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#2507655 bashing skid the kid

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 09 April 2014 - 12:56 PM

Aside from the so-called "past" diving and whining, the thing that always sticks with me is the instance a few years ago in the playoffs of his repeatedly chopping hard at the back of Z's legs with his stick on the way to their respective benches long after the particular play was whistled dead, and he thought that no one was looking (except he forgot - the broadcast cameras). I have seen him do this repeatedly over the years, and if he has stopped this lately, then fine and good, but can anyone honestly say that Datsyuk, Zetterberg, or Lidstrom would ever have done this?

#2506761 4/5 GDT - Canadiens 5 vs Red Wings 3

Posted by beachwing on 05 April 2014 - 09:03 PM

No one can say these Wings are boring, even the losses are a fuxkimg blast to watch.

#2505814 Dive of the Year

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 April 2014 - 04:55 PM

This thread should be called"Crosby mistakes linesman for opposing player."

#2505334 4/2 GDT - Bruins 2 at Red Wings 3

Posted by GoWings1905 on 02 April 2014 - 09:59 PM

This team, wow. They had no business winning tonight and they have no business being in a playoff spot, but they continue to do the improbable. What a job by Babs and his coaching staff to keep this group competing through everything that has gone against them. 


I can't really add anything else about the kids that hasn't already been said. Never thought I would have so much fun watching the Red Wings play without Z and Pavel. 


Jimmy stole this game, though. The Bruins dominated the first 40 minutes. Jimmy kept the Wings in it and then the kids did their thing. Felt like a playoff game at the end -- I was a nervous wreck in the last couple minutes. Nice to have a little practice before the real deal, which is even more likely after those two points tonight. 


What a game! I'm glad that fanboy Edzo had to sit and watch the Red Wings win too. 

#2504759 4/2 GDT - Bruins 2 at Red Wings 3

Posted by Z Winged Dangler on 02 April 2014 - 07:39 PM

Nice reffing.  A weak call on the penalty followed by a weak call on the no goal.  It's a wash folks.

#2500520 Pens Twitter Fail:Ask Neal Anything...

Posted by evilmrt on 24 March 2014 - 06:29 PM


#2497320 Ferraro: An incredible night for landon and my family

Posted by Smite on 19 March 2014 - 03:40 PM

TSN article 





I am incredibly lucky in life - fabulous wife, four awesome sons and a great job.

Every once in awhile, it seems like life lets dreams become real - and that is a gift.

I had one of those moments in Detroit on Tuesday. My son, Landon, played his first NHL game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, his favourite boyhood team.

When he phoned me to say he had been called up, I had so many visions of him as a little boy, pretending to be Mats Sundin, the joy we shared in going to the rink and the disappointments along the way.

As all parents know, nothing deflates you like a tough day for your child, nothing makes you happier than their success.

I happened to be flying to Toronto anyways - for a TSN game the next day - so when I got off the plane, I looked for a text from Landon whether he was in the lineup or not. He knew he would be in warm-up and that was enough for me to hop on another flight. And when I got there for warm-up, I saw he was on a line and knew his dream (and mine) was about to become reality.

My last game in the NHL - in May of 2002 - was in Detroit. Now Landon's first game was going to be in the same arena. I can see the post where Landon and his brother, Matt were waiting for me post-game; we all knew my career was done. Full circle stuff.

When the Wings came out of the tunnel, I was looking for that familiar skating stride and there he was. An NHL player. I have to say, the tears came pretty quickly. He played well, just under 10 minutes. I will never forget this night.

What an incredible night for our family, and in particular, for Landon. I'm so proud.

Share you thoughts with Ray Ferraro on Twitter at @rayferrarotsn.




#2495982 3/16 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4

Posted by ShanahanMan on 16 March 2014 - 08:36 PM

Totally glad we kept Franzen over that other guy.


What was his name?

#2493011 3/7 GDT: Devils 4 at Red Wings 7

Posted by number9 on 07 March 2014 - 11:01 PM

Legwand has been the #1 C on a team thats biggest problem had always been forwards. I think his best line mate ever was that bum Radulov. Gotta think his numbers may increase now that he's got legit wingers.

#2491489 Ken Holland's Moves From 2009-2014

Posted by dirtydangles on 05 March 2014 - 11:16 PM


This has been beaten to death but here we go again..those 2 were never going to play in Detroit, we offered just as much money, they wanted to play in MInny..end of story..it's been well documented 3243434 times on here.  But hey whatever you have to do to blame Holland for something. I mean all he good things he did just fell in his lap as you say? So he just sits in his office and the phone rings and guys just come here? Cmon

Sure - thats the deal breaker for you - overlook the rest and pick on that one thing. I said "to a lesser extent."

