt anything new anybody who watches Caps games a lot knows that. He wasn't referring to his goal scoring antics, so you have to take Sid out of the equation and focus on what Cherry said, not Sid. Crosby does celebrate after big goals, he wasn't calling Alex out about his celebrations. Problem Sid has is that anything he says or does, he is under a microscope.

I agree with what Cherry said because he is right. I like Ovechkin and I'm one of a few that hope he can break Gretzky's goal scoring record, but I'm tired of his celebrations too. It's one thing to score a big goal, like a big goal towards the end of the game, or a OT in the season or playoffs, or even a milestone goal, but this guy celebrates like every goal is a playoff winner.

Last night Iginla broke the Flames points record and in the same game, Lecavalier scored his 300th career goal, you wouldn't know by watching the two celebrate. They have class and they have scored and will score again.

Basically, Don is probably making a bigger deal out of it than it really is, but he is right when he says you really shouldn't rub it in the other teams face because it makes them want to take a run at you. No one has done it yet, but he is saying don't be surprised if it happens. No NHL player or team likes to be embarrassed.

He named a few players, but just Mario or Yzerman for example, sometimes those guys wouldn't even raise a their stick when they scored. Brett Hull is another one.

So yeah, if you're a Ovechkin fan, his celebrations are justified, if you don't they are not.