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March 9th

07 March 2006 - 12:48 PM

I think it should be earlier, it would give the players more time to get used to their teams and gell with them on ice. smile.gif

what kind of job?

28 February 2006 - 09:55 AM

Im just curious what kind of job everyone has? I think its an interesting idea to see what people do for a living.

for me, I am in steel fabrication , a forman there. im affectionately nicknamed boss. by all my guys that work for me. I also work part time for cabelas in dundee. I also Balance College* at jackson community*, i have maybe a year left. -

My main hobby is playing COC hockey *rec league* im a defensman , we have won our championship four times and I have a mvp award and defensive player of the year. cool.gif all very good memories.. i have had 586 penalty mins in my career.. alot of them were majors for fighting. dont ask me why i always got challenged to this day i dunno laugh.gif i have started a couple of fights but its not normal.

in spare time I like to pick up reading... I spend as much time with my friends as possible/ they show up to my games as well .... and all other time *which alot of it is* goes towards my boyfriend when he is in town. smile.gif

Will Team USA step it up?

17 February 2006 - 05:21 PM

Will Team USA step things up? I thought with Schnider , Bill Guerin, Chelios, Madono and Co. would do better than this. One would think with these all stars they would do better than tying the first game of the olympics.

I find it nice though that they went with the one ref system instead of having more than one. I think on zebra is enough on the ice. but thats neither here nor there. thumbup.gif


13 February 2006 - 11:42 AM

I thought this would be cool to post pictures of your autographs. Im at work but as soon as i get to the computer at home ill try to add all my pics of my autographs.

I got bored an thought it was a cool idea.

I have twelve of them... thumbup.gif


11 February 2006 - 05:46 PM

My favorite shannyisms. from my wings-ice page. It was so much fun collecting these. some of them funny, some serious. I just love them all. if you all have any other players ones that you want to post. Please do so cause i could use them on my web page.. just make sure you include the source where you got the quote from. thanks biggrin.gif

Posted: 09-Feb-06
Last Updated: 09-Feb-06

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The day after getting 40 stitches over his right eye because of a bodycheck from behind by Peter Forsberg, journalists ask the Red Wings winger if he plans on wearing a visor to protect his eyes:

"No I won’t. Don Cherry will be happy but my wife will be ticked off."
-- Brendan Shanahan - May 8, 1999
As long as Cherry is happy...

"I had to stay in shape. I'm not a little guy who gets his legs back in a couple of days. I'm a big, lumbering guy with chugging wheels, and they were growing thick on me."
---On playing in Dusseldorf, Germany during the 1995 NHL Lockout

- "I've got a great big [rear end] that's unmovable. If I can keep my balance and get my rear end in someone's face, I'm OK."
---On his playing style

- "There are just times in a game when somebody makes you mad and you want to do something dirty to them. There are times when I think the coach will forgive you for rolling your eyes back in your head and snapping-when he realizes it’s an edge you can’t take away. I don’t condone foolish or stupid penalties, but I think there’s a time and a place where you send a message."
---From The Coolest Guys On Ice

- "I just cross-checked a guy in the face tonight. I’m all out."
---Speaking to Jay Leno about player personalities off of the ice

- "I knew this was where I wanted to be when I made the decision to ask for a trade," Shanahan said Thursday, a few hours before he scored a third-period goal that gave the Red Wings a brief 1-0 lead over Colorado in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. "It was so I could be right here, today."
- You mean, someone asked, to be here with the Wings or another contender like the New York Rangers?
- No, right here in this hotel lobby. I love these Marriotts," he said.
---Detroit Free Press

- "I think he knows all my tricks. Or the fact I don't have any tricks."
Shanny on his inability to score on Edmonton's Curtis Joseph

- "It's so much more fun when there's more demanded of you. That's why I've always played team sports. Doing something for the team, scoring a big goal or whatever, is much more gratifying than anything you can do in an individual sport."
---Commenting on team sports in the Detroit Free Press

- [He](Jim Rutherford) picked me up at the airport, brought me to his house for a long talk. His dog slobbered all over my shoes. It brought a personal touch to it."
On his arrival in Hartford

- "I know it'll be bad. A lot of things rhyme with Shanny."
Shanny on his return to Hartford

- "They have to make the ice surface bigger (laughter). Players are getting bigger. Equipment is getting bigger. Athletes are getting faster. We have to make the ice surface bigger."
---Joking about what needs to be done to prevent the high number of injuries occuring in the NHL

