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#2605849 WCSF : (6) Minnesota Wild vs. (5) Chicago Blackhawks

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 04 May 2015 - 12:05 AM

Wrong teams keep winning, bah. 

#2605710 ECSF : (4) Washington Capitals vs. (1) New York Rangers

Posted by kipwinger on 03 May 2015 - 01:31 PM

What a goal by OV today.  I'm not a big fan of his but man that was beastly. 




And honestly I could care less who wins this series, which actually makes it pretty fun to watch.  I'm not emotionally invested so for a change I can sit back and watch the hockey.  To each their own but I don't totally understand who stop watching once the Wings are eliminated. I highly recommend watching a series you're not invested in if the hockey is good.


I felt that way about the Capitals/Islanders series.  It was a great seven games worth of hockey.  It's educational to watch these other series.  When you only watch one team, you have a tendency to get tunnel vision about the team's successes and failures.  There are a lot of ways to be good, and bad, at professional hockey. 


Edit:  Jesus Christ.  Ovechkin is unreal.  Too bad he was all washed up a couple years ago eh?  Lol. 

#2605605 Free agents this off season

Posted by rick zombo on 02 May 2015 - 05:26 PM

Doesn't sound like Holland will do much during UFA season this summer, other than hope the team has "growth from within".


I know I know. It's shocking.

#2605395 Locker room Clean-Out Updates

Posted by kipwinger on 01 May 2015 - 02:16 PM

If his wife is rational like he is, she probably wants him to further his career and go for expanded responsibility or a GM spot. I think he likes what he's doing and doesn't much care about career implications.


Or maybe she has ambitions of her own?  That would be rational I think. 


Or hell, maybe she just wants to stay in the place that's been her home for a decade.  Where her kids grew up, and her friends live, and she feels comfortable?


I don't think there's a ton of use speculating about the desires of Mike Babcock's wife.  Especially since, unlike her husband, we know jack squat about her as a person. 

#2605362 Who is the coach next season?

Posted by amato on 01 May 2015 - 12:59 PM

Babcock expects decision in about 10 days as far as his future with the red wings goes. Doesn't know anything yet. 






Babcock reiterated he doesn't have skill set to be GM. Not interested in it. "Do I want to have input? Yes. Do I have input here? Lots."



Chuck Pleiness @wingsfrontman

Babcock: Says people are trying to read into everything I say. Kenny and I haven't even met. We meet. I'll have a better handle.




#2605354 Locker room Clean-Out Updates

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 01 May 2015 - 12:38 PM

@Bill_Roose: Asked if he'd let Babcock explore options with other teams, Holland: "Right now no. We have exclusive negotiating rights until end of June."

@BradGalli: Luke Glendening had a bad cut in his hand inGame 4. Almost came back for OT.

@DennyKapp: Holland: "Ericsson played with a broken toe" suffered during pregame soccer with teammates


@wingsfrontman: Abby broken finger. E had broken toe. Glendening torn tendon on back hand. Pav had bruised ankle.


@HammerFox2: Holland confirms that Zetterberg was healthy during playoff series. #Wings

@DennyKapp: "The playoffs start for the #RedWings on October 8th"-Ken Holland

#2605341 Locker room Clean-Out Updates

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 01 May 2015 - 12:18 PM

@DennyKapp: Holland: "I think (Bab) is a fabulous coach... he's made our organization better. I respect he's pushed our players" http://t.co/2UKcpFk0YB

@Bill_Roose: #RedWings Holland: "Did the players always like Scotty? Do they always like Babcock? Nah. I like that. I like when the boss makes you work."

@HammerFox2: "We're trying to go younger...the one thing we don't get are the players that are stars right off the draft table." #Wings draft later

@greggkrupa: Babcock more upset by loss than I have ever seen him. Voice quivered. Eyes teared, a bit. "Can't believe lost."

#2605350 Who is the coach next season?

Posted by kipwinger on 01 May 2015 - 12:31 PM


True.  I wasn't so much refuting what he said as just commenting on what has been a common theme about Babcock's potential new teams.  There's been a lot of speculation about him going somewhere that he could act as GM as well but I'm not sure what it's based on anything other than the natural assumption that most coaches want more control over their roster.  


I'm just not sure that's his style. 


I mean, he hired an assistant coach who a few years prior basically wanted to climb onto his bench and kick his ass. The guy apparently thrives on conflict :lol:


I knew there was a reason I liked Tony Granato lol. 

#2605290 ECSF: Tampa Bay Crying Coopers vs. Montreal Complaining Canadiens

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 01 May 2015 - 09:55 AM


#2605333 Locker room Clean-Out Updates

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 01 May 2015 - 12:03 PM

@tkulfan: Zidlicky has concussion symptoms...has not decided whether he wants to play anymore
@KenKalDRW: Babcock said that there's a 24 hour rule for sulking in his house (after game 7 loss) and he used all 24 hours.
@Bill_Roose: #RedWings coach Mike Babcock said he doesn't know what the future holds. "I'm not trying to snow you. I don't know." http://t.co/MrSCsNf6rX
@HeleneStJames: "I don't want to be a general manager. I'm a coach" Mike Babcock
@Bill_Roose: #RedWings defenseman Kyle Quincey said he'll undergo surgery next week to remove bone chips from an ankle.
@CraigCustance: Jimmy Howard says he won't request trade. Looks forward to competing for starting job in Red Wings training camp.

#2604926 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 09:20 AM


What the hell was all that hugging and man love during the hand shake line ??!!

It's called respect, bro.  

#2604826 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by rick zombo on 30 April 2015 - 12:09 AM

I feel like I don't even know you anymore

Let go of the West. Give up the past. Come, join me in my loathing of the Eastern Conference.

#2604811 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by amato on 29 April 2015 - 11:56 PM

I'm am the sad :(

It was fun cheering with all of you. Can't wait for the off season speculation.... woo.......

#2604899 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by kipwinger on 30 April 2015 - 08:11 AM

Whelp, I've given myself about 12 hours to digest this and my preliminary thoughts are...


1)  If you don't blow leads in the third period, you'd be in Montreal already.

2)  The kids were better than they were a year ago in the playoffs, so glad to see some improvement (6 goals and 3 assists from Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan).

3)  Datsyuk and Zetterberg look ooooooooooold. 

4)  Anybody seen Zetterberg, Abby, and Helm?  Me neither. 

#2604778 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by gcom007 on 29 April 2015 - 11:18 PM

This is a weak argument. I'd like Barnaby and Claude Lemieux in our team too. Doesn't mean they weren't flaming pieces of s***.


Except I don't think he's a flaming piece of s***, and I think it's absurd to mention him in the same sentence as guys like Lemieux. PK is no angel, and he certainly still has some growing up to do, but I don't think he's quite the ******* some people make him out to be.