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#2028143 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by Heaten on 21 August 2010 - 07:38 PM

Well, you've got hyperbole down pat.

Draper's contract was brilliant? Even at a cap hit of 1.65 million, since the 08 season he's scored 17, 17, and 22 points. and was -2, -13 and -2. He plays 15 minutes or less and isn't a key faceoff guy and wasn't relied upon to kill penalties. In 08 maybe his cap hit fit his contributions, but it was on overall overpayment from the start. Especially since they knew even if he retired Detroit would be stuck with his cap hit.

I love Drapes, but he's been on the gravy train since he re-signed. The contract should be evaluated based on its full term. Not just the years it's favorable.

I'd be interested in reading the archives of what you wrote about Zetterberg's contract. Wonder what kind of double standard I'd find. Oh, and you also forgot to mention that Drapes is a vocal leader on the team. His contributions goes much beyond his on ice performance. Draper hasn't been on the "gravy train" since he re-signed. I remember him being a piece of the Stanley Cup championship in 08. ...Oh how quick we forget.

How much of Draper's 1.6 cap is overpaid? Enough to keep us from re-signing our stars? Nope, they are all locked up. Does his contract keep the Red Wings from winning the cup or making the SCF? Nope, Wings did that back-to-back.

Drapers contract is a bit overpaid now, but not enough to hamper the team. I'm not going to cry or fuss about it, Drapes helped Red Wings win lots of cups.. can't ***** about that.

#2028159 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by Heaten on 21 August 2010 - 08:53 PM

Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6'4" 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front of me. Probably never happen though you are probably just an internet tough guy. I doubt very seriously you would say that to someones face. Just my thought.What do you think. Oh I am sorry you probably do not have a brain. I on the other hand will be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come here and see if you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.


Stay classy :thumbup:

#2028155 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by Heaten on 21 August 2010 - 08:41 PM

No, but Draper's contract did prevent the Wing's from signing a player better then modano (2.8 Million can get you some pretty good guys), but then again, this goes agasint your point, so it's magically invalid since you are the king of logic and hockey knoweledge.

$2.8 million? Now you want Draper completely off the team? Amazing how quick fans can turn their back on long time heroes. Just a matter of time before people start dissing Lidstrom and Datsyuk. Can't wait to read the drama by you.

"but Draper's contract did prevent the Wing's from signing a player better then modano" Same can be said about Cleary's, Filppula's, Zetterberg's. Lidstrom's, Bertuzzi's, Holmstrom's, Rafalski's, Stuart's or Datsyuk's contract. But hey, lets forget about winning a couple of cups in the past 8 years and start throwing players under the bus.

And for the record, I don't think Red Wings need a $2.8 million dollar forward, the top 6 is set. Modano fits Red Wings style and will compliment the 3rd line very nicely. I'd bet if he gets some PP time, he'll score around 20 goals this season.

Unless you want to spend that $2.8 on a 5/6th defensemen?!?..., then that's just asinine. Wings are set with a solid veteran dman in Salei, and it's time for Nill's draft picks to start getting some experience and the future can continue to be built. (You do realize Kindl is out of options and must be waived, traded or kept on the team, right? Same for Ericsson)

Much like Yzerman and Shanahan did, Draper is helping with the transition for the youth guys; so it goes more smoothly. Like I said, the $500-$600k overpayment is merely a Meech or Lebda... WHOOPIE! :yowza:

#2028097 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 21 August 2010 - 04:36 PM

Yeah it sucks instead they will be able to consistently score and be arguably the best 3rd line in the NHL.

Yes, they're going to consistently score and dominate everyone else. No one can stop this wonderful line. Get a grip man.

Like I've said before, a line full of pretty boy skilled players is not traditionally a successful third line. We need a 3rd line more like the one we had in 2008.

The scoring will be plentiful from the top 2 lines, from Hudler and a healthy Cleary. Adding a 40 year old has been doesn't increase our scoring by that much.

I don't understand why you consider the Wings to require a shutdown line considering Babcock matches up his top lines against the opposition's most nights.

To give Hank and Pavel a little break so they can concentrate on offense more.

What Babcock does hasn't always worked by pairing our best players against theirs. Besides, guys like Bertuzzi and Homer are in the top 6, and they're not that great defensively.

Why do you think Modano will be great here? Just because he scored over 1,000 points in his career? He's not that same player anymore, or else Dallas would have likely kept him.

#2028029 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by Heaten on 21 August 2010 - 11:20 AM

So to you, Modano is the difference between the Wings having one of the deepest offenses in the league or having a forward lineup that's weak as hell??

Think that's overstating it a bit? And we're going to lose assets either way.

Williams is injury prone and plays without heart. Detroit knew this. And he never was going to get as many minutes as he did on the crappy teams where he put up points. Even though Detroit gave him ample time on the PP because of his right handed shot. Yes, the leg break was unfortunate, but Williams was a bad signing. Likely a desperate one when Holland lost Sammy and Hudler.

And you're forgetting Draper, unless you're thinking he'll retire and the Wings will take the cap hit. That was also a bad contract by Holland.

I think a scoring 3rd line (which would be a 2nd line on most teams) is better than two 4th lines.

As for Draper he'd be 13th forward and in rotation when injuries occure. But thanks for proving my point that Wings don't more 4th liners. We're already have a mess in that department. No sense in adding more drama to it.

Yes Draper's contract is bad now. He's overpaid by $600-$700 yr. However, in 2007/08 his contract was brilliant. Same thing will be said about Zetterberg and Franzen in 5-6 years.

