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#2312535 Red Wings Sign Jordin Tootoo to 3-yr deal, $1.9M/yr

Posted by akustyk on 02 July 2012 - 01:15 AM

Better than a skill-free goon like Konopka but I'd rather have Ott. Interesting signing nonetheless.


I kinda like this signing. he's cheap and he adds Babs flexibility to use a player of this type once in a while.

as for opinions about his play... can't say that I've watched a lot of him recently, but I remember him from
the Preds-Wings 2008 playoff series as being the hardest working guy on their team. not just dishing
questionable hits etc. but simply fighting for all the pucks. is he like this AD 2012-13? dunno.
but I certainly would love an inspired gritty player on this team. for $0.6M a year it's a low risk, high reward
scenario. what's not to like?

EDIT: it's $1.9M per year not for all 3. not cheap for a 4th liner (even with the new cap) but I hope
he earns his money...

#2311930 Red Wings Sign G Jonas Gustavsson to 2-year deal, $1.5M/yr

Posted by akustyk on 01 July 2012 - 04:14 PM

I like this signing. can't wait for him to get a start in Winter Classic and stone wall Maple Laughs.

#2310092 Shanahan snubbed from HoF induction

Posted by akustyk on 26 June 2012 - 02:30 PM

this is really emberassing. Sundin over Shanny...

yep... talk about HHOF offices being in Toronto and this being no how correlated with votes... :)


#2301891 Iginla

Posted by akustyk on 17 May 2012 - 05:02 PM

of those two I absolutely prefer Iginla and this is a total no-brainer.

#2301610 Alex Semin officially going to free agency

Posted by akustyk on 16 May 2012 - 05:56 AM

Wings had 248 GF this season, 2nd best in the West. I fail to see an urgency to shop for a pure scorer as of now.

to me there are two priorities for Wings heading into the summer: 1. replacing older players with young who can put
similar production (or better if possible) 2. bringing someone to the organization who will fire up the core players and
make this team actually WANT to win. this actually is bigger than first point. this team could use more overall talent
and with so much cap space it actually is expected to fish a big name forward. but first and foremost it needs real hunger.
even Franzen still has it (see: IIHF WC 2012) but someone has to press the right buttons...

#2301181 Bettman wants to tout the "Original 12" now, haha

Posted by akustyk on 14 May 2012 - 03:34 AM

But I wouldn't say he's good for the game. Aside from locking the players out twice during his tenure and losing a season and a half of hockey, he also denied for years that clutching and grabbing was out of hand during the dead puck era. It wasn't until the lockout and the competition committee's involvement that they made adjustments to the game to allow skill players to play without getting mugged.

(..) Bettman is a traditionalist in many ways. I'm sure that conversation already happened and Bettman wasn't having any of it. As far as fighting goes there are individuals and groups that are actively trying to eliminate it from the game but Bettman has consistently defended it on record.

are you sure Gary has so much say about the shape of the game?

I don't think the guy has (and even is supposed to) have much understanding of the game. He's a lawyer and needs management and diplomacy skills to get 30 GMs (and NHLPA, at least sometimes) on the same page and make sure the product is marketable (which, don't get me wrong, is not decided by a couple of die hard fans like us, but masses who watch TV and buy tickets and merchandise). nothing less but also nothing more.

there are people in the NHL offices who understand the game and various aspects surrounding it. Gary is not to replace them but only to make the organization deliver. hard cash that is.

look, my company also exists because it delivers excellent product and knowledge support, but it's (among others) me who provides the service. my boss doesn't understand the finer points of service, but he's excellent at selling it to clients.

#2301013 Patrick Kane at it again

Posted by akustyk on 13 May 2012 - 02:37 PM

I'll take anything that serves as distraction to Blackhawks and makes this franchise worse.
Kane being immature d*ck is nothing new, but I'll obviously take it. I only wish it got even worse in their locker room
and this moron kid pests the climate and sets bad example to the rest of this crappy team.

#2300743 2012 World Ice Hockey Championships

Posted by akustyk on 11 May 2012 - 04:23 PM

Sweden was playing really good in 1st but in 2nd Russians got under their skin and Swedes lost it totally. game was lost basically when it got tied 3-3, but I didn't expect such blowout.

Franzen needs to calm down. Yemelin really got the best of him. same goes for Landeskog who took even dumber penalty.

Fasth and Enroth are perfectly fine if the team in front of them stays focused. it was for the first 30 minutes.

PS. Eriksson still rocks. and Malkin is, skills aside, f* goon.

