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#1913070 Samuelsson highest scoring swede as of today

Posted by RedWingAbner on 10 March 2010 - 10:56 AM

Wasn't he on Filppula's line for stretches here? The same production dip happened to Bertuzzi when his minutes/center changed. Maybe Flip is a good set-up man, but maybe he just has more chemistry with other guys.

I don't think even the most ardent Sammy bashers would say he couldn't score. He just didn't do it enough (here) + looked worse when compared to players like Franzen, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa......

#1913015 Why is there so much love for Filppula on this board?

Posted by RedWingAbner on 10 March 2010 - 09:34 AM

HE DOES IT AGAIN! Bravo. Maybe I'm bringing those old arguments up because you keep ignoring them, because you can't admit being wrong. You say Filppula is overpaid right now, but you don't have anything to prove that argument.

I prove that he's not overpaid by comparing him to other players' cap hit of similiar ppg. The point remains the same. If you look only at the points, then Franzen with 7 points earning 4mill is overpaid. If you look at the PPG - AS YOU SHOULD - you'll see that both of them are good deals.

You don't really have anything to back up your own arguments. Yet you keep ignoring what other people say. What a joke.

My point, again, is that Franzen put up 27, then 34 goals and is being paid $3.95 million.

Filppula, at his highest, has put up 40 POINTS. In a season. No projection involved there.

Your statistics argument was a good one. I said as much. There are quite a few players who earn a similar salary yet are 40 point players. Still, you also have guys like Franzen who are 30 goal scorers who make $3.95 M. In that context, if we could drop Flip and get a guy who CAN/HAS put up more than 19 goals in a season, I'd say do it.

You call me out for ignoring arguments and you do it yourself. In the hopes of civility, I asked that we get past this and simply stated my opinion. Your obsession with me is in some ways flattering, though.

#1912997 Why is there so much love for Filppula on this board?

Posted by RedWingAbner on 10 March 2010 - 09:14 AM

No it isn't. As I already proved to you STATISTICALLY, Filppula isn't overpaid when comparing him to other players in the NHL who have about the same ppg this season. Not to mention he's great defensively. And YES, we do have to look at ppg, not points. Otherwise Franzen would overpaid too. Because putting up X amount of points in earlier seasons doesn't really help if you put nothing this season. If you say that we should look points and not ppg, then Franzen is overpaid this season. If we look ppg - as we should - then Franzen and Filppula are both good deals. Period.

Oh, just remembered you were the guy who said something and whenever a counter-argument was presented you claimed it didn't matter anything. So this is probably just a waste of time trying to speak some sense to your head.

Rehashing the old argument. Fun.

You conviently ignore my post about Franzen's accomplishments in the recent past.

We could sign 20 goalies to agreeable contracts but it wouldn't do the team much good. Neither does Filppula even when using statistical analysis to say he is worth $3M. It's not what the team needs.

Continuing to ignore you.

Hehe, good point.

He attributes a quote to me I never said. And Franzen, in ten games, is nipping on Filppula's heels in terms of goals scored.

#1911635 Who is the Red Wings MVP this year?

Posted by RedWingAbner on 08 March 2010 - 07:58 PM

Okay...I know I'm crazy and all that and I apologize in advance....

But put Cleary on the list and not Filppula? Not that it would be either of them...but I'm just just saying...

Howard, obviously. Though he hasn't looked great these last few games.

Filppula has the potential to win it for the next ten years consecutively. Give someone else a chance this year, I say.