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#1930984 Best Coach in Michigan Sports History

Posted by BlakChamber on 03 April 2010 - 10:24 AM

I think two very important college coaches have been left out of this poll; Ron Mason and Red Berenson. Red has a 20 year tournament streak going, 10 Frozen Four appearances and 2 national championships. Mason had a 21 year tournament streak with 7 Frozen Fours and 2 appearances in the Championship game with 1 championship. The two of them combined have a ton of CCHA and GLI championships, I don't know the exact numbers. While they were both coaching, the CCHA was always MSU and UM fighting for 1st place with everyone else fighting for 3rd.

Personally (and I'm going to get blasted for this because I'm a Spartan) Bo was overrated. Yeah, he cleaned up in the regular season when the Big 10 was the Big 2 and Little 8. BFD. He never won a national championship and was 5-12 in bowls. At least Carr was 6-7 in bowls and has UM's only half-national championship since the 40's. Yost may have won a lot, but his national championships are the back-dated, self-awarded type and from a time where colleges would play high schools and get to count the victories. It's tough to compare what he did to the rest of the coaches that we're talking about.

As much as I love Izzo, Scotty is the best coach in MI sports history. Looking at his career as a whole he's one of the best coaches every in any sport. Even just comparing what he did in his time with the Red Wings, it still makes him the best this state has ever seen. A record of 410-193-107-10, never having a losing season, never missing the playoffs, never finishing lowering than 2nd in the division, 4 conference championships and 3 Stanley Cups. And doing all that in just 9 seasons.

Izzo isn't there yet. He still needs another championship or 2 before he can take the title of best coach in MI sports history away from Scotty.