#2490559 Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

Posted by VM1138 on 05 March 2014 - 03:28 PM

Why is everyone so down on Legwand? He's played every game this year, is leading Nashville's forwards in scoring, and instantly becomes one of our top scorers, too.  Not a superstar goal scorer, but he will likely finish the year with 15 goals at least.  And 30 assists so far isn't anything to shrug at on a team like ours that has trouble passing sometimes.



EDIT:  I was going off memory, so I'm wrong.  He won't be one of our top scorers.  He's played nearly twice as many games as anyone on our roster, but over a full season he'd probably fall in the middle of the pack.  Not bad, still.  Sort of like a Flip, 50-60 point guy.

#2483769 Zetterberg out with herniated disc

Posted by dat's sick on 14 February 2014 - 03:02 AM

Well, let's hope this is a terrible rumor and bad reporting and a bad translation. That's really the last thing this team needs. And if it's that serious, like I said above, you really have to start becoming more concerned about how effective he'll be able to be long term. Back issues never just go away fully.

Z himself is saying he could opt for surgery instead of the same treatment he had in December. And then his season is of course in danger.

source: http://www.expressen...alla-pa-sa-har/

#2483765 Zetterberg out with herniated disc

Posted by trule23 on 14 February 2014 - 02:53 AM

some Swedish doctor said hi whole nhl season could be in danger cause its worse than before

#2480204 2/2 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Capitals 6 (OT)

Posted by dirtydangles on 02 February 2014 - 02:48 PM

Holland - please buy some D. Signed - red wings fans.

#2473848 Would Samuelsson ever consider retiring mid-season?

Posted by barabbas16 on 18 January 2014 - 03:47 PM

I'm referring to his faking an injury to avoid being bought out. Fans clearly don't like him because of this, Babcock never plays him and he is never complimented by Holland or Babcock in interviews. Hence my comment about him wearing out his welcome with everyone.

It was clear Sammy was a buyout target. To fans and pundits. He wasn't injured in his last game I don't think, yet he suddenly had a flareup of his pectoral injury the day before the buyout deadline.

As for being pissed, you have to read between the lines. When you see and hear and read lots of interviews of Babcock and Holland, you pick up on their speech patterns. He screwed their plans and neither of them have been as complimentary to him as they have been about, say, Cleary. It's also hard to see them being happy about having to keep him when it was his contract that prevented us from icing the team Holland and Babcock wanted. Well, that and Cleary, but again, neither has spares praise for Cleary.


You have no proof to support your claims, though.  Show me proof that Samuelsson was faking an injury to avoid being bought out.  Sure, fans don't seem to like him much because he hasn't been producing.  Yes, Babcock has sat him quite a bit - 'never plays him' is obviously false.  Never complimented by Holland or Babcock in interviews......


“I thought (Mikael) Samuelsson was good, had lots of opportunities to score last game so I’m leaving him back in,” Babcock said.  - November 14, 2013


... again, obviously false.


Show me proof that Samuelsson would have been bought out if it had not been for the injury situation.  If it's so clear, surely you can find me a quote from Holland or someone saying 'Yeah, we would have approached him about a buyout, but he said he was injured, so that didn't work out.'  I haven't seen anything like that as of yet.  All I've seen is posts from people like you full of speculation and opinion and devoid of pertinent factual information.


As far as pissed, I'm not going to 'read between the lines.'  I can't do it any more than you can.  We don't know Bobcock and Holland well enough to tell what they are thinking by their tone.  Mikael Samuelsson did not screw anyone's plans.  He signed a contract that he was offered.  No one had a gun to Ken Holland's head and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.  They offered him the contract and he took it.... same way as he did with Vancouver when Detroit wouldn't pay him what he wanted the last time. 


It isn't Samuelsson's fault that Holland put himself in his current position.  The contract is on Holland.  The NTC in the contract is on Holland.  The fact that a buyout was even potentially necessary (not that we can prove that one would have happened anyway) is on Holland.  Mikael Samuelsson didn't sign 20 forwards to the team this season.


If you must be pissed off, I think your anger is misdirected.  There's more reason to be pissed at Holland than Samuelsson.  And, if everyone is so annoyed about the Samuelsson contract, I don't understand why there aren't like 10 threads full of posts with people fuming about the Weiss contract.  Detroit is done with Samuelsson after this season.  Weiss is getting paid $2 million more per season.  Has basically the same amount of points in the same amount of games played this season - WITH over 4 more minutes of ice time per game.  AND..... there are FOUR more years left on his contract.  Not to mention that the guy he replaced is absolutely lighting it up in Tampa.