- "Anyone can rhyme 'Shanny' with 'fanny', but I really thought that 'Et tu, Shanahan?' banner was terrific."
---Speaking about the signs in the crowd his first game played with Detroit at Hartford

- "If they think going home and playing around on the Internet is cool, well I don't know. Personally I think it's kind of geeky."
Shanny on being told that he was going to be on a program about the world's 20 coolest bachelors

- "Yeah, I’ve got teeth. They’re not mine, but I've got them."
---Answering Jay Leno's dental inquiry

- "I'm a big movie buff. I like to take in a show. You don't have to talk to anybody. Just kick your feet up and relax, let your mind drift . . . . Old movies, too. Pictures like Going My Way, with Bing Crosby, or The Wizard of Oz. Otherwise, I like to just be around the house. I enjoy being alone, enjoying a quiet night by myself."
---On what he REALLY does with his spare time

- "You know, there's nothing better than making yourself dinner and watching Thursday night TV. Also, I just got a computer. And I'm fanatical about doing the laundry. There's nothing better than a stack of fresh, clean clothes. Except maybe a good movie. You know that creepy-looking guy you stare at two seats behind you, thinking who would come to a movie by himself? That's me."
---On his favorite pastimes

- "There is such a tremendous interest in this town in the players, I just want to get a year under my belt focusing on hockey. With all the extracurricular things you can do, sometimes you have to step back and say, 'Enough.' I wanted to make sure the guys didn't think I was coming here for the wrong reasons. I came here to win, not to be a big celebrity."
---On his first season with Detroit

- "As far as the atmosphere, forget about comparing it to Hartford, just comparing it with the rest of the NHL, I think there is a special excitement that goes along with playing on an original-six team and you feel it in the dressing room and feel it when you put on the sweater. And, I think the fans are a part of that as well."
---Talking about the attitude of Detroit vs. Hartford towards their respective teams

- "When I heard the crowd cheering tonight, I looked around, and I felt great. Compared to the events of the last few days (he was booed in Hartford when he let it be known he wanted out), this was the feeling I wanted."
---Commenting on his first night with the Detroit Red Wings

- "That way, when people boo me, I'll think they're chanting my name."
Shanny on the idea of possibly changing his name to "Lou"

- "This is where you want to be at this time of the year. It's thrilling to be able to compete for this, but our job isn't over yet. This is it. Everything you've done in your career takes a backseat to the next couple of weeks here. Being in the Stanley Cup finals is what you've prepared your whole life for and dreamed about your whole life."
---Commenting on the Stanley Cup Finals

- "It seems like such a long time ago. I'm really happy to be here. It's been just one season, but it feels like I've been with the Wings for several years."
---On playing with the Wings

- "I always preach to myself that as long as I'm getting the chances and the shots on goal, the goals are gonna come, but it was frustrating that I wasn't getting them in bunches."
---Commenting on the fact that he had just one empty-net goal in his last six games before Tuesday, despite 78 regular season goals.

- "I'd heard about him since I was a kid. I was trying to get up the courage to say hello."
Shanny on seeing Ted Lindsay working out in the Wings room

- "My goal was to win a Stanley Cup, and it became more of a challenge than if I had been traded to Detroit last season, because then people thought the Wings were shoo-ins. Knowing the personality of players on this team, they enjoyed not being the favorites. We played in the shadow of Colorado and Dallas all season. It was exciting to be the underdogs."
---Commenting on feel of the 1996-1997 season

- "I had lunch with the team. They told me to go home and pack and be ready for a call. Then they said, it's not done yet, but go to the airport and wait there for a call. Then they said, 'Well, it's not done yet, but get on the plane.' I guess the deal wasn't done till I was halfway there. There was a chance they'd have to turn right around."
---On his trade to the Wings

- "I was happy when I moved everything to Detroit. It felt more like home to get everything here. It's tough anyway to get traded, because you make friends when you live in a city. You have favorite places to eat, you know where to shop, you know where the speed traps are. You know who has the best coffee. The first time in a new city, you think you'll never learn your way around, that highways are too confusing."
---On moving to Detroit

- "In the last couple of years I've done more moving than in my whole life, so I definitely want to stay here, and it looks like they want me to stay here as well. I bought a house here -- it's nice to know I'm going to be able to live in it."
---On having his contract extended through the year 2000