#2027305 Lilja: Red Wings only team to offer contract

Posted by NotTooAbby on 18 August 2010 - 11:04 PM

Hey now, Lilja is a solid defensive defensemen. He can kill penalties, block shots, and hit. He has much more value then Brett Lebda (in my eyes). I think he will be able to find work in the NHL. Idk who with though... lets not be so quick to throw him under the bus.

I get what youre saying but I will be the first one to say...yes he can kill some penalties and block some shots. But there are soooo many times that I would watch Lilja, and E for that matter, and just laugh/scream/shake my head. I DO NOT GET THE LILJA LOVE. Ive heard from other players that hes a great guy....he probably is. But as far as out on the ice, Im a Lebda supporter before Lilja. it doesnt matter anymore since they're both gone.

lets not be so quick to throw him under the bus --- I threw him under almost 2+ years ago long before the concussion. i just didnt see what was so big about him.

#2027347 Lilja: Red Wings only team to offer contract

Posted by The Secret on 19 August 2010 - 08:02 AM

I just can't imagine Lilja being a top4 Dman in the nhl, he's not good enough. You need more offensive abilities playing top4 minutes.

Lilja started terribly but was comin along quite nicely and slowly was winning me over as a fan before getting injured but he'd never be a top 4. Salei is a better player if he is healthy anyway and for the price he signed at he basically stole the spot away from Lilja. You snooze, you lose!

#2027649 Lilja: Red Wings only team to offer contract

Posted by best poster in LGW history on 20 August 2010 - 08:39 AM

I did too. There are more of us than you'd think. Wings fans that I encountered at the last Devils/Wings game at The Rock absolutely loved it.

you are a very troubled soul.

i will pray for you.

#2027754 Paul McCartney adds penguins sticker to guitar

Posted by HockeyTownHouligan on 20 August 2010 - 01:53 PM

beatles suck anyways, that frickin traitor. Even if he was pressured into it he should have said no, he's a knight he does what he wants.

#2027991 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by ShanahanMan on 21 August 2010 - 08:09 AM

GMR has hit the nail right on the head. Asham is someone the Wings really could have used.....a gritty, tough player who can also put up points. Instead, we sign a past-his-prime unnecessary player in the likes of Modano for more than twice the price and then offer Downey a try-out. Really boggles the mind. Asham was a presence our 4th line definitely needed.

#2027824 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 20 August 2010 - 06:37 PM

I would have liked Asham on this team as well but I knew it wasn't coming, Wings prioritate other things, getting skills (hulder, modano) and D-depth (salei)and re-signing assets (helm, ritola, abdelkader etc) is what they do instead in the offseason.

So Brad May's making the team last year never happened?

Also, who ever said that we were lacking skill prior to the offseason? We already knew Hudler was coming back to boot.

Salei is a different thing that I've already discussed in another thread.

I just hope that it was a case of Asham only wanting to stay in Pennsylvannia, which is idiotic of him, because it only limits a guy to two teams.

#2027301 Lilja: Red Wings only team to offer contract

Posted by NotTooAbby on 18 August 2010 - 10:41 PM

you mean an average defenseman, who was HORRIBLE on our team didnt get another offer......weird.

LIlja--you were out for forever with a concusion. do u expect a raise just because you came back?

--and I will forever be confused as to why there is so much love for "the pain train" he is absurdly overrated and that nickname is laughable...good luck in the KHL, if it's still standing come start of the season.

#2027154 The single biggest scapegoat of the Red Wings in the last 20+ years...

Posted by Buppy on 18 August 2010 - 03:53 PM

As unfair as it is teams play differently in front of different goalies. Goalies instill confidence in players and maybe Hasek gave the team the ability to go out and produce offensively while when Cujo was in net they had to play a more defensive style. Whether that's true or not I don't know - Im speculating. But it's similar to this past season. When Osgood was in net and letting in goals the D would have to tighten up. WHen Howard was in net and making the saves he should the Wings could go out and do what they had to in the offensive zone.

It's not always about quantity of saves - it's more about quality sometims.

Equally ridiculous.

Like Eva said, you can't really blame the way the team plays on the goalie, especially in Cujo's case when he played very well. We were putting up 30-35+ shots a game, allowing ~20-30. Those aren't numbers suggesting the team was in a defensive shell. Likewise, a goalie that needs to be protected doesn't post a .935 save percentage.

6 goals on 171 shots in 4 games against Anaheim.

3 goals (shutout twice) on 127 shots in 4 losses to Calgary. In the last two games against Calgary, Cujo made 63 of 65 saves.

Blaming Jospeh at all for those losses is retarded.

#2026754 The single biggest scapegoat of the Red Wings in the last 20+ years...

Posted by stevkrause on 17 August 2010 - 01:41 PM

CuJo wasn't the biggest scapegoat in the last 20+ years. He's just the one who's been forgiven.

Now Fedorov and Legace, on the other hand...

Legace collapsed under the pressure of being a #1 goalie and Fedorov spit in the organization's face for a paycheck and an ego problem - both of these are HORRIBLE examples...

#2025336 NHL examining other long term contracts

Posted by scottj on 11 August 2010 - 09:18 PM

this reminds me of when you're in class and some kids aref****** with the teacher throwing little pieces of paper at him and everybody's having a good time gettin a couple giggles (while the teacher is not too sure what is going on but is kinda suspicious) and then that one idiot (New Jersey) throws his notebook right at the teachers head n everybody's fun is ruined

good job New Jersey... you're that kid