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#2604524 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 09:27 PM

Pretty sick of the endless KH apologists on this board. I guess they like 1st round exits.


The feeling is mutual with the KH attackers.  I guess they don't like multiple cup winners.

#2604398 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 09:07 PM



This is the start of the forum turning into a toilet on the verge of flushing.....


What a great series.  Wish it turned out different, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. 


Look at the bright side, the Griffins won tonight and they are going to get some horses back for their playoff run.

#2604203 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 08:44 PM

Ugh. Good job refs. I can't see how there was no call when Quincey got held and pulled down and then held down on the ground. Seriously! f*** the refs


Maybe we can blame them for Detroit not putting the puck in the net.  Better yet, maybe they will do it for us.

#2604031 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 08:11 PM

Wow. What a game !


This is what a Game 7 should be.  Both teams working their asses off.  Great competition.  Scoring chances.  I just hold my breath whenever the Lightning get a shot on goal.

#2604022 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 08:10 PM

Take a deep breath everyone.  :D

#2603448 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Nightfall on 29 April 2015 - 02:07 PM

I will say this and then bow out of this thread until after the game is over. 




This team is more than capable of winning this game.  If they lose, its their own fault.

#2602979 Kronwall suspended one game

Posted by Nightfall on 28 April 2015 - 09:18 PM

While I don't agree with the decision, I will say this....


Having Kronwall suspended for game 7 won't be an excuse if the Wings lose.  It shouldn't be an excuse at least.  If the Wings play their game, they will win.  Simple as that.

#2602669 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Nightfall on 28 April 2015 - 10:55 AM

You know how's struggled since Yzerman and Nill left?  Yzerman and Nill. 


This right here.  I know many LGW members are all over Yzerman's nuts saying that he is the best GM since sliced bread.  However, since he has taken over as GM of the Lightning, his team has made it to the conference finals once.  Oh, I'm sorry, that wasn't his team because he didn't build it.  Now, if it was his team, then Holland deserves credit for GMing the team in 98 when they won the cup, but I digress.  If you don't give him credit for that, then he has won 0 playoff series.  In fact, he has missed the playoffs and then got swept out last season.  If his team loses in the first round this year to a team that is not as good as his, I wonder how many will anoint him as the best GM for Detroit?

Jim Nill is the same thing.  He goes into Dallas, makes a lot of moves, and LGW goes nuts all over him too.  He is better than Holland, right?  Instead, Dallas doesn't get into the playoffs.  LGW is silent on him now.


Both Nill and Yzerman have had questionable signings in their short tenure as well.  So they are not immune to making mistakes either.


Anyone saying that Yzerman and Nill are better than Holland only need to look at the track record so far. 

#2602652 Kronwall suspended one game

Posted by Nightfall on 28 April 2015 - 10:22 AM

Here we are two pages into this thread and all I have seen are threats, whining, bitching, and complaining.


The thing is that nothing has been decided upon yet.


Maybe we all should take a step back and wait until a verdict is rendered before passing judgement on the NHL, player safety board, Betteman, etc.  Just my opinion.

#2602461 ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

Posted by Nightfall on 27 April 2015 - 09:13 PM

Assuming the Wings will win in Tampa may be a false premise.  I do wish they had shown up the first period.  I have a feeling I will have all summer to wish that, among other things.


Assuming the Wings will get their ass kicked in Tampa is also a false premise.  I also wish they would have shown up in the first period.  Right now, both teams have reason to be kicking themselves.  If the Lightning would have put forward a better effort in the two shutout losses, they may have been able to beat the Wings in 5 games.


One thing is for sure, one of these teams will be kicking themselves on the golf course come Thursday morning.  The question is, which team will it be?

#2601394 ECQF : (7) Sénateurs d'Ottawa vs. (2) Les Canadiens de Montréal

Posted by Nightfall on 27 April 2015 - 08:04 AM


So, officials are above reproach then?


My point is simply unless something is done to change the way the game is officiated, you aren't going to get rid of the human element.  In this case, the puck was not in sight.  It wasn't like the referee blew a call or made a mistake here.  The puck was laying on the opposite side and it appeared Price had it.  Every team has benefited and gotten stung by things like this in the past and there really isn't a way to fix it.

The human element is what allows for biased officiating.  Consistancy is the key and if every time a SOG was even thought to be stopped by the goalie and the whistle was blown immediately, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt.  Thats not how the game went down and it was especially egregious as this was a scoring chance and not just an easy stop with an open lane.


So you would have just assumed the goalie didn't have it and allowed the other team to have free reign upon him because "this was a scoring chance and you assume that it wasn't an easy stop"?