#2300616 #7 Washington Capitals vs. #1 New York Rangers

Posted by akustyk on 11 May 2012 - 02:35 AM

Well if the media didn't keep trying to get answers out of Torts that they want, so they can spin it on him, he would probably respect them back. Listen, the media tries to DESTROY and skew the words of Torts, they set him up for failure. They ask rhetorical stupid questions, so he answers with smart ass answers.

that's what media is and always was about. 29+ coaches in this league (and other major leagues as well) understand it and get over with dumb questions.

in nowadays economies you need media to sell your product. especially when the product is media based. and it's actually this intermediary (streaming, reporting) who holds the power in relation with content producer (league). period.

Come on man, don't act like Torts is the bad guy all the time. You would eventually get fed up with it too.

I don't. I was OK with him until recently, but just think he is pushing this too far now. for whatever reason.

Torts is honest I admire that and respect that. HE is the only coach who is not afraid to speak out.

I don't see why thats a bad thing. It is a team game, why would the head coach want to single an individual player out in a post-game presser to the public. Everyone wants to be up in arms because of his post-games right now and call him classless but you want him to put one of his players on blast infront of the public? If its one thing Torts absolutely kicks ass at, its sticking up for his players. He'll be blunt, damn well straight up say the performance was "the suck", but he wouldn't single out a players performance. He'll go tell you to talk to that player. Which Babcock will do the same thing in his pressers.

what I'm referring to is his
1. his total disdain to media people which is more than obvious the moment he enters the press room
2. it's done over and over again.
3. "I'm not going to answer question about single players" + "I'm not going to answer you questions about strategy" + "I'm not going into discussion of refs calls" = what exactly is Torts then going to answer? questions about his favorite apple pies? this is a god* press conference for media going to report about the game. Tortorella is simply not answering any hockey related questions.

I'm OK with sending a statement to media to get real and stop asking same things over and over again. I understand that he doesn't want to single out players etc. but the way this guy behaves is more like "f* off, I'm not going to answer you anything". and he keeps doing it. and this is sure as hell against league policy to work with the media for one. and most certainly simply not fair for those people who just want to write a note or article in their paper to generate interest in NHL hockey.

#2300614 Bettman wants to tout the "Original 12" now, haha

Posted by akustyk on 11 May 2012 - 02:05 AM

I don't like the wording "Original" in the sentence. let's keep original with 6 and if needed make something out for those 12, otherwise it'd be confusing which is in fact original.

I'm not offended, I'm actually tired of the megalomania of many O6 fans who think their team is 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and everything outside the O6 is just pretenders to produce decent hockey. if you look at playoff results from recent years - those other un-original 6 have as much if not more success. and many of newer franchises are doing more than good job, often in much worse economy.

mind you... I'd rather support Predators or Lightning with their solid job overall but limited history and fanbase, than Maple Laughs or Canadiens with their giant d* about their history and brutal product on the ice.

#2300148 2012 World Ice Hockey Championships

Posted by akustyk on 08 May 2012 - 05:27 PM

I could've sworn Zetterberg scored off that redirect against Denmark but IIHF says he has no goals and 4 assists.

the goal was credited to another player. after the goal Zetterberg evantook the puck and brought it to that player (#43), but I no longer know that name.

truth being said, Zatta is playing great, nevermind the scoresheets.

#2299489 2012 World Ice Hockey Championships

Posted by akustyk on 05 May 2012 - 04:22 PM

This is the consolation Cup for those who got eliminated or didn't make it to playoffs.

not really. maybe from North American point of view it looks like this, but for European players this event, played almost always in Europe, is a big deal.
mind you... it's normal time for people here, we can watch the game without losing sleep, and for a big number of fans it's a chance to see home grown
talent. and for those players its a big chance to represent their country which at this side of the pond is still important.

in short: just because it is outside US/North America doesn't mean that it is worse...

#2299122 Philadelphia bar brews a beer called "Crosby Tears"

Posted by akustyk on 04 May 2012 - 03:02 AM

good for them.

does the beer cause drinker to fall/dive at slightest push and whine to authorities? thought so... Posted Image

#2296526 #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by akustyk on 24 April 2012 - 06:12 AM

Nashville is deeper but you never know in playoffs.
anyway, I'll be rooting for Preds. the franchise does so many things right, they play hard day in, day out, I'd like to see them reach WCF (at least) finally.

#2272120 Did Holland build a BMW instead of a Chevy?

Posted by akustyk on 20 March 2012 - 09:53 AM

Other GMs are going to be bailed out one way or another by the NHL, much the same way certain automakers have, while those who worked hard to sustain a team will, in a way, have their work undone.

on the other hand, if you're a player or players agent about to sign a new contract, will you rather sign for a GM who is known to respect the agreements, even for less money, or chose someone who once counted on league bailout (subsequently stripping players from their incomes) and risk part of your future salary not being paid, thereby effectively lowering the real value of the contract?

it's not really a free lunch to GMs here, as they do risk their image and future abilities to sign/trade. thankfully!