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Pahlsson goes to Columbus

01 July 2009 - 05:24 PM

3 year deal worth 7.95M.

Worth 2.65 per.

Too much for the Wings.

Cammy signs with the Habs

01 July 2009 - 04:30 PM

5 year deal, reportedly worth 30M.

Mark Bell

24 June 2009 - 08:11 PM

Here's a blast from the past. Remember a couple years ago when Mark Bell was the hot name on the boards?

After being convicted of a hit and run, working in a California prison for 6 months as a result, being fined by the NHL, suspended 15 games, spending an unconvincing year with the Marlies, being placed by waivers, claimed by the Rangers, and never making it to an NHL game this past season, he is finally a free agent.

Call me crazy, but I think the Wings should take a gamble on Bell. I can't imagine many teams will be clamoring for his services, and I'm betting that his goal right now would simply be to garner a few offers during free agency, but I think this is the type of guy that the Wings organization could turn around, and turn back into a serviceable player.

Considering they've given guys like McCarty and Cleary a second chance, despite Mac having substance abuse issues, and Cleary having attitude issues, I think Bell could be the Wings new pet project at a reasonable 500k. He'd be a decent finisher on the Wing of Helm's line.

What do you do?

24 June 2009 - 07:02 PM

Follow these Rules. I want to see what people do if this ends up being the scenario.

1. Hudler is gone, via trade or offer-sheet
2. Hossa leaves for free agency, and doesn't return
3. Draper, Maltby, and Homer will not be traded.
4. Helm is on the team. Abdelkader is not.
5. Howard is back-up. End of story.
6. Lilja goes on LTIR.
7. Go with an even cap number of $57M (a 300k improvement).
8. Keep in mind you need to budget for a 13th forward and a 7th Dman.

Datsyuk (6.7)
Zetterberg (6.08)
Franzen (3.95)
Cleary (2.8) NTC
Holmstrom (2.25)
Filppula (3)
Maltby (.88)
Helm (.59)
Draper (1.58) NTC

Kronwall (3)
Lidstrom (7.45)
Rafalski (6) NTC
Lebda (.65)
Meech (.48)
Stuart (3.75) NTC
Lilja (1.25 - salary exempt)
Ericsson (.9)

Osgood (1.4)
Howard (.71)

Total: $52.17M (4.83M in space)

Dallas Drake, Version 2.0

17 June 2009 - 04:15 PM

Should Hudler, Sammy, and Hossa demand too much money, would you welcome back:

1. The Swan Song: Brendan Shanahan @ 1 year, 500-850k, third line role, PP specialist


2. Philly's Salary Cap Victim: Mike Knuble @ 1-2 years, 1.5-2.2M, third line/2nd line role, PP specialist

Keep in mind the obvious: If Shanahan and Knuble want more money, then these scenarios are out the door.