I can guarantee that if Mrazek was treated like that then there would be Red Wing fans up in arms about how the officials were biased against the Red Wings.


I can also guarantee that the officials aren't biased for or against any teams in the NHL.  Any claim that they are without proof really is baseless.

#2601304 ECQF : (7) Sénateurs d'Ottawa vs. (2) Les Canadiens de Montréal

Posted by Nightfall on 26 April 2015 - 08:20 PM

Ott got robbed



tying goal disallowed, due to ref blindness



Price is a diver.  Who knew?

Ottawa eliminated on a bad call...  Yay, NHL.






Regardless of which team you're rooting for, I hate to see a series-ending game decided by s***ty reffing. NHL needs to get its s*** together.


When I read posts like this, I just shake my head.  As a referee, I can tell you that this kind of thing happens at every level of the game.  Puck hits the goalie, ref thinks the goalie has it, ref blows the whistle, puck goes into the net.  The puck was laying down right next to him out of the refs view.  It wasn't a case of crappy reffing.  It was just bad luck.  Human error is part of the game.  The Wings and every other team has benefitted from this kind of play before.  They have also been stung by it.  It won't be the first time and it won't be the last.


There is really no way to fix this issue unless you give the referee x-ray glasses or remove them from the ice entirely and have them sitting in a video booth where they can make every call from there.


Now, what every hockey fan should be discussing is the fact that they had 40+ shots on net and couldn't beat Price once.  As a Wings fan, that would terrify me because it shows that while Montreal was outhustled and outplayed, their goalie kept them in it like he has all season.  He is probably going to win the Vezina trophy this season.  For those who think that Tampa Bay was going to be an impossible team to beat, imagine playing Montreal.  That is just as scary.

#2601303 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by Nightfall on 26 April 2015 - 08:11 PM

I watched the Griffins game on AHL live today and it wasn't like the Griffins didn't have their chances.  They had a full 2 minutes of a 5 on 3 and just couldn't convert.  They had about 8 chances and couldn't make it happen.  Then, Toronto gets one chance on the power play a couple minutes later and converts.  I do agree the Griffins aren't dead yet, but they have to win 3 in a row in Grand Rapids.  I am going to be at the games on Saturday and Sunday if they make it past the Wednesday game.

#2598826 Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

Posted by Nightfall on 23 April 2015 - 05:27 PM

Here are my thoughts on the matter.


First off, I have been a fan of hockey only since 1995 when I first saw the sport.  I grew up in a area that didn't have hockey so I really didn't even see the sport.  It wasn't until I went to college when I saw my team play and absolutely loved the sport.  The pro game was just as much fun as the college game was.  Fighting was a cool aspect, but I hated the clutch and grab era of hockey and the college sport.  When the NHL changed to take that kind of buffoonary out of hockey, I was happy.  Same goes for the college game as well.


Now, I really did enjoy the enforcer era.  Back then, the enforcers were there to protect the star players.  Today, that is just not needed anymore.  If you look at skilled clubs like the Kings or the Blackhawks, neither of them have enforcers that are playing on a regular basis.  The Hawks signed Carcillo, and he has seen only limited action with the club.  Kyle Clifford plays for the Kings and he has 87 PIMs which leads the team over 80 games.


The game has changed, and I believe it is for the better.  The fans as a whole agree as well.  Ticket sales are up.  Profits are up.  The NHL is going to expand again in a few years.  The days of the enforcer are over for the most part.  The days of having Sherrif Parker from the Avs on the roster are gone.  Why have someone out there who just wants to beat the crap out of someone when you can have someone like Brian Bickell who is at least an offensive threat while having the ability to hold his own in an altercation?


I really feel for all the enforcers out there, but its just the way it goes.  When the game changes, either you change with it or you phase out.  All the players who could only defend by grabbing and clutching onto someone either dropped out of the league or adjusted their game.  Same goes for the players who could really only fight. 


Scott Parker was drafted in the 1st round of the NHL Entry Draft back in 1998.  He really knew how to fight and only had one strong season in the minors.  He was drafted for his toughness, not his skill.  After the NHL killed the clutch and grabbing, Parker saw his role reduced and eventually he was shipped out of town.  The Avs did bring him back in 08, but he couldn't adjust to anything other than fighting.  He dropped out of the league.


Now, if you look at junior hockey, players aren't being drafted for their ability to fight anymore.  Its all about the stats.  Puck possession, goals, assists, points, plus/minus, etc.  IMHO, that is where the game of hockey should be.

#2598477 Tsn's play of the year nyquist vs stamkos ...vote for gus

Posted by Nightfall on 23 April 2015 - 10:05 AM

Can't view the video outside of Canada?  That sucks.


I voted anyway.  At least they let me vote outside canada.