- "This city is so different than Hartford. There was such a lack of interest there. Here, you can't go anywhere without people asking about the playoffs. I know people buying tickets here. It makes me feel more involved. I'll drive down streets these days and see houses with Red Wings banners hanging from them. I didn't see a whole lot of that in Hartford."
---On playing in Detroit compared with playing in Hartford

- "It's been a pretty hectic day. I was really nervous when I got here. But the first thing someone said when I got to the locker room was they were waiting for me, so we could all skate out for warmups as a team. That was nice."
---Commenting on his first few moments as a Wing

- "However people want to remember me, whether it is an encounter they had with me off the ice or a play or game I played on the ice, it's up to them."
---On leaving the St. Louis Blues

- "He's supposed to be a man's writer. Short, choppy sentences. I don't know. Doesn't do it for me."
---On his preference of Fitzgerald over Hemingway

- "I don't get embarassed about not excelling in non-physical games. No, I am serious, I don't understand why I can't hit that ball. I mean it's this big, slow ball and I just can't hit the thing. Maybe if I could run the bases with a bat in my hand I would enjoy the game more. I could hit players as I go by, you know just a little cuff in the chin and maybe catch the next guy behind the ear."
---Responding to an inquiry about his less than stellar softball skills

- "It's the fresh air, the pine trees and the lake. Well, Canada was once a big wilderness, then they made it into a big city so we moved further and further up north. Pretty soon we are going to be up in the Arctic or the Northwest Territory. It's true, Canadians do value their cabins."
---Commenting on why so many Canadians have summer cabins up in the Canadian North

- "You always knew if you beat Chicago you were giving a special gift to the fans.
---Commenting on winning games with the Blues when playing the Blackhawks

- "What was in your brain when you scored that last goal?" someone asked Shanahan after the Red Wings' 4-2 victory to take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup finals.
- "My brain?" Shanahan said, laughing. "What's that?"
---Detroit Free Press

- "It’s a dream come true. I’ve been thinking about this since I was about four years old."
---Speaking about winning the Stanley Cup on The Tonight Show

- "We felt we deserved to win. We knew we were going to keep getting our chances. We didn't want to be flying across the country anymore. If we win it now, we knew we could relax and take a couple of days off."
---Speaking about the Wings' sweep of the Mighty Ducks in the second round of the 1997 playoffs

- "I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. This is humbling. This is unbelievable."
---To an interviewer while still on the ice after winning the Stanley Cup.

- "We went to war together, boys, and we won."
---To his teammates after winning the Stanley Cup

- "When I asked for a trade at the beginning of the year, I said I was looking for a home. And I found one. ... I'm just grateful to everyone here. Thank you for accepting me."
---To the Detroit fans after winning the Stanley Cup

- "Can you imagine the NHL right now without Selanne, Jagr, Forsberg, Lidstrom?" Shanahan said of Teemu Selanne, Jaromir Jagr, Peter Forsberg and Nicklas Lidstrom. "Can you imagine the NHL without those guys? What a dull place it would be! Thank God we've got the (Pavel) Bures and those guys. Thank God we got them. And Slava started it."
---On Slava Fetisov's ground breaking move to playing in the NHL from Russia

- "We sometimes forget, but playing with Slava is like playing with Bobby Orr or playing with Gordie Howe. He's got that legendary status throughout the world. He's proven that he can last longer than most of the guys he came over with. He's shown that he responds to a challenge, and he's tough."
---On Slava Fetisov's world renown in the world of ice hockey

- "It was like he was the captain of the Red Army team, he was the symbol of their dominance. And now he's playing in our house, with our rules, and he survived it all, every game, from the fans, the refs, the players, I think to a certain degree even some of the older veterans on our team and some of the guys on the bubble."
---On the treatment that Slava had to endure over the course of his NHL career

"It was like Daddy coming home and all the neighborhood kids ran" - Brendan getting yelled at by Scotty
"Disappeared into holes and crevices" - Talking about his fellow players when Scotty yelled his name
Taking a butt spanking from Scotty in front of the media
"I am quite an all-around athlete" - Explaining kicking a soccer ball
"It was my job to boil the water" - Brendan's duty to help deliver Steve Yzerman's daughter
"I have 2 dogs...a boy and a girl"
"They say you're toughest on the ones you love the most...Scotty, you must REALLY love me" - Brendan during the rally for the Season Ticket holders